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Thread watcher count Anonymous 13669

Hey mods several months ago I requested that the thread watcher limit be increased and you did it, I think it went from 30 to 50, but now I am starting to hit the limit AGAIN, I don't know how I guess I just literally spend so much time here that I end up watching more than 50 threads, if the watcher could just be bumped up again that would be great, thanks.

Anonymous 13672

Are you in like every thread on every board or something?

Anonymous 13674


Actually, I'm only on /anon/, /site/ and then just ONE thread on /oat/.

I had to stop watching like ten threads a couple days ago to make room for new ones.


File: 1396109311048.png (170.11 KB, 1065x1024, asadsd.png)

mods, just make this shit unlimited…


That's too much. Let's do some math, shall we?
>>>/site/: 20 pages
>>>/arch/: 2 pages
>>>/pony/: 13
>>>/oat/: 15
>>>/anon/: 15
>>>/rp/: 15
>>>/art/: 10
>>>/test/: 10
>>>/trash/: 1
>>>/pic/: 8
>>>/fic/: 9
and >>>/moon/: only 2 threads
I hope that I didn't missed any board…

By average we have 20 threads per page, so there's currently 2362 threads to watch. It's much more reasonable number than infinity, isn't it?

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13700

You're watching 50 threads? … Are they all active?

The limit is in because it does need to make a database call for each thread about every minute (There's some caching, but it's just for handling the case of a lot of people watching the same threads, not for someone watching a lot of threads. I just made the cache short-lived so I didn't need to worry about having the code manually invalidate the cache on new posts), and because the UI isn't really built for handling tons of threads gracefully (can't re-order them, etc). I'll up it a bit more but I need to do some real work on it.

Anonymous 13701


Thank you.

And yeah, the majority of threads are ones I don't want to stop watching yet, even if some of them haven't had posts in a while.

Whenever I hit the limit I go through the list and stop watching anything I feel is unnecessary.

Anonymous 13704

I never use that feature. You can have my ration.

Anonymous 13706

Okay something's wrong, because I've only watched like two more threads since you upped it again, but it says I'm at the max. I'm guessing this is a glitch or something…?

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13708

I actually just now upped it.

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