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File: 1392115848356.png (203.58 KB, 1365x379, reducesizeplox.PNG)

Anonymous 13207

I'm okay with this wanting your privacy thing, but this banner is a little big when it's reduced

Anonymous 13210

How exactly is giving out my phone number and email going to save my privacy anyways?

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Admin 13211

File: 1392139172997.png (184.64 KB, 945x945)

I made sure the banner doesn't show up on thread pages since it is a little big for that.

You could use a user stylesheet with the content of ".tdwfb-container { display: none !important; }" to hide it automatically. It is going away on its own within a day anyway.

I saw it shortly after the writing my post on HTTPS in the other /site/ thread, so I figured I'd be consistent. Call it an attempted conversation piece, a defense of the ability of anonymous speech, or a self-interested move by a system administrator who doesn't like the news about system administrators getting secret gag orders.

Cato!HeptyTeKD2 13214

File: 1392141693374.png (117.32 KB, 243x435, 0082.png)

So did anthony put it in?

Anonymous 13215


>the news about system administrators getting secret gag orders.

Wait what? What does that mean? Is that a joke?

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13216

No, it was me, though he's fine with it.

I didn't mean all system administrators if that's how you read it.
For "national security purposes", system administrators can be given orders to wiretap their systems, keep it secret and lie about it to their users under harsh penalty of law forever, and have little-to-no methods of recourse or even disputing the exact scope of it.
I would say I've never been contacted in that way to divulge info on all of our users, but me saying that is obviously meaningless, and I'm immensely bothered by that and many other injustices that the banner has more info on.

Cato!HeptyTeKD2 13217

File: 1392143477358.png (136.68 KB, 296x321, 0075.png)

why would you do it, its like running ads, but ads don't push a specific political view.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13218

I fully support and admit to bias in pushing political views and awareness in the form of a rare small one-day banner on some pages against my profession being able to get shut out of free speech rights.

Sersys!CyQeb5KTDM 13219

File: 1392143959435.png (102.54 KB, 800x941, lyra not sure.png)

>protect internet anonymity
>by giving your e-mail address and phone number
>not sure if troll or seams legit.

Cato!HeptyTeKD2 13220

File: 1392144104462.png (165.51 KB, 306x436, 0033.png)

survailence has absolutely nothing to do with free speech.

I'd be fine if you got paid for it and the funds went to the site, but one-sided political ventures have no place on an imageboard.

Cato!HeptyTeKD2 13221

File: 1392145579898.png (256.97 KB, 441x457, 0567.png)

if you're going to keep that thing up, at least explain why surveillance is a legitimate concern.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13222

In case you're being serious: politicians like knowing their constituents are real people and/or voters, and occasionally like being able to reply. If that email is listened in by the surveillance machine, you're not exactly telling the system anything it didn't know already, but you are telling the politician something.

Gag orders are just one part of the problem. The surveillance itself, and so many of the until-now-secret steps taken to persist it, including gag orders, and attempts to weaken encryption standards use by everyone, are issues that people should be at least informed of.

I also think that surveillance of many forms is likely detrimental to aspects of the anonymous culture of the imageboard atmosphere. Studies shows that people's behavior can change when they know they're being watched. A not insignificant amount imageboard culture sprung from the lack of potent watchers and the freedom of what people can post. (Sure most people rationalize that government surveillance is far away from them, but what about people who the NSA isn't far away from, or if the NSA continues to expand its reach because no one bothers speaking up against it.)

Cato!HeptyTeKD2 13224

File: 1392146753738.png (270.94 KB, 541x444, 0014.png)

its a literal spy netork, they should be allowed to do stuff like this. if you are not doing anything bad and they are not affecting you in a negative way, why do you care?

they keep the information secret, so the anonymous culture isn't harmed at all. and condemning bad behavior shouldn't be a bad thing.

I don't care what you believe or what I believe, there is no reason to turn an image board into a political platform.

Cato!HeptyTeKD2 13225

File: 1392147399482.png (186.78 KB, 276x457, 0658.png)

you literally just deleted that last guy's comment

how is that not censorship?

how are you better than the surveillance companies?

