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Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 13277

Alright, so, my apologies if this has already been addressed, or if nobody cares.
I'm an archivist for one of the roleplay canons on /rp/. However, for some time I haven't been able to properly save some of the older threads, because the thumbnails are mysteriously missing.
Upon rightclick -> reload image, it just flickers and continues to not be there. Furthermore, rightclick -> view image leads to a 404 page.
What is the problem here? Can it be fixed? Can I help to do so? If not, when can I expect it will be fixed?

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13285

See >>>/site/13174. A few weeks ago a combination of server issues and backup neglect caused some old images to be lost.

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 13300

So it's not going to be fixed? Alright. I SHOULD be able to repair our own archives manually, much of a pain in the ass as it'll be.
Sage because resolved.

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