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File: 1394134861406.jpg (82.43 KB, 600x300, bubbleBoy.jpg)

Mature content on /oat/ BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 13376[Last 50 Posts]

/oat/ is no stranger to mature topics, I was wondering about the staffs current position on the idea of letting /oat/ have the same abilities when it comes to posting mature content on /oat/ as other boards such as /anon/ having to tag any thread made that will host those kinds of pictures and direct likes so they may be hidden to the posters who have not opted in to viewing them.

Do you think at some point soon or in the future you will change the rules to allow this to take place?

Red Star 13377

File: 1394134922725.png (25.81 KB, 273x357, Grumpy.png)

>in my /oat/


Anonymous 13378

The two boards would then be identical with the single difference of who goes there - mostly tripfags or mostly anons.

Yeah, /oat/ and its denizens handle change about as well as the US Congress, with twice as much leg-dragging and half as much enthusiasm.

BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 13379

>direct likes

Direct links*

God my head hurts so much I made the entire OP shit.

BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 13380

File: 1394135233245.gif (735.65 KB, 187x199, 133420214032.gif)

>The two boards would then be identical with the single difference of who goes there - mostly tripfags or mostly anons.

Well /anon/ was created to let the new members of the site who come here directly from 4chan who do not like the use of names to have a space where they can still have a anon community, it was not created to the single purpose of being a porn dump and is hardly the biggest reason on why the board exists.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 13381

File: 1394138451214.png (386.02 KB, 1000x1000, barehoofed and pregnant.png)

>/oat/ devolves into dick selfies

Red Star 13382

File: 1394138528984.png (30.43 KB, 391x391, Commie Star Simple.png)

We'll make a penis general. Hell I bet Toybox would do it herself.

Anonymous 13383

File: 1394141103075.jpeg (467.33 KB, 1133x1500, 346583__safe_pinkie+pie_flutte…)

>implying Toybox didn't secretly made horsecock general in /anon/

Lately there was many tripfags on /mlp/. I think that newcomers can deal with it.

>The two boards would then be identical with the single difference of who goes there - mostly tripfags or mostly anons.
True. That's why we should merge those boards into faster one!
/anon/ + /oat/ => /ANT/

Anonymous 13384

>mature content on /oat/

No, this will be a disaster waiting to happen. Just leave it alone. If you have to post something NFSW. Post a link a of that image and mark it #NSFW

Not that difficult.

Anonymous 13385


>True. That's why we should merge those boards into faster one!

As an /anon/ who has visited /oat/, I can tell you that is an awful idea. Complete culture clash. Shitstorms etc.

For me personally /anon/ is the last bastion of hope in the MLP community as far as imageboards/forums go, and then /oat/ is…well…not trying to offend, but they're the…how do I put this lightly…au–no…fa—NO…*strange* people on the other side of the site.

But seriously I do not want /anon/ to have anything to do with /oat/, it would kill it.

Anonymous 13386

>/anon/ is loaded with fetish generals such as farting, shit, piss and pedo type threads

I seriously can't even.

Anonymous 13387

>implying that's a bad thing


File: 1394175171772.png (23.18 KB, 133x151, 33.png)

I was about to suggest something similar actually, but since this thread has already been made.

I don't think we need mature content on /oat/ but there needs to be a mature discussion board that isn't /anon/.

One that has set rules of what can and can't be posted there. I would say that porn dumps wouldn't be allowed. If you want to porn dump, go to /anon/.

But a board where us 'tripfags' can socialize and talk about adult topics and use adult pictures when discussing such topics would be great.

Not sure what you'd call it, but it would be a welcome addition.

The only downside I could see is that /oat/ is already slow and it kind of would draw even more traffic away from it. But then again there are a lot of people who left /oat/ because of what it is, and maybe a new board will bring some of them back.



File: 1394175480091.png (32.01 KB, 118x225, 48.png)

And when I say adult I don't just mean sex threads.

Threads about hardcore violence, drug and alcohol use or any topic that could be considered 'for mature audiences only' would be more than welcome.


File: 1394175574498.png (15.85 KB, 112x131, 37.png)

Hell, even political threads would probably be more at home there than on /oat/ since the board would revolve more around actual mature discussion than it would be "LOL RANDOM!" like /oat/.

Red Star 13391

File: 1394176012441.png (29.7 KB, 379x343, Commie Simple Talk.png)

Is there actually pedo stuff on /anon/?
Cause I like this site not being shut down by the FBI's witch hunters.

>hardcore violence

>making another board


Honestly just let us make mature threads on /oat/. The board benefits from it's ability to host so many topics.


File: 1394176069930.png (124.19 KB, 291x488, 33.png)

yeah, this doesnt seem like a good idea

for these following reasons.

it will literally end up being a circlejerk

and that might be what the most of the /oat/ers will join in, because we socialize

ummm, so yeah.. i'd prefer if everything would just remain the way are since we have gotten used to that anyway

so this is unnecessary to the fullest

we will be just like fucking /soc/



File: 1394176173298.png (66.43 KB, 157x381, 67.png)

plus, anonthony once stated in /b/&f that /oat./ should remain SFW for reasons i dont remember… and that kinda closed the topic


File: 1394176174583.png (32.22 KB, 120x202, 06.png)

I just think a different board might help even things out a bit.

