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Wesley !.AmandaOyA 14765Locked

Why exactly was I banned? Is "samefagging" against the rules?

BatBane 14766

Being you is against the rules trying to make it look like we have more of you around doubles the problem.

Anonymous 14767

Anonymous 14769

Guess you've been ban evading so long you forgot that the original ban was for harassment, flaming and spamming the same goddamn tired jew-and-race-baiting shit every single fucking day for fucking months.

And even then, it was only a few days - of course, that would have been over weeks and weeks ago, but you couldn't fucking wait (or stop doing what you were doing) because you're a stupid toddler, so every ban evasion lengthened it until it became permanent.

Now go fuck yourself, shithead.

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Admin 14771

File: 1409284514395.png (97.76 KB, 370x370)

>implying I'd trust a ban evader over my logs that clearly show it was you

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