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Site not remembering any of my setting/watched threads Anonymous 14453

See subject, I have been using this site all day every day on both my personal desktop and laptop since last year, and it's been mostly fine, but I just had to switch laptops, and this new laptop will not remember anything I do (besides my actual posts).

When I first got on this site on this new laptop (well really it's not new, it's just not mine), I went into the catalog on /anon/ and /oat/ and watched almost every thread I'm watching on my other computers (probably somewhere between 30 and 50 threads, a lot, it took a while).

Then I logged off, came back the next day, and they were all un-watched, and my settings had been completely reset. I don't get it. I'm using Firefox (should be the latest version), the laptop is a Thinkpad with Windows 7.

pls halp

Oh, and also, I know it wasn't done by someone else because I tested it again.

pic unrelated

Anonymous 14454

I just checked to make sure I wasn't using a proxy because there was a time in the past where something got installed to this computer that set up its own proxy without us knowing because it was some kind of malware.

Firefox says it was using a "system proxy", so I changed it to "no proxy", but I have a feeling there was no system proxy anyways.

Anonymous 14458

it happened again this morning

Anonymous 14464

please respond, this is really inconvenient and irritating.

It actually happens with 4chan as well, if that helps.

!Dash.ipRj. 14465

Try going to Firefox button > Preferences > Privacy

What's under the History header?

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Admin 14468

Check that you don't have cookies disabled and that they aren't set to be cleared when you close your browser.

What browser extensions do you have installed?

Anonymous 14469


"Firefox will: Use custom settings for history."


Cookies are enabled, and I have Skype Click To Call, Greasemonkey (for 4chan X) and Adblock Plus for extensions.

However I think the problem may be solved, it didn't happen again this morning. It may have been because I was in private browsing mode. I remembered the same thing actually happened on my phone once.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 14470

Yeah, Private Browsing mode will definitely stop settings from saving. Besides clearing your history, it makes your browser forget anything that sites try to get your browser to remember (like cookies, or your site settings here).

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