Actually I was considering, for your benefit, if we pulled all the 'srs' discussion out of oat and put it in it's own board, you could have the funposting board you always wanted /oat/ to be without having to deal with political threads every other day.


File: 1394176317871.png (174.33 KB, 343x514, 217.png)

well thing is. im cool with that idea… thing is, another board would just make it just as slow as before. and we need all the traffic we can get

i'd like a fun board, yeah… cus i like fun.

Anonymous 13396

>Is there actually pedo stuff on /anon/?
Mods reminded us that this kind of fun porn is not allowed.


File: 1394176496622.png (97.63 KB, 268x361, 11.png)

Right. I understand that. But I don't think it would draw too much attention away from /oat/ to be honest.

There's a fine line between quality and quantity. Right now I think the quality of /oat/ and what it's meant to be: A fun, random place. Is deminished by the fact that all the people that want to have serious discussions really have no where else to go except /oat/. So all the people who just want to have fun are being hampered by all the people trying to be serious, and all the serious people are getting irritated by all the 'fun' people jumping in and going, "OMG STOP BEING SO SERIOUS. IT'S THE INTERNET. GAWD."



Its a good idea, but what of /anon/?

Sure the board would run ok, but i think there need to be guidelines in place to that it doesn't get spamed by the types of poasts that occur there


File: 1394176685621.png (203.39 KB, 465x621, 254.png)

…well, if we get some more believers that a /fun/ board would be beneficial that'd be nice.

but on the other hand, i gotta just suck it up and deal with it.

why? because let's face it… /oat/ has more serious topics and serious posters than us funposters, so the fun board maybe sort of redundant.

im not denying the idea completely

just a thought really


File: 1394176850028.png (172.95 KB, 501x488, 12.png)

Right, well it would be a more seriously focused board. Porn dumps wouldn't be allowed, even though mature content would be. Basically it would be a more focused board on driving serious discussion threads. If you want to post a thread asking for pictures of furries, do it on /anon/. If you want to post a thread discussing the furry lifestyle, it would go on the new board.

Basically, it would be a discussion forum for topics or things of that nature. You could talk about personal things as well if you'd like. Asking for advice or opinions.

That would leave /oat/ for the silly stuff, Anon for the /mlp/ style stuff, and this board for all the stuff that has no place on either.

Traffic might slow down at first but I think once people get a feel of how the boards are supposed to work it might actually draw more users in because they each get more of what they want and less of what they don't.

Red Star 13401

File: 1394176974396.png (30.53 KB, 680x680, Redstarshrug.png)

Ehhh, I'm still not sold on it.
Like I'm saying, just let mature threads be made on /oat/ and tag things like politics with mature as well.


File: 1394177087856.png (33.67 KB, 190x154, 05.png)

For example, the /k/ threads would be hosted on the new board, but the /b/ and friends thread would remain on /oat/. And crosslinking would be allowed so that you could post a link to the K thread on /oat/ that redirects to the actual thread and vice versa so that people on /oat/ that want to go to the /k/ thread would have an easy way to get there.

I don't think /oat/ has enough of a proper rule structure to handle having mature content allowed on it, to be perfectly honest. I don't want to tie /oat/ down with more rules just to cram a mature tag on it. That's not what /oat/ is about and it's not fair to the people who use /oat/ for how it's intended.

As much as I'd love to be able to post mature content on /oat/ I do not think /oat/ is the place for it, simply because /oat/ is not mature enough for mature content.

Red Star 13403

File: 1394177257217.jpg (64.15 KB, 600x450, 134144175049.jpg)

Are you really saying /oat/ is not mature?
I mean, I can't see how it isn't. There isn't rampant shitposting and people can quite frequently have civil conversation and such there.

Anonymous 13404

>Are you really saying /oat/ is not mature?
This. There was meaningful discussion about metric system and why niggers are degeneracy.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 13405

File: 1394177476291.png (323.71 KB, 648x605, Flash Sentry is spooked.png)

>Not sure what you'd call it, but it would be a welcome addition.


File: 1394177538989.png (233.01 KB, 291x928, 305.png)

wesley you crack me up sometimes

in a good way


File: 1394177579779.png (15.85 KB, 112x131, 37.png)

/oat/ was never designed to be mature. And yes, while people can hold civil conversations there, there is also a ton of people who really want to do nothing more than shitpost/funpost (Whatever you want to call it) and giving them the power to do that with porn is probably going to end up ripping the board apart, to be honest.

I'm still against there being a mature tag on /oat/ even if the new board doesn't get made, because I think it'll just end up causing more problems than it's worth.

Exibit A.

I hate that term. Because basically all human interaction is now considered a circlejerk. It's fucking stupid. People actually wanting to socialize with each other isn't circlejerking. If anything a bunch of people who don't know each other all jerking off to the same porn IS THE VERY DEFINITION OF CIRCLEJERKING.

