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File: 1398212510489.jpg (158.5 KB, 737x520, 1189232166.kitora_192leo-fao.j…)


Can we enforce an "THERES ALREADY A FUCKING THREAD FOR THIS SHIT" rule on /oat/? A bunch of people seem to be getting tired of every thread being invaded by the LBGT/TRANS arguments over and over and over. Don't they have a general for that?

Anonymous 13818

>Don't they have a general for that?
No, they don't.

Anonymous 13826

Every thread is the general for that.

Anonymous 13834

>inb4 this thread is derailed by LBGT

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 13837

File: 1398461496017.png (473.17 KB, 1280x664, super lesbian horse rpg.png)

Even libgats can't derail a three-day-old thread with no posts.

EMF Scootaloo!G4/R19.jIE 13850

File: 1398692408560.png (417.37 KB, 748x642, 616.png)

You have a point. The amount of LBGT and trans arguments on /oat/ is too damn high and needs to be reduced dramatically one way or another before /oat/ can be considered a decent place to post.

Awesome !EELxu4rwJY 13872

I absolutely with you and Desert. Making multiple thread on the same exact subject every time with no variation whatsoever should be considered a ban able offense. However, derailing have capping potential, I say some specific repetitive derailing should as well be a ban able offense if persecuted by the same user over and over…

Vausten 13890

>that pic
is that from gay furry porn

Anonymous 13891

File: 1398922306247.jpg (385.01 KB, 778x2016, gay furry comic fixed.jpg)


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