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Anonymous 13965

Here's a idea for a feature you should check out as an experiment.
A box popping up with an explanation when clicking a question mark. It'll mostly be used when wanting to insert brackets to explain what you meant with a phrase or word, but you don't want to ruin the pacing of your sentence.

'' You shouldn't tripfag[?] if you have nothing to contribute. Then again you shouldn't tripfag at all. ''
A tripfag is a user with a name and a code to the right of their name. They often use these names to attentionwhore and start their own circlejerks and generally be very fucking annoying.

Anonymous 13968


Sounds like a neat enough feature, but don't they already have that thingy which you have to open to reveal more text?

Anonymous 13969

We do not have a tripfag problem right now, KabelPod was permabanned from /anon/, and the rest of the tripfags are either on /oat/ or behaving in their generals on /anon/ like they're supposed to.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 13970

We do; the hide feature. This is a bit different though.

The [?] tag is already used for spoilers though.

Anonymous 13973

If it was a box popping up and you could also insert extra hidden text, then you could make a choice game.

KabelPod 14104

I smoke, weed on the moon & next day… I can do speghatti on /anon/ again

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