That's not what I'm trying to accomplish here.

Red Star 13408

File: 1394177654485.png (154.9 KB, 1861x3026, Adorable Communist.png)

I'd say just allow mature threads as an experiment for, per say, a week or a month.


File: 1394177654667.png (141.41 KB, 294x526, 120.png)

it's just… i want be srs.

but it's difficult.

i literally have a pinkie pie personality


File: 1394177831567.png (77.48 KB, 247x249, 07.png)

Honestly Mikie, you've been right the whole time. /oat/ was never ment for serious discussion. It was never designed for political threads or things of that nature. They exist there simply because they have no where to go, and it really isn't fair to people like you who want to use /oat/ for what it's actually meant to be used for.


File: 1394178188574.png (156.81 KB, 397x496, 76.png)

well i know i have been very annoying lately, but i try to tame it down

it's just for me, i dont like serious topics such as ones like that. it reminds of my old home /b/…

then i found ponies in /b/ and found a super welcoming community and friendly. known as /b/read (/b/ and friends today here on /oat/)

it's gotten rather hostile in many of my homes over the years… i miss all that.

so i like to come to /oat/ to get away from all that… so i guess it just kinda disappoints me a bit

it's like that episode of too many pinkies pies

where they force her to watch paint dry…

Anonymous 13412

File: 1394178195780.jpg (164.58 KB, 512x405, 1394001553597.jpg)

I don't see that change ending particularly well.
That basically sounds like "bring back /chat/" to me.


File: 1394178317311.png (171.52 KB, 368x555, 179.png)

fuck, i have trouble wording shit


File: 1394178629323.png (200.43 KB, 339x657, 13.png)

I'm fine with that.

That's completely understandable. You shouldn't have to sit and watch paint dry and you shouldn't have to feel like you should 'tone it down' just for the sake of others. That's why I was suggesting this.


File: 1394178907673.png (118.93 KB, 291x397, 218.png)

so reviving /chat/ (with a chance of making it with a tagged option of NSFW) maybe the solution

but i dont know for sure… traffic might just die even more on both sides, so it's kinda hard to win

oddly enough i remember so many posters on this side ive never seen again (alot of them are the last pages on /site/)

i remember when anonthony first made this site. it had lots of users on here i havent seen again

Anonymous 13416

File: 1394179077337.png (366.79 KB, 800x800, 1393380597604.png)

I'm not, because I sincerely doubt that it would be used enough to truly justify it as a board. One of the reasons /chat/ died to begin with was because fuck-all actually happened outside the serials. There was no point having a board effectively dedicated to serials, so it got axed and shit moved to /oat/.

I don't think a dedicated srs bsns board would accomplish as much as you think it does.
A lot of people have either left or vanished into a serial thread somewhere.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 13417

File: 1394179131941.jpg (29.78 KB, 268x326, overzealous fans.jpg)

>I hate that term. Because basically all human interaction is now considered a circlejerk. It's fucking stupid. People actually wanting to socialize with each other isn't circlejerking.
Agreed. But the only topic currently missing is non-RP sexually explicit socialization with names and pictures. If there were one thing you could call a circlejerk that isn't literally people standing in a circle tugging each other's genitals, I would think it'd be that.


File: 1394179190387.png (150.87 KB, 484x532, 249.png)

figured as much…

ah well i guess


File: 1394179197699.png (148.92 KB, 1050x761, sweetie603.png)

Just another step closer to being a full on porn site. Just go for it, I guess. People who don't want to see it are in the minority and have better options available to them anyways.


File: 1394179261260.png (22.81 KB, 126x160, 34.png)

I'll be honest Mikie. There are a LOT of people that have left because /oat/ has changed from what they remember and there just isn't anywhere else for them to go.

/oat/ used to be home to a lot of people. That home no longer exists to them. I'm only still here because I can adapt to nearly anything, even if it irritates me to the core. Not many are like that. I've considered leaving /oat/ a few times due to certain things that have happened but the reality is it's a place that means a lot to me.

There might be a dip in traffic at first because people won't understand why there are two boards, but I think once people start to understand why there are two boards and what that means for the quality of each I think it may attract more users and maybe old users that left.

Well, this board wouldn't be about serials. It would be about topics people actually want to seriously discuss.

For example, if someone wants to discuss gun laws, it would go in this board. If someone wants people to post their favorite bands, it would go in /oat/. Each board would have a purpose. The old /chat/ board really didn't have a purpose. It was just kinda there collecting dust.


File: 1394179297257.png (23.18 KB, 133x151, 33.png)

Read >>13388 first.


File: 1394179517113.jpg (127.65 KB, 584x555, That feel.jpg)

ah, well i kinda know how they feel.

see our /b/ community has been of course on /b/, then /mlp/ (they sperged out on us and tried to make us leave), and then anonthony invted us here

…what im trying to say is here, i remember a loving and welcoming friendly "hugboxy" place

with things like.

