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opening #Mature threads that I am watching Anonymous 14691

when I do this, when they have new replies, it doesn't take me to the newest unread reply, it takes me just to the top as if I had never been in the thread before, even though I've often already posted in it.

This has been happening for a while and at this point I am 90 percent certain it *only* happens with threads tagged as #Mature.

please help, it's pretty inconvenient, especially for larger threads.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 14732

It's because the browser jumps to the unread post before applying your selected theme, which may change the position of the post because things' sizes changed. As a temporary work-around, after you load the page, click on the URL bar to select it and then push enter to jump to the post again. I'll fix this soon.

Anonymous 14733


Okay, but I use the default theme always...

Anonymous 14734

>Tomorrow theme

Macil!/5s/Techmk 14737

Oh, guess it does have to do with the thread being a #mature thread then. The #mature thread starts out with its contents hidden, and then the code changes the style to show it after it reads your setting, but after it already tried to jump to the new reply. Same concept, different circumstance.

Anonymous 14983

still happening...

Anonymous 15009

getting pretty annoying

Anonymous 15010

reported to sysadmin

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