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Anonymous 13184

Is there a way to access mlpchan without https? I cannot use external https-only websites directly.

Anonymous 13185

Have you tried just going to http://mlpchan.net ?

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13186

There's no plan to put in non-HTTPS support. Even Google redirects to HTTPS mode these days. If your internet connection can't handle that, then you have a broken internet connection.

Anonymous 13192

Yes, it forces https.

Re:Google, you're clearly wrong; it sticks with plain http both when I access it directly and through this; I just verified that. And I don't have a choice here, other than to use indirect means with MLPchan; it's the only thing doing this, and https looks more than a little silly for user access to an imageboard. Is there even a reason for