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File: 1408069250489.png (51.25 KB, 320x346, 1366517479155.png)


Hey! I just had a really good idea!
A filter!

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 14709

File: 1408144402560.png (980.3 KB, 4000x5500, 80845 - absurd_res artist:lixr…)

We should have everyone login

Anonymous 14714

File: 1408182761756.gif (2.54 MB, 1280x720, eqg pinkie autism.gif)

We should have internet gulags were we could throw people I don't like in.

Anonymous 14715


>that pic


Anonymous 14717

With Facebook!

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 14722

Give everyone a choice of logging in with facebook or reddit

Anonymous 14731

I've been saying this for ages, you idea theif.

Anyway, supposedly is nearly done, and just waiting for some finishing touches.


File: 1408920226570.png (485.49 KB, 540x696, madman.png)


File: 1409002131639.png (283.74 KB, 593x656, sweetie571.png)

That was it's status a year ago. Maybe they're filtering the requests for filters.

BatBane 14749

Probably the best idea for the problem.

Anonymous 14753

File: 1409085471512.png (128.05 KB, 900x900, colgate_by_shelmo69-d416f44.pn…)

Well I don't have any way of implementing it to the site directly, though if you're willing to use it as a standalone userscript for the time being, this is the closest I can get in that regard.


Userscript clients:
Tampermonkey for Chrome
Greasemonkey for Firefox
Violentmonkey for Opera (v15+ only)
Scriptish for 3rd-party Firefox/Gecko based browsers.


File: 1409096963288.png (187.49 KB, 698x668, sweetie311.png)

And thus I was silenced forever!

­Tarra.exe !FLASH390pw 14799


­Tarra.exe !FLASH390pw 14800

hi sweetie.


>inb4 openly using third party filtering software is a bannable offense if someone can prove you are using it by you saying you use it

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 14802

what if you filter bans so you never know you are banned

Anonymous 14805

File: 1409640825316.png (60.86 KB, 477x558, 4.png)

Emerald 14817

File: 1410206808896.png (363.81 KB, 800x800, 97693__safe_solo_vinyl+scratch…)

There's an odd little bug where highlighting a backlink of a filtered post causes its' associated stub to repeat at the bottom of the page.

To workaround this, just click on all the stubs at the bottom and it should stop until the page is refreshed again.

Malice 14994

I tried everything but I have no idea how this works. Theres no instructions and I don't see an add name/trip box anywhere.

Emerald !Wings.Fz/c 14995

File: 1412853834469.png (20.15 KB, 390x438, Untitled.png)

It appears in the settings section on the top right of the page and you have to scroll down all the way to the bottom. You should see something like this.

Malice 15007

Okay maybe it never worked before because I didn't restart firefox since nothing told me I needed too. Its there now but wasn't before.

Tarra.exe !3NiGhtwiNg 15175

i now hate you cause you filter me. the fuck I ever do to you?


>talking to someone who can't hear you
Maybe he blocked you because you're pretending to be retarded?

Emerald 15191

File: 1421086280278.png (513.69 KB, 650x897, miku_hatsune_render_by_annaedi…)

You should just calm yourself for one moment. What's there a reason to hate?

I only filter people on a temporary basis or when the spam starts. I've not actually had a need to filter for a while now, so I think you should just let your problems go.

>sees the /b/ thread

I think people would appreciate it more if you wasn't victimizing yourself this much.

irondreams 15205

File: 1421572764362.jpg (9.95 KB, 272x200, twilight_is_bored__by_dbzkaifa…)

I tried installing the script but it doesn't work for me.

irondreams 15206

I'll try it again with a legit firefox.

irondreams 15212

It works now.

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