Cato!HeptyTeKD2 13226

File: 1392147977780.png (136.68 KB, 296x321, 0075.png)

he was actually kinda right about the whole thing with the phones and e-mails. this campain isn't letting me call/email my legislators directly, its taking my e-mail and doing it for me. I am giving some random rights group acces to my e-mail account to do whatever they want with it.

I didn;t even try the phone number

Cato!HeptyTeKD2 13227

File: 1392148095760.png (164.34 KB, 319x324, 0098.png)

for god's sake it didn't even tell me who my legislators were and who they were sending it to!

for all I know this is a fake campain to get more people who forget to uncheck the box to sign up for that group's e-mail list.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13228

I disagree that spy agencies should be allowed to tell me to install mass wiretaps on my or others' property and if I tell anyone at all I'm going to jail for a long time, I'm bothered that tax dollars have gone into making encryption more insecure for everyone (I doubt malicious hackers are quite as bothered on this point though), I very much disagree with the "nothing to hide" argument, and its premise that it doesn't affect people who don't do anything bad. (As an extreme simple example: Would everyone post all of the same things here if their parents knew what they were posting?)
There's already been reports of NSA agents who admitted to using the surveillance system for stalking. They were only found out because they felt bad and admitted it. There's been many reports already that their oversight is poor and non-existent. I have to wonder how many others are doing similar, or possibly doing worse with blackmail.

There aren't many issues I'll soapbox with the site for, but privacy issues and any ones affecting the continued existence of the site are the rare exceptions. People can disagree on the messages, though an informed public is still important.

His post was contributing nothing intelligible to the conversation and just complaining that I banned him for practically harassing me for banning him for clear harassment before. That's just getting too meta and shit for my tastes in a decent thread.

Huh, it isn't actually very informative on what's going on with the message. I had instead clicked through somewhere on EFF's site which had much more info on where the messages were going earlier. This page has a little widget for looking up your representatives.

Anonymous 13229

What exactly is happening on this site that the government would care about in the least?

Honest question.

Anonymous 13230

And are we talking about the American government or a different one?

I mean the NSA freaks me out, but realistically, we don't have a ton of CP like 4chan, and we don't have some bizarre secret Illuminati thing going on like Shrekchan.

We're just a bunch of white guys talking about My Little Pony porn.

Anonymous 13231

There's that secret revolution board where we all plan to overthrow the Illuminati. Don't tell anyone.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 13232

Anonymous 13233

You don't have to be breaking the law to care about privacy.

Cato!HeptyTeKD2 13234

File: 1392155833897.png (68.88 KB, 223x219, 0040.png)

Cato!HeptyTeKD2 13235

File: 1392156099555.png (164.34 KB, 319x324, 0098.png)

sorry for sounded kind of upset and then disappearing, I had a class to go to, but I really do lean toward the other side of the argument.

The arguments are way too one-sided. picking and choosing the bad apples isn't really good. there are both good and bad things to this system, and I believe that we should not be thinking about shutting it down as a whole, but to punish those who abuse it.

Anonymous 13236


Naw man I'm not saying I don't care about privacy, I'm just saying, like, why would the NSA or whatever care about this site in particular? Why would they put a gag order on Macil or Anonthony?

The whole thing just makes me super paranoid, even though I haven't done anything, it's just the idea that stuff like that can happen that freaks me out. I don't think it'll happen to me though because I'm not an important person at all and I don't have any deep secrets or know about anything I shouldn't.


File: 1392177389635.gif (97.15 KB, 500x281, 1378879083030.gif)


Roger!DodgeR9Q6o 13239

File: 1392187600439.jpg (115.9 KB, 852x844, 8WfR9.jpg)

> The attacking group or nation must have […] sophisticated software—known as “malware”—that enables the monitoring, exfiltration, or destruction of information inside a computer.

Americans are in so much danger from evil hackers equipped with super secret malware developed in nefarious Chinese laboratories that the only sane course of action is mass surveillance of all domestic communications. Right.

I guess it's better than invading random countries.

Anonymous 13254

>I guess it's better than invading random countries.
Yeah, now they can digitally invade every country.

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