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File: 1396135232120.png (153 KB, 1228x181, Screen shot 2014-03-29 at 5.16…)

Watched Threads and Settings are missing. Sheogorath!CyJ.Bc.Vtg 13684

This morning I hopped on MLPchan and found the Theme had switched back to the default theme (I had it set to Luna). I look in the corner and I no longer have a settings or Threads watched tab up there. In fact, I don't even have the "watch" button on threads now.

Sheogorath!CyJ.Bc.Vtg 13685

Also, the autoupdater is not present and my name does not get saved in the Name box.

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Admin 13686

You're on an old version of Safari, and it looks like some change I did recently broke support for it. You should update to the latest version or switch from that browser to Chrome or Firefox especially since there are security vulnerabilities with that version you have.

Though I would appreciate it if you could post more details about the error first. Enable Developer mode through Safari -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Enable develop menu, then open Develop -> Show Error Console, make sure the Console tab is selected, refresh mlpchan, and screenshot any errors that show up there.

Sheogorath!CyJ.Bc.Vtg 13688

File: 1396144032148.png (184.11 KB, 1235x750, Screen shot 2014-03-29 at 7.45…)

Here you go. And I'll go look into updating my safari.

Sheogorath!CyJ.Bc.Vtg 13689

Also, I am on the latest version of Safari. 5.1.10

Sheogorath!CyJ.Bc.Vtg 13690

File: 1396145859301.png (109.2 KB, 421x699, 9f6a28a9a8b768cc5171694e1e9b0f…)

Well it working on Chrome. It would be nice to still use Safari though, but I'll take the work around. Thank you and I wish you luck in fixing whatever broke.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13691

That's the last one available on Mac OS X 10.6, which is no longer supported by Apple. The latest Safari is 7.0.2, which I've tested the site with.

Thanks for the error report, though the error is being caused by Safari 5 failing to interpret what looks like a valid statement. Safari 5 doesn't support certain older javascript standards some of the code is taking for granted, so I'm afraid I'm going to copy Apple's non-support stance on that version.

Sheogorath!CyJ.Bc.Vtg 13692

"so I'm afraid I'm going to copy Apple's non-support stance on that version."
So that means there is no fix for this issue then?

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13693

I'm not planning a fix since it's an older and unsupported version, and I have no way of testing code on Safari 5 myself. OS X 10.9 is available as a free update and contains security fixes besides a newer Safari, so I'd recommend that.

Krieg!CyJ.Bc.Vtg 13694

Anyways, thanks for the help and info.

Anonymous 13695


H-hey Macil, do you think you could reply to this thread:


at some point?

You know, i-if you're not busy or anything…

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