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Input and Suggestions !!Applejack ## Admin 14011[View All]

We haven't reached out to seek your input and suggestions lately, and I think it's a good time to do so with the season having recently ended.

To that end, the floor is yours in the thread for anything related to site matters you want to discuss or bring up. Policy, content, activities, moderation, administration, technical matters, features wanted or changed, etc.

Consider it spring cleaning and airing of whatever's on your mind.
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Anonymous 14089

Anonymous 14090


It's just that 99 percent of the time, almost all of the threads on the front page of /anon/ are generals, CYOAs, porn dumps, role-playing, random shitposting and then maybe a couple decent threads about stuff that's actually interesting.

I just think that if we want to garner more traffic to /anon/ then we really need to capitalize on the "ANYTHING GOES" part and stop having the same shit over and over every day.

I personally try to start a lot of threads about lots of different things, I start a thread almost every day, I have one about pick-up lines (in a humorous way), one about video games, one about other shows that people watch besides MLP, one about anime, one about "personal blogging" where I asked people to just share random unimportant stories from their recent lives, one about having a tiny dick, one about upcoming movies, one about music…

Not every thread I start is great, of course I shit/funpost sometimes but that's the beauty of freedom, and my point is I keep trying to start good threads about all kinds of different subjects but they don't get many replies and keep getting knocked back by all the other stuff I mentioned in the beginning of my post.

I think seeing the /anon/ front page the way it is now could be very off-putting to new users, and unfortunately a lot of people don't have the brains to check the catalog and see that there is MORE to this site.


File: 1400987049824.jpg (33.78 KB, 600x398, sweetie200.jpg)

I used to live in a place like this. It was called /b/. They kicked me out to go live in /mlp/. Then /mlp/ wanted me to move to mlpchan. Now mlpchan needs a /b/. So confusing.

Anonymous 14092

We always needed a /b/. Its our ancestral homeland. Its what we try to recreate every time we get displaced. inb4 /co/ is really our ancestral homeland

Anonymous 14093


Anon is our /b/ though, we just need to fix it.

Anonymous 14094


*/anon/ not Anon

Anonymous 14095

File: 1401062849087.jpg (113.35 KB, 900x1068, Twilight Barkle x Anon.jpg)

Anon is our boytoy.

Wanna mine some GEMS?

Anonymous 14097

File: 1401071285615.png (57.8 KB, 204x247, sweetiestarecloserandcloser.pn…)

>Anon is our boytoy.
I'm okay with this.

/anon/ really isn't big enough for this divide of attention to be warranted. Content creators are motivated by attention, and if they feel they are wrongfully turned away from, they will find someplace else that can serve them better.


File: 1401071339377.jpg (22.83 KB, 241x300, I'm a 'non and what is this.jp…)

Anonymous 14100

It is, and we don't. /anon/ is great the way it is, we just need more traffic.

Anonymous 14101


If I had a nickel…

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 14105

The deletion passwords not changing every time you delete something would be nice…

Queenie!eBritIShVA 14109

File: 1401560268797.png (309.37 KB, 600x727, 594930__safe_solo_rarity_human…)

we should make more Banners
it'll be fun

Anonymous 14111


I tried starting a thread about this on /anon/

No one seemed to care

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 14113

File: 1401598199422.png (45.39 KB, 600x150, cute horse.png)

I support this.

Anonymous 14116

Wait a couple decades.


Applejack, I'm going to once again request that >CLOP get its own board. Right now, our generals (over three threads) have far more posts than every other thread on /anon/ combined. If any one topic is this overwhelming for this long of a time (six months and counting!), it should have its own space.

Anonymous 14118

>every other thread combined

I was curious about whether that was true. So I checked. That's just from the first page, and the first handful of threads I looked at. They match the three threads you mention, in just three threads of their own.

So no, your assertion is an extreme exaggeration. Doesn't mean your suggestion is wrong, but everything else you said is.



…well that's what I get for trying to make estimates with the catalog while completely forgetting about the mature content thing

Anonymous 14120

What would you even call it? /clop/? That would be pretty confusing.



I think that'd be funny, but /cg/, /ploc/, or a lot of other things would work.

Technical crap, alliance arguments, and requests are getting packed into one thread like sardines. My users have occasionally asked for a traditional forum but I don't really want to do that (and I wouldn't be driving traffic to mlpchan if I did), and I *really* don't want to aggravate everyone else on /anon/ by establishing multiple threads for different uses.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 14122

I'll consider it, and bring it up with the team. I'll have an answer for your ASAP.


File: 1401681444126.jpeg (53.49 KB, 600x600, Цветные-кони-разное-Molestia-P…)

While I have no desire for Porn to infest /oat/, if it is up for suggestion, I wouldn't mind if suggestive material was allowed. Basically, nudity would be okay, but nothing explicit. No actual sex, no masturbation or anything. But nipples or genitalia that isn't being used for a sexual act would be okay.

With an specific rule of no 'image dumps' on /oat/.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 14124

File: 1401689227288.png (4.64 MB, 5793x3240, My Eighties Horses.png)

If you've got a front thread for public consumption and you want back threads for other details, you could use /space/ for the backroom stuff.

I think the population that doesn't want to see mature content but does want to see naked selfies is vanishingly small.

I do wish tacky censorship were disallowed, though. Black bars and blurs strike me as smuttier than nudity.

Trixishy!.TrixiSHY. 14125

File: 1401689636127.png (56.85 KB, 255x282, 1401557054437.png)

>I do wish tacky censorship were disallowed, though. Black bars and blurs strike me as smuttier than nudity.

