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Stagename!!PJzkqS1qZb 13654

Hey guys, I want to raise a little attention on a problem that, at least on my computer, is pretty prevalent.
Every time I make a post and see a spelling mistake or something similar, I press the percentage button to cancel the post being made.
Now, it may be due to my shitty internet connection, but the feature never seems to work. I mean, it says the post was discarded, but when I update the thread I find it was put up anyway.
Does anyone else have this problem?


File: 1395294335596.png (142.65 KB, 462x564, sweetie4.png)

I vote we allow edit on /oat/. It's on /pony/ and it's good for this type of thing.

Anonymous 13660

/oat/ has too many arguments. I vote no


File: 1395339520981.png (283.69 KB, 786x1239, dashie44.png)

But it always comes with a line that says "XX editted this post on YY" so it won't hurt your arguing. In fact, it will give you something new to argue about!

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