"welcome to the herd"

ya feel me? but this is all dead…

sorry, this is kinda off-topic… kinda feeling a bit feelzy

Anonymous 13423

File: 1394179674026.png (462.48 KB, 4167x4067, smug mushroom.png)

Serials are responsible for ruining literally everything about ponychan and mlpchan. This is objective fact.

But seriously, it really does come down to those 2 choices.
I'm still very skeptical of it. This sounds a lot like the set-up that /chat/ and /oat/ used to have way back on ponychan. And that turned out horribly, with /chat/ eventually just becoming "/oat/ except you can't talk about ponies". Hell, they've still got /dis/ there and that shit is slow as fuck. Why it hasn't been torn down yet I have no idea, since people just discuss shit anyway on /chat/ and /oat/.


File: 1394179726107.jpg (127.65 KB, 584x555, That feel.jpg)

and now it's just "im a horsefucker"

"fuck bronies, theyre autistic, etc"


File: 1394179779752.png (97.63 KB, 268x361, 11.png)

I understand. The love and tollerate and 'herd' mentality is hard to comeby these days. I miss it as well because as much as people try to deny it, it was real at one point. But like all things, eventually it became so big that it became it's own entity and any of the little club we remember being a part of is now a multinational sensation. So many people weren't here for the era when the 'magic' happened that they have no idea what it's about. They're just riding on the afterglow until it burns out.

That's because Ponychan can't moderate for shit.

This is what happens when /b/ gets a hold of shit, Mikie.


File: 1394179780117.png (300.93 KB, 394x986, 191.png)

yeah. i agree really. but getting people to leave their serious is next to impossible


File: 1394179789275.png (52.08 KB, 195x262, sweetie138.png)

I've read it now, but I'm not sure I have much comment to add. I'm pretty much against all mature pictures and can't imagine what kinds of adult conversations you all require having them for. To me, it's all just another step away from ponies.

Oh, we understand completely, sir.

Whatever. We're autistic. Just wear it.


File: 1394179857282.png (32.01 KB, 118x225, 48.png)

I'm aware you are. And I'm trying to take steps in actually taking the mature content out of /oat/ and putting it somewhere it belongs where it won't get clusterfucked by /anon/.

If anything, I'm trying to do you and people like you a favor.

Anonymous 13429

File: 1394179933442.jpg (43.79 KB, 590x500, 1390957548709.jpg)

A completely fair point.
How to fix everything: Ban/outlaw serial threads. All of them.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 13430

File: 1394179951428.png (177.76 KB, 650x585, Rainbow filly wut.png)

>clusterfucked by /anon/


File: 1394180005676.png (131.13 KB, 196x625, 112.png)

exactly. that's why i cant stand /mlp/…

i guess you're right. just kinda off these days. it's like the light is getting dimmer for the nice part

i wish or they could say theyre broken for a week lol


File: 1394180156889.png (240.42 KB, 499x518, sweetie366.png)

Don't concern yourself with my wants, please. I haven't found anyone who shares them. Let the majority take it where you will.


File: 1394180273839.png (59.8 KB, 297x209, 03.png)

Eh. I can see why you'd dislike serials as it kind of ends up making these closed little camps where people never come out and socialize, but at the same time I can't really bag on them because I understand how it feels to have a nice group of people you're comfortable with and are happy to see every day.

I'm concerned with everyone, I always have been. None of this is about me or what I want. I have an unwavering sexual appetite but I would be against putting mature content on /oat/ all day long because it's not good for the community.


File: 1394180295446.png (143.46 KB, 352x636, 219.png)

what are you said wants. i may share them too


File: 1394180426909.png (77.48 KB, 247x249, 07.png)

To add:

Believe it or not, there are a LOT of people like you on /oat/. And you have every right to have a comfortable environment to post in. That is a very big concern for me.

Just because I'm a complete slut doesn't mean I'm without my morals. I'd love to post adult content all day long but it's simply not fair to the people like you who don't deserve such treatment. When pictures get posted that break the rules, even if I REALLY like them, I am the first to call them out because they simply don't belong on /oat/. Period.


Sasha, think about getting to bed please~


File: 1394180589659.png (172.95 KB, 501x488, 12.png)

I'l be fine. I'm actually gonna grab something to eat, I'm starving. And this is an important topic.


File: 1394180671681.jpg (47.58 KB, 480x425, 138626626072.jpg)

Ok ^.^

Anonymous 13439

File: 1394180724931.gif (878.52 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mxpw0eGYQj1rvr5jyo2_500…)

Keep wishing man, maybe it'll happen.
Oh, I completely understand their reasoning for doing what they do. However, I can bag on them all day because whether people want to admit it or not, serials are detrimental to the overall traffic and culture of /oat/ for multiple reasons. But this is hardly the thread to discuss that.


File: 1394180790047.png (98.68 KB, 264x390, sweetie3.png)

Oh, just no clop and such. That's my main one. And I could do without the discussions about how much we all make each other ejaculate. Cause, you know, I don't want to do that with you all. At least no one's tried to show me their penis in a while…

I'm not against anyone's freedom to do any of these things, but this is My Little Pony. Why do these things need to exist together? I just don't get it. But I've already weighed in on my feelings of what should happen. Even against it, it should still happen if that's what the majority of people want.