Anonymous 14126

If it ain't broke, fix it till it is, amirite?

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 14127

File: 1401715483375.jpg (85.81 KB, 1000x1031, SPECIAL EYES.jpg)


Anonymous 14128

Came here a few months ago and took it for a test drive.

Basically, none of the features worked. Can't change settings, navbar is fubar, etc.

Tried disabling add-ons, change various combinations of settings, etc. Nothing worked.

Came back now. Enabled javascript (noscript FF extention) for mlpchan.net only, that's the only change I made in my browser, and found things are running smoothly. The bare requirements I want are all there, and there's a rich feature set now available to explore.

Someone really bused their ass to get things working, and working well. Good job guys. Keep this up and I think you'll see a slow but steady crossover of users and contributors.

Now, if only /fic/ could be resurrected, but that wasn't a problem with the site mechanics I think.

Anonymous 14129

File: 1401751055476.jpg (26.62 KB, 256x292, Rainbow write.jpg)

/fic/ gave reviews and feedback on fanfics at author request. That's pretty cool, but it doesn't play to the strengths of an imageboard. Two people, limited back-and-forth.

Imageboards seem more amenable to short pieces written quickly, with lots of people writing and lots of people commenting. Requests. Maybe people editing/remixing/expanding other people's stuff, as is common with pictures. That sort of thing.

Anonymous 14130

>it doesn't play to the strengths of an imageboard.

Agreed, that's been my observation. My comment about /fic/ shutting down is wistful, rather than a complaint.

Would have been nice though.

The arts cross pollinate, and image-board writing gives a little boost as well - when kept minimalistic.

I'm thankful they kept it read only, even if it's intended to be dropped in the future.

Anonymous 14131


>I think you'll see a slow but steady crossover of users and contributors.

>tfw we've been saying that for almost a year and we're still slow as a turtle

Anonymous 14132


Give it more time.

It's one thing to try out a new and promising site, and having a smooth experience, versus spending your first run fighting a broken interface made of failure and frustration.

I could not have been the only one.

Now I'm seeing an impressively straightforward interface with solid functionality, and freedom of choice.

And that's not counting the positive cultural aspects.

Your patience isn't wasted.

Give it more time.

Anonymous 14133


I've literally never had problems with the settings unless the thread watcher counts, and even that got fixed quickly after I brought it up on /site/.

That's another thing about this site, the mods are actually active in the community and don't just silently/arbitrarily ban people all the time.

Anonymous 14156

But wait! There's more!

I enabled mlpchan.net (noscript/FF) and refreshed the sub-boards I had opened (/anon/ /pony/ /site/).

The "settings" part of the navbar did not show up. I tried a few things without having any effect on the problem, and I'm certain they were pointless except for the last thing I tried - I clicked "home".

Once on the root of the site (https://mlpchan.net/) the "settings" appeared, and then appeared in each open tab of a sub-board when a refresh for each completed. It is both accessible and working perfectly now.

Does the home/root of the site load something differently than site folders? Perhaps a full or specific key CSS load/reset is done only from a direct request to the site root?

For example, could this be the source of this problem -


And various others?

Anonymous 14157

Could we have a /BANE/ board?

Clearly there are too many Bane threads on /oat/.

Esc to close settings Anonymous 14162

Really minor nit: could the Escape key close the settings dialog, equivalent to clicking the X in the corner of it, the same way it closes the quick reply dialog?

Anonymous 14169

File: 1402046856558.jpeg (98.01 KB, 380x455, 645451__safe_fluttershy_meme_e…)

What ever happened to Tom, by the way? Regardless of whether he was modding the site or not, it's been an unusually long time since I last saw him here.

Anonymous 14170

Took a leave of absence from the pony community as a whole. A much needed break, I suppose.

Tarra.exe !DJ.HeroKP6 14175

I figured I am not the only one that has this issue on occasion Thony.

I have some issues with hidden text when I want to shortcut key it up.

It brings up my saving options instead. Is there a way to fix this?

I know you come to /b/&F's so if you can let me know anything on my end I would greatly appreciate it.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 14177

What browser are you in? Are you using the quick reply? Are you sure your cursor is active inside the text box when you press ctrl+s?

Good idea.

If the settings menu didn't show up, it's because the site javascript hadn't loaded.

Anonymous 14178

File: 1402120370156.png (729.25 KB, 615x696, disappointed .png)

I miss him.

Hey tarra, sorry to butt in here, but are you sure it's not coming from an extension you have installed? I remember you bringing up a very similar issue with keybinds on Ponychan X, and you mentioned that the issue only persists on Opera. I use Opera as my default browser and have never had any issues with any shortcuts of any kind on either site. In fact, to my understanding, I don't think anyone else has this issue either.

Anonymous 14185

Could we please have a post form at the bottom of a thread page so I don't have to quote a post to make the quick reply box appear?

I know I could use persistent QR but it annoys me for some reason.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 14186

Push Q to open it at any time

Anonymous 14187


Oh shit

Thank you!

Tex 14321

Whenever Im on my Tablet (Nexus 7) the "browse for images" button is really annoying to tap, it almost always mashes the spoiler image or Auto Mode. Dunno if this is the right place, but yeah maybe a fix for that

Smokeydapon3(element of smokestack)!L9hT7oDU1E 14405

get rid of that tone that plays wen it auto-updates a thred, i think thats watsa stoppin my music on my phone wen im browsing... made a thred about it months ago but it never rly resolved

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 14406

Anonymous 14407

Your post made my eyes bleed a little.

Anonymous 14409

First the site was down, and now I can't access /pony/. What's going on?

Anonymous 14410

/pony/ has returned.

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