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newfag Anonymous 14547

Policies on
and other shit thats scruffied on 4chan

Anonymous 14548


Anonymous 14550



Totally fine on /anon/ as long as you mark the thread as #Mature.


No problem, unless you're absolutely obnoxious about it like Wesley, but that's a really extreme example and he's still not even banned (anymore).


A okay, just remember if it's NSFW you need to spoiler it or mark the OP as Mature.

Anonymous ## Mod 14553


Perfectly acceptable on /anon/. Please use the #mature tag when making threads so people can easily hide/not see them if they don't want to or are at work or something. Spoilers are fine, too.


It's fine.


Also fine.

Anonymous 14554

Refer to >>9999 for other general info helpful for newfags.

Anonymous 14558


probably should have added that I'm not actually a mod, but yeah

Anonymous 14559

lurk moar

Shinauko!FZUN5AXElg 14566

I spam 2/3 of those on /mlp/

Anonymous 14567


Are you proud of yourself?

Anonymous 14569

Got it, it's futile to expect anything will be done in regards to Wesley. I heard a mod claim he's exempt from following rules because he had a bad childhood.

Anonymous 14570


I have a hard time believing that...

Anonymous 14573


I don't think you understand that post. The mod is clearly implying that he doesn't want to ban Wesley because *technically* he's not breaking any rules.

When you consider that the admin of the site just made a thread calling England the worst country in the world, and also all the LGBT-related trolling that other people do and get away with, Wesley is only slightly more annoying.

If you can learn to not take him seriously he's not so bad. At least he's not making a new thread every 30 minutes now. And plus, banning him would set a really bad precedent that people can be banned for essentially just having unpopular opinions/beliefs.

Anonymous 14574

File: 1407008812240.jpg (73.81 KB, 640x639, image.jpg)

I see, I have Autism I sometimes don't understand things not being said directly.

Anonymous 14575


It's okay.

Anonymous 14576


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