I haven't heard them, but by all means, if they exist, champion them.


File: 1394181145668.png (188.49 KB, 376x453, 01.png)

Well, see my whole purpose in existing is to make other people ejaculate so it's not exactly something I can just not talk about. But at the same time you do have a point. Those two things don't really go together and by all rights, they shouldn't.

But I do enjoy the show and I enjoy being around people that enjoy the show, so I feel there should be a good medium between who I am as a person and the things I like.


File: 1394181155685.png (174.33 KB, 343x514, 217.png)

nigga… you have no idea how much agree with you, man…

the show just isnt about a show about cute ponies in their eyes. and people like you and i are a big majority.

my view on clop, i dont give a single flying fuck if you do, but have the damn decenty to keep it to your damn self. but self-restraint is an issue with some people i guess.

but thats the lot of the fandom these days which, i would rather be a part of stigma of being a neckbeard autistic than a horsefucker any fucking day!


File: 1394181376845.png (65.4 KB, 226x255, sweetie118.png)

A healthy medium would be a nice change.


File: 1394181485966.png (29.64 KB, 158x178, 36.png)

Yeah, and that's what I was hoping this would provide.


File: 1394181694145.png (151.86 KB, 297x398, sweetie557.png)

I kinda like the idea of just abandoning the ponies again renaming it to MyLittlePenisChan.


File: 1394181761536.png (23.18 KB, 133x151, 33.png)

Eh, smut for the sake of smut is just bleh. If there's no context, there's no point.


File: 1394181832411.png (255.32 KB, 637x595, 277.png)

i should really learn to shut-up

some asswhipe and gonna come here later and spew bullshit on me i bet. and i dont care to hear it



File: 1394181910314.png (97.63 KB, 268x361, 11.png)

If they do, they'll have to deal with me.

Don't worry your pretty little pink head, Mikie.


File: 1394182045849.png (263.86 KB, 655x583, 178.png)

thanks buddy. youre chill, toy!

i would deal with em, but frankly, im sick of getting into arguments.

and i shouldnt even care!

dunno why, but this topic, i do actually care about

cuz it effects my home i guess


File: 1394182100435.png (72.71 KB, 247x354, sweetie167.png)

Mikie, sir, I've been waiting for the exact same thing. But I thought they were going to dump on me. Let's give them a few more minutes. Maybe they've got a lot of shit to dump on us and aren't the fastest typer.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 13451

File: 1394182165312.jpg (88.59 KB, 800x766, 80193_-_but_why_rainbow_dash_t…)


File: 1394182208704.png (182.8 KB, 270x500, 258.png)

>inb4 autistic
>inb4 neckbeards
>inb4 hipsters
>inb4 whatever buzzword maybe be spewed at all

but ill prolly just ignore it


File: 1394182236631.png (172.95 KB, 501x488, 12.png)

I never get tired of arguments until I'm forced to stop.

Truth is Mikie, I don't really understand the funposting thing you do, and quite frankly some of it annoys the shit out of me. But the fact of the matter is, you're a good guy. You deserve the respect any other person deserves and I will stand up for you and the way you want to do things because you deserve that much.

I care more about the content of a person's character than I do the content of their posts.

If they say shit to you, the same thing applies.


File: 1394182329024.png (620.71 KB, 1183x746, sweetie364.png)

Toilets are canon now. Did you know that? That's the type of little detail you need to keep me around for.

Careful. It's usually Anonthony or a mod in my case. He must be in bed or he would have swatted me with the newspaper already.


File: 1394182352878.png (127.66 KB, 302x544, 279.png)

im surprised people still think im a good person… i been bitter lately i thought


File: 1394182444059.png (33.67 KB, 190x154, 05.png)

Let's just say I have a talent for understanding people on a level most people aren't even aware exists.

I'm not afraid of mods. If I have a valid points, you could be the god damn pope and I'd argue with you.


What do you understand about me?


File: 1394182521875.png (124.15 KB, 214x596, 162.png)

fair enough

well i gotta sleep

take care everyone

Anonymous 13459



File: 1394182591538.png (23.18 KB, 133x151, 33.png)

You want the truth?


File: 1394182608029.png (809.35 KB, 938x740, sweetie567.png)

Yeah, bye. Go dream your, uhm, breezie dreams or whatever you're into now.



Sure. Its probably something i don't want to hear, but whatever


File: 1394182707109.png (152.75 KB, 338x627, 285.png)

tell me to dream of EqG pinkie, because im still into her and ill happily

ill be lurking until you do.


File: 1394182922460.png (757.25 KB, 900x788, sweetie419.png)

I did say >or whatever you're into now
so I think I already did.

I want choco-milk. I'm gonna go pour some into me.


File: 1394182959648.png (22.81 KB, 126x160, 34.png)

When people ask me this question it's usually more than they were expecting, which is the only reason I ask.

