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File: 1405988846133.png (27.4 KB, 301x301, really.png)

Anonymous 14471

Is there any reason why a "Flood detected; Post discarded" would come up when using auto-mode, if I haven't made any other posts?

Anonymous 14472

File: 1406004465254.png (230.64 KB, 895x1024, large.png)


How does mods exect me to dump my horseporn and play vidya games at the same time?

Anonymous 14473

I also find this kinda annoying. I could understand limiting auto mode to only one thread, but I think I think it would be perfectly reasonable to let someone post normally while in auto mode.

Anonymous 14474

That's not the problem, the issue is that if you're contributing to a dump sometimes you get the error message even when you're idle from your computer.

Anonymous 14475

Yeah this bothers me as well.

Anonymous 14484

File: 1406187599690.png (25.95 KB, 301x301, pls.png)

So is this gonna be addressed sometime or...

Because it's still happening and I still have no idea why.

Anonymous 14487


Usually takes the mods a few days to actually reply to things on /site/, not sure why but that's how it usually is. Just be patient I guess.

Anonymous 14490

We're aware of it, just waiting to hear from the expert (tm)

Anonymous 14543

File: 1406797537160.png (26.59 KB, 301x301, pls3.png)

This has been confirmed to still be an issue.
Pls help.

Anonymous 14544

As it continues to persist I would recommend poking the SysAdmin himself about it.
[email protected]

Anonymous 14624

I'm pretty sure it only happens when the image or post takes less than a second to upload.

Anonymous 14632

I'm officially complaining. This happened to me like five time during one smallish image dump yesterday

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 14639

Brought it up again

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