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Requesting a perma-ban Anonymous 14495

Blahblahblah body

Anonymous 14496


I just permabanned you, you're welcome.

Anonymous 14497

sure you did

Anonymous 14498


Anonymous 14499


Seriously though, why? You don't like us?

Anonymous 14500


Anonymous 14501

The board's full of shitposting and arguments, but it's mainly because I just want to stop wasting time on imageboards online.

Thanks for the interest Anon.
You sound nice, how are you?

Anonymous 14502

ah well


no dont. i want you to stay

Anonymous 14505

But why

Anonymous 14508


You're gonna find shitposting and arguments everywhere on the internet. It's even worse on sites like YouTube and Facebook and pretty much any popular video game forum. At least here you can actually say what you want.

Anonymous 14509

I go on Facebook maybe 2 minutes per day unless someone happens to message me and we start talking. I rarely read Youtube comments. I'm getting myself banned off most of the other imageboards I frequent.

MLPchan is somehow a mix of edge, whining, hugbox, feels, extreme shitposting and 4chin humor. Even Ponychan has less hugbox and whining nowadays.

Anonymous 14512


Well, personally I love this place and its "mix of edge, whining, hugbox, feels, extreme shitposting and 4chin humor". But I came from /mlp/ in the first place, so /anon/ fit me like a glove of course, and then I slowly got into /oat/ as well, and now it's like my internet home. I even made some good friends on Skype from here who I know chat and play games with regularly.

Anonymous 14513


*NOW chat and play games with regularly.

Anonymous 14514

How do you make friends online and actually keep talking to them, all of my conversations with friends have died completely, or they've just removed me.

Anonymous 14515


Uh, I don't know, I just make sure I message them regularly, show them stuff I think they'd be interested in, and not be an asshole...maybe I'm just lucky that I found really nice friends but it's not terribly difficult for me...IRL socializing is what I struggle with.

Anonymous 14516

Well I made the switch over to IRL socializing and now I can't talk to people online for shit
Can't I just leave already? Jesus, I don't even know why this thread is still up.

Some guy on Ponychan fixed an issue with the self-ban images so I could get myself banned for a month on my phone. I haven't visited them since.
But I'm still here, posting on /site/ because no one can ban me.

Anonymous 14517


You really don't have the self-control to just close this site? Why do you feel so obligated to stay here? No one is forcing you.

Anonymous 14518

As long as I can post here and have free time, I come over and do it out of habit or something. Even though it's not fun.

Yes I really do lack the self-control, but I have gotten myself to stop doing things by eliminating the chance of myself doing those things before.

Anonymous 14519


I sort of know that feel, but I managed to help myself. I deleted my Facebook, I stopped paying attention to YouTube comments for the most part, I only go on the 4chan boards I actually like now (mainly /co/ and /mu/) instead of checking the entire catalogs for like ten of them every couple hours...

You gotta ween yourself off of it, you can't just go cold turkey.

But I don't think trying to get banned is the right way, that's kind of the easy, cheap way. Besides, unless you spam the fuck out of /oat/ with porn or post CP or something, I can't imagine you would get banned very long here.

Anonymous 14520


Also, if you find other things to do, it's much easier. Find a cartoon or anime or video game or something that you can spend a lot of time on. Assuming you enjoy those things.

Anonymous 14521

I guess I could try again to gradually reduce time I spend on the sites
>Besides, unless you spam the fuck out of /oat/ with porn or post CP or something, I can't imagine you would get banned very long here.

Why is that?

Only flash games are available here and I'm bored of them.
Can't into anime
Last thing I sort of got into was Gravity Falls and I'm waiting for season 2 to come out on the 1st of August

Anonymous 14522


>Why is that?

...because the mods aren't assholes like 4chan and they are lenient and people generally enjoy freedom to post what they want...? I think it's a good thing honestly. It's the whole reason I prefer here to 4chan most of the time.

Why can't you into anime? What have you seen?