Anyway, you? Your big thing is acceptance. I get the sense that you have a strong urge to be accepted in life and few people give you the chance. You're very loyal but understated. People in general are impatient with you but the fact is you just want to be a part of something and you're eager to jump at the chance if you're ever given one. The reason you cling to me is because I accept you. And it's not out of pity or anything like that. It's because I can tell that you are a caring and passionate individual who is very unsure of himself. You fear that if you say or do the wrong thing you will drive people away, lose your shot at being accepted.

Your greatest fear is to be rejected by those you look up to, and from what I can tell you've faced a bit more rejection than you'd have liked in your life. Your sense of being 'eager to please' annoys some people because they don't understand your motives, and they assume you're just trying to bandwagon or yell 'me too' when in reality you are quite sincere, you just get mistaken for those who aren't and most people don't want to take the time to see the difference.

So yes, that is what I know about you.


close enough



File: 1394183456405.png (77.48 KB, 247x249, 07.png)

Well, I already went over a big part of it last time.

Your constant posts here about controversial topics stems from the fact that you are going through a time in your life in which your gun feeling goes against what you've been taught to be right. You're looking for validation. You want someone to tell you which side you should trust because now you're unsure about either.

From that, I can gather that a lot of your life has been built around being told what is right and what is wrong, and being made to believe such things without hesitation. You don't like grey areas. You are comfortable with things being a moral black and white and you will constantly seek to divide the two as much as possible.

You don't like uncertainty. You actually don't even care if you're right or not. As long as things are in a state that makes you comfortable, you are more than happy to accept them as fact. In reality you're a person that fears conflict. Fears difference and change. You don't hate it, but you want to avoid it.

This is where your idea of 'not mixing the races' comes from. You like the purity because it comforts you. You know what it is and you don't want an uncertain element added to it. Your 'white pride' schpeal is the same thing. You know what it's like to be white, because you are. You know everything about it and because of that it is the only thing you wish to know. You do not mind if other people aren't, but you don't want them interfering with what you know.

Your greatest fear and the thing that makes you most uncomfortable is that you know at some point you're going to have to make a choice between your own personal happiness and your own personal comfort and it's a choice you don't want to have to make.


gun = gut*


File: 1394184069457.png (15.85 KB, 112x131, 37.png)

You'll have to make that choice when it gets to the point where you can no longer have both. A time will come when you need to make a choice. I don't know exactly when that will be but it will happen.

Like I said. I have a talent for understanding people on a level most people don't know exists.


File: 1394184202160.png (33.67 KB, 190x154, 05.png)

Basically your conservative views and your gender identity. The two cannot co-exist and you will have to sacrifice one eventually.

Anonymous 13475

File: 1394184460783.jpg (20.74 KB, 320x224, mlfw3673_small.jpg)

my two cents as a newfag. I came from a short stint at /mlp/ straight to anon, and then to /oat/, which seems more my speed aside from my compulsion toward clop, which is a short click away when the my body is ready. /oat/ is a completely different atmosphere, and I didn't even realize you could post #NSFW in there with spoilers. That's pretty much the best of both worlds. I think it should be left alone.


File: 1394184467309.png (23.18 KB, 133x151, 33.png)

Oh it's not the money. That's not the problem. It's the acceptance. You won't be able to accept yourself because you are going to have to become something you hate if you want to go through that path. You don't see it now, but you will in time.

Anonymous 13478

>I didn't even realize you could post #NSFW in there with spoilers.
You can't. That's only on /anon/.

Anonymous 13479

File: 1394184987771.jpg (15.44 KB, 400x400, HLP63600lg.jpg)


but: >>13384 said:
>If you have to post something NFSW.Post a link a of that image and mark it #NSFW

oh look…he said link…nm.
still though. I'm the cloppiest filthy fantasy spewer there is, and even I don't mind the limitation

Not that difficult to live with. Also, kinda nice to have a board I can fag out at on my phone in public without alerting the thought police


File: 1394185223999.png (37.17 KB, 175x200, 14.png)

If the world were that easy, more people would do it.

But if you manage to pull it off, kudos to you. I'm just saying don't expect it to be smooth sailing. I'm actually one of the lucky ones. I was born with a feminine build, in California, next to one of the biggest trans communities in the country and my life is still a living hell 90% of the time.

Anonymous 13483

Yeah, I like that /oat/ doesn't porn.


File: 1394185403742.png (22.81 KB, 126x160, 34.png)

I wouldn't joke about that because more often than not that's exactly what happens.


File: 1394185590024.png (13 KB, 124x108, 29.png)

Well, I really hope it doesn't come to that.

Anonymous 13490

File: 1394185890069.gif (4.7 MB, 430x215, 4ce_1.gif)

dis n!#$a said:
>'somewhere progressive.....like texas'


File: 1394185949480.png (23.11 KB, 128x145, 18.png)

Well, that's good to know.

I'm aware. Trust me. I'm well aware.

Anonymous 13496

File: 1394187184600.jpg (71.37 KB, 500x400, tumblr_li1ckkD8aG1qc2z44o1_500…)

how can there be too much tolerance? If anything I'd think all should be aiming for all out acceptance of everything including homos, weed, guns, and cloppers

Anonymous 13498

File: 1394188419441.png (508.39 KB, 1280x720, Pinkie_Pie_duh!_S01E01.png)

ah. I didn't realize california had such liberal acceptance of rapists and murderers.

