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bananatrunk this eel !EELxu4rwJY 13770

So, I've been thinking, maybe there should be an option to set the catalog post viewing feature by default in the settings menu.

It might help older thread to get more deserved view and replies.

bananatrunk this eel !EELxu4rwJY 13776

There could also be a randomiser button that randomly select a board and a page thread.

Anonymous 13788


I second this, people keep making new threads about the same things instead of checking the catalog.

bananatrunk this eel !EELxu4rwJY 13789

Also, maybe an option to put the oldest thread first in the catalog view could further help older threads that are worth remembering, community wise.

Stagename!!PJzkqS1qZb 13790

I think the primary reason for this isn't because they don't check for existing threads, but it's that old threads bumped up to the top are often overlooked for whatever reason.
This happened a few times to me, most recently when updating some information on a dark skies thread on /oat/.

Anonymous 13792

"….Except get this non-updating Catalog shit fixed first. It sucks having to wait to see a thread bumped."

Copy pasted from anon, apparently the catalog isn't updating?

Anonymous 13814

Can we get a site feature that makes people less stupid?

Awesome !EELxu4rwJY 13869

It would be fun if a user could have preferences, like 'older thread' or 'Post per minute' or even a 'like/dislike thread systeme' filter for the catalog or normal mode; The one with the most like would be showed first. As far as I know, there is no way to 'like' a thread we enjoy beside bumping it.

Anonymous 13900


I don't use the catalog often because I'm following practically half of /anon/, but itsseems fine for me…

Anonymous 13925

> even a 'like/dislike thread systeme'
this is not reddit. If you want reddit go to reddit.

Anonymous 13926

You express interest in a thread by not hiding it, or by watching it, or by posting in it, or by linking to it. I think that's enough ways.

Banatrunk this eel !EELxu4rwJY 14114

Never been to reddit but I suppose you're right. Watching can be enough I guess. I just wish for more more user control on the interface and the website content.

A randomize option would be neat.

Anonymous 14141

To like or upvote a thread, you reply to it here.

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