Also there's plenty of good new shows besides Gravity Falls. Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World Of Gumball, I've heard Steven Universe is pretty good...and there's also stuff on Adult Swim like Squidbillies, The Venture Bros., Superjail, The Boondocks, Rick And Morty, Morel Orel...

Even Family Guy and American Dad are good for killing time and some cheap laughs, and South Park too.

Anonymous 14523

The mods aren't assholes so they can't give me a ban when I request one?

I've seen Darker than Black, One Piece and that one Fist of the North Star thing for fun

I just don't like anime

>Adventure Time

>Regular Show

Apparently the Amazing World of Gumball is just based on randomness.
Never seen Steven Universe but I watched a trailer once and didn't like it.

Only know Robot Chicken on Adult Swim and I've watched the shit out of that

Used to like Family Guy but don't anymore, never liked American Dad, actually do like South Park but not enough to bother watching it.

Anonymous 14524


>doesn't like anime

>doesn't like AT or RS
>likes Robot Chicken
>doesn't like American Dad

No wonder you're miserable.

Anonymous 14525

How is liking one of those things but not the others supposed to make me miserable?

Anonymous 14526


Adventure Time is probably the best kid's cartoon of the last ten years. It's the only kid's cartoon that has ever managed to be consistently great for more than four seasons. The tone of the narratives and the humor constantly evolves and changes in interesting as more and more is revealed about the characters and world. It has a ton of lore and originality and it is just of a quality that is rarely achieved with "kid's" cartoons.

Regular Show's first three seasons were hilarious, but then the formula started wearing thin.

Robot Chicken is mindless YouTube fan-parody-tier garbage.

American Dad is great up until about season 8, certainly better than Family Guy ever was.

Anonymous 14527


*in interesting ways

Anonymous 14528

Adventure Time doesn't have any characters I can identify with. Finn is some annoying selfish brat and Jake is pretty much a demi-god who's also always 2chill4me.
The Ice King has an interesting backstory, sure. And he starts acting differently in later episodes. The show has an interesting backstory. But I can read up on that and it's over. And eventually the whole "Ice King is some pathetic, crazy old dude" thing gets old. Okay, he has a sad backstory. Done. Don't make a whole bunch of episodes about him being pathetic and evil and expect me to feel something for him.
And Adventure Time isn't the only show with a bunch of flawed characters, it's not special in that regard, and I'm just pointing that out because I'm pretty sure someone listed that a reason for it being good once.

The only ways it's special are that it's original and creative, like you said, and that it tries to force fucking feels into almost every episode.
The emotional bits feel wrong because I just hate all the characters involved, they don't work. They're even worse if there are shitty songs involved.
And then the originality is nice but sometimes it gets weird, e.g: arms being replaced by flowers and trying to punch your dad to death or something

As you can see almost every interaction I have with anyone else on this imageboard is a god damn argument.

Are you going to make me like Adventure Time anyway? Am I going to go around and tell people to stop whining about things and magically make them stop? Are people going to convince me to put up a name and socialize on a board I don't even like?

I'm an angry jerk right now, just get rid of me, someone

Anonymous 14529

Oh and Regular Show also looks like it has the kind of childish humor I see in Adventure Time.

Eh it's basically just a bunch of parodies on Youtube but I don't see how it's completely "mindless"

I can't really be bothered with watching the teenager and gay alien in American Dad
Oh and a talking fish? You have enough different species with the alien in there.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 14530

Are you watching the same show

Anonymous 14531


You know, I COULD spend several minutes responding to all your "points"about AT, but you said it yourself, you're an angry jerk right now, you wouldn't care know matter how much logic I fired at you.

And either way, I don't care if you hate it with a passion, you just have to acknowledge that it's a pretty landmark, dare I even say revolutionary show in the world of "kid's" cartoons. It pushes beyond boundaries and sets all kinds of new standards in that regard.

But I do have to say, they do NOT shove feels into every episode, in fact they save the feels for a small few episodes a season usually. The show has definitely gotten heavier in the later seasons though. It helps if you actually watch it from the beginning and not just random episodes here and there.