I mean, obviously I don't mean tolerate people who hurt other people


File: 1394190515535.jpg (104.93 KB, 640x1000, Starfighter Gun crazy.jpg)


On topic: I support the sentiment of this idea.

!Reaver.GYI!!bJX8UCqUsC 13501


I like this idea.

Don't want your resentment for stating this. 13502

>once again, requests to change by policy and de jure what is a matter of culture, choice and personal behavior
I'm sorry, but the state things are is your doing, posters. And always demanding that force-of-action take care of what you yourself should be personally responsible for in a place where you are given the privilege of freedom of action is exactly why it has been failing, and then devolves into a cyclical "this sucks" which requires even more whining for even further action (and the resulting stagnancy) which was all on your shoulders in the first place! But yes, sure, go ahead, keep crystallizing everything until you've got it divided up into the teensy little parts with only the tiny segments you particularly want to see or enjoy, casting the site and community in your own singular (yet conflicting) images and then scratch your heads as to why you're all alone and no one wants to play with you. And don't bother, you know, doing anything. Don't try to improve the environment of your own home, or whatever. Don't try to be inviting and bring fresh blood with their own ideas, perspectives, opinions, tastes, preferences and creativity. Don't actively promote your home as a good and fun place to be. Don't be a positive ambassador for where you reside. Don't bother taking any fucking pride in anything, or what you've been given, or have had for all this time.

Anonymous 13503

File: 1394206311680.jpeg (261.94 KB, 1414x1500, Fluttershy maid spring cleanin…)

M-Maybe it could use a spring cleaning.

BatBane phone 13504

God I just wanted to see what their opinions on it were, it's better nothiing happen at all then have the biard split up.


File: 1394213149939.png (242.81 KB, 538x549, Babs547.png)

This thread should be locked it's so far off topic.

OT: keep /oat/ SFW. We've already got an outhouse called /anon/ for all your horrible posting needs.

!!Zecora 13506

File: 1394213655347.png (96.18 KB, 500x500, 1357260237699.png)

/oat/ is, and has always been, a sfw social environment.
If you want to post and discuss nsfw material, there are boards for that. There is absolutely no sense in homogenizing boards because people don't wish to leave their 'home'.

Anonymous 13507

Sounds like a community effort.

It's a shame the community, at all the sites now, are a bunch of whiny, entitled brats masquerading as oldfags thinking they know best but refusing to lift a god damn finger of their own to do anything.

Dashbrown 13509

File: 1394219647839.png (166.19 KB, 500x660, dashie104.png)

I don't even have fingers to lift. Would a hoof help?

Anonymous 13510

Anonymous 13516

File: 1394256048997.png (538.24 KB, 1280x720, Pinkie_Pie_is_confused_S2E15.p…)

I'm new, but I don't get it…what exactly are we supposed to be lifting a finger to help doing again?

Anonymous 13517

Making things not suck.


File: 1394257787816.png (60 KB, 225x233, sweetie83.png)

But we're only entitled brats masquerading as oldfags. What can we possibly do to make things not suck?

Anonymous 13520

>said one of the worst offenders


File: 1394349491885.png (307.49 KB, 628x593, Yeah, well double fuck your sh…)

One of? Come on… Isn't the title mine yet?

Ghosties!zGiggle1Ws 13524

File: 1394351969733.jpg (12.94 KB, 400x222, Stalin Final War 2.jpg)

>The two boards would then be identical with the single difference of who goes there - mostly tripfags or mostly anons.

Truth, and as such I'm not for such a change.

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 13620

File: 1395122430425.jpg (165.66 KB, 650x800, awful.jpg)


>>The two boards would then be identical

Except /anon/ says they'll ban tripfags. That's a pretty big difference. Not allowing #Mature on /oat/ is basically a big fuck you to any tripfag who has a >G-rated sense of humor.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 13621

File: 1395141194963.jpg (123.47 KB, 1100x825, human Rainbow Dash nude readin…)

/oat/ is not G-rated. The rules for imagery are PG-13 or looser, and sexual topics can be discussed freely.

For that matter, /anon/ is completely open to tripfags. You just have to drop your trip when you post there.

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 13629

File: 1395180220906.png (Spoiler Image,908.64 KB, 2200x1900, wut.png)



> This board is devoted to anonymous culture so generally speaking you should post anonymously.
> However there are exceptions.
> …

If not roleplaying canon ponies (for some reason), or artfagging, you're not allowed to tripfag on /anon/. It's a locked sticky so it's admin enforced, and not up for discussion.

Also, I said a >G-rated sense of humor, not a <=G-rated /oat/. /oat/ allows PG-13, and unfunny discussion that's sexual. So people who are G-rated only are fine, but everyone else has to watch their step, figure out pointless and arbitrary distinctions some movie censors made decades ago. What I'm saying is if PG-13 is pushing it, then you need a lot more vanilla stuff than that before you can be sure it won't end in a banning. I didn't mean to imply that strictly PG-13 content wasn't allowed. A picture can be forbidden, despite being less mature than one that is allowed but cleverly makes use of the arbitrary distinctions.

