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Anonymous 14137

Why does so much of the site require javascript? I can't browse mature content threads or change the theme without it.

I know that it isn't required for catalog view either, although, I haven't tried that here.

Is any work going to be done to improve this? I'm used to chans not having features that help thread navigation without js, but mlpchan requires js for basic features, yet it runs on the same software as many other imageboards that don't have this problem.

I'm befuddled. JS generally slows my browser down, causes lockups, and is a security risk, not that I don't think I can trust mlpchan.

Also, I didn't want to make multiple threads, so I have another question.

Is there a way to disable shortcut keys in the reply box? I haven't yet tried it with no js yet.

I feel like I had another question, but I can't remember it, although, it's not like this thread will go anywhere soon.

Anonymous 14138

I remembered.

How does mlpchan allow users to submit banners, if it does this?

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Admin 14139

Mature content threads require javascript to display so that they don't display briefly for people with them disabled before the page has executed the javascript. Site themes require it because the visitors to the site are all served the same HTML files – they aren't dynamically created in response to requests – and they're applied client-side.

You could use this local stylesheet (with an add-on like Stylish for example) to force mature threads to display without using the site javascript:

.mature_thread { display: block !important; }

Thumbnails would still appear as spoiler images though.

The site javascript adds optional features such as image previews, post link previews, live thread auto-updating, showing post backlinks, marking links to your posts, reply notifier sounds, a thread watcher, etc, so I do highly recommend using it. You can use an add-on like noscript so you can opt-in to javascript on individual sites.


The banners are manually curated. You could make a thread and/or email me any submissions. Banners should be 600x150 and under 100 KB. Banners can be board-specific.

Anonymous 14194

Get noscript and ghostery. and self destructing cookies and better privacy and adblock plus and https everywhere
You can mantain functionality without having to worry about tracking.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 14195

Disabling 3rd party cookies is a good thing to do too in general that everyone always forgets about.

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