God I still remember almost crying at the end of the season 3 Christmas special...

"I know my mind is changing... but I'm already too far gone to know what to do. I want people to know that... if I do things... if I do things that hurt anyone, please... please forgive me.

Just watch over me until I can find a way out of this labyrinth in my brain and regain my sanity!! And then maybe Betty, my princess... maybe you will love me again. [Sobbing] Please love me again, Betty!!"

Anonymous 14537

File: 1406753759444.jpg (1.25 MB, 4134x2727, Adventure Time, please please …)

I watched the first ten episodes of season 6 and was very impressed. Creative, trippy, and unpredictable. Definitely worth the watch.

I can't imagine connecting with it like with FiM, though. The setting and characters are too zany.

Anonymous 14538


That's great, but to get the best experience you really should start from the beginning and go in order. It's not MANDATORY I guess, but it pays off in the end for certain characters and story arcs and relationships and stuff.

Also the early seasons have a COMPLETELY different tone than the later ones. The show basically goes from being really silly and happy and carefree, to suddenly being really dark and heavy in seasons 3 and 4, and then just plain weird in the new seasons, at this point you really never know what will happen. It's like the writers keep doing everything we DON'T expect them to do. It's great.

Anonymous 14581


Mods have already said they don't do bans on request.

Anonymous 14603


I don't know.

You were gone for a while, what were you doing?

Anonymous 14604

Am I banned now

Anonymous 14605

I spammed 6 boards with 150+ threads, just ban me already.

Anonymous 14606

Ooh, someone cleverly deleted all the posts from my IP in the last few hours.

I was off avoiding MLPchan, but then some guy said he felt like visiting MLPchan and I followed him and realized I was posting on MLPchan.

In an attempt to stop posting I did somethiny stupid like post even more but even with all the mild rule-breaking I'm still here.

Anonymous 14607

File: 1407186506272.jpg (43.95 KB, 681x496, 1395624749395.jpg)


>I was off avoiding MLPchan, but then some guy said he felt like visiting MLPchan and I followed him and realized I was posting on MLPchan.

my face when

Anonymous 14608

I'm on holiday and basically have 24 hours free everyday.
Any potentially time-wasting activity is very tempting

I don't understand why I can't be banned if there aren't really any reasons to not ban me.

Anonymous 14609


Learn some damned self-control then.

I sure wish I had all the free time I wanted.

Anonymous 14610

Sheddep, I asked all of my friends what they're doing over in my home country and everyone who hasn't gone on holiday in another country basically said "nothing".

I have 24 hours free but I'm not allowed to leave the 8th floor of this apartment building for over 15 minutes at a time and there's pretty much nothing you can do outside in that long besides sweat a lot in the heat.

I blame my lack of freedom here for not being productive, but even with their freedom my most productive friends also think they're wasting their time

You try not having any responsibilities or friends in your area for 2 weeks Anon, try being stuck on the 8th floor of an apartment building with only relatives 3 times your age whose only activity to pass time is watching TV and make the most of everyday

Grass is always greener on the other side

Anonymous 14612


>You try not having any responsibilities or friends in your area for 2 weeks Anon

I tried it for about two years before I couldn't get away with it anymore, I wish I could have it back.

At least you even have friends.

Anonymous 14613

Eh, different people have different preferences then. I end up sinking into completely inactivity if I don't "need to" do anything. Wanting isn't enough.

Have you tried making friends? These are my first friends in 9 years.

Anonymous 14614


Well, technically I have some people who you could argue are "friends", but I don't like them very much and I only see them when I have to. They're okay to talk to about certain things with sometimes, but I much prefer talking with people online.

When I had all the free time I wanted I was far from being perfectly happy but now that I DON'T have it I really wish I did, and I didn't have to worry about being places I don't want to be, talking to people I don't want to talk to, doing things I don't want to do etc. every week.

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