Technically this picture is PG-13. spoilered because what the fuck

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 13630

>If not roleplaying canon ponies (for some reason), or artfagging, you're not allowed to tripfag on /anon/
Not really true. Anyone writing, arting, roleplaying, or engaging in a discussion where there are multiple parties and therefore differentiating between individuals is needed can pop on a name, however temporary it might be.

It's the pointless name/tripfagging which is unwanted in the culture of the board, which, while we don't hand out punishments for going against the grain of, if done too much we do intervene and warn or more as needed.

As for pretty much everything in your second paragraph.. I'm having trouble comprehending. I don't know if I'm grasping what you're trying to say.

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 13631


I don't really see where tripfagging could possibly be pointless in your scenario. If you aren't writing, arting, roleplaying, or engaging in a discussion with multiple parties, what the heck are you doing? I think it's a ban even for anon to post multiple threads that only they post in. Are people tripfagging, and then posting entire threads worth of nothing but talking to themselves? I can't say I've seen that before.

Anyway the sticky says nothing about "engaging in a discussion where there are multiple parties" so that's still not allowed.

What I'm saying in my second paragraph is that a PG-13 requirement in /oat/ and a ban on tripfagging in /anon/ is mean and not nice to tripfags who want to post stuff that might be PG-13 or higher.

Even if tripfags want to go anon to post R+ stuff to /anon/, they still have to go through a lot of trouble to remember to delete their trip only for /anon/, and replace it when going to any other board. There is about nothing more frustrating than posting Original Content on /art/, only to realize that you erased your trip to make /anon/ happy so your name doesn't get on it. And really, tripfags shouldn't have to switch to anon and post on /anon/ at all. /anon/ is for anonfags, not for tripfags forced to anonymize themselves. But since /oat/ won't let you do #Mature threads, /anon/ gets misused that way.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 13632

>Anyway the sticky says nothing about "engaging in a discussion where there are multiple parties" so that's still not allowed.
Uh… I run this shit. If I say it's allowed, it's allowed. =\

The rest of it either seems to say "make /oat/ and /anon/ have exactly the same rules, just one for anons only and one for tripfags" or … some other possible solution I'm not seeing here.

Anonymous 13633


Hey I'm from /anon/ and I'm pretty sure you tripfag there all the time for no reason and seem to get no consequences.

It doesn't bother me THAT much because you're by far one of the least irritating name/tripfags /anon/ has ever had but it is really that much to ask to drop the name occasionally if you're gonna post there?

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 13637


Well O.K. then. It'd help if it said so in the sticky. That's what I was going by. I didn't know you were the admin of /anon/.

I'll probably just hack up a user-script to force anon on /anon/ for me, so neither of us have to be flustered.


I stopped posting with that sticky going up, b/c thought it wasn't allowed.

Anonymous 13638

Names/trips really aren't the only different thing between /anon/ and /oat/. The whole mentality is different. I don't know what causes it really, and I definitely don't know how Anonthony manages being a part of both cultures as well as he does.

Combining /oat/ and /anon/ would be suicide for MLPchan.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 13639

I started/run the whole site.

An Anonymizer is a fine option, if you make one and it's relatively bug-free pass it on to Macil and maybe we'll just throw it on for everyone who wants it.

> I definitely don't know how Anonthony manages being a part of both cultures as well as he does
Because I was a 4chan ponyfag long before I posted on Ponychan and came out of them with a good idea of what was wrong/not for me in both of them, and with an appreciation and understanding for the positives of both cultures, and a desire to serve both of those good things as best I could while trying to minimize the negatives, and provide a stable, well-cared for middle-ground so people wouldn't be forced to choose between one or the other extreme.

While that's more or less what we've done, I have to say I've fallen on my face more often than not and I wish I could go back and change a lot my mistakes. I'll do everything I can to make up for that and make continual progress towards what people want, if I can get a little help from those that actually want that improvement.

>Combining /oat/ and /anon/ would be suicide for MLPchan.

That's why it won't happen.

Anonymous 13640


>That's why it won't happen.


You have no idea how paranoid that entire idea makes me.

That said, I don't hold anything personal against /oat/.


File: 1395196140903.jpg (171.43 KB, 844x475, 576704.jpg)

#based anonthony tells it like it is

you truly rock

Anonymous 13642


Holy shit, you are posting images that aren't EqG Pinkie Pie.

What's up with that?


File: 1395196833362.png (487.92 KB, 1280x720, 575880.png)

just a temp shtick that ill get bored with in a little bit

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 13644

File: 1395197487950.png (907.87 KB, 794x1008, art appreciation.png)


Woah, really? That's way easier than jury rigging it via user script. It means programming php though, ugh…

What do you mean "make one"? Like, make a fork of Tinyboard? Or is there some sort of plugin API?

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 13645

Here's the user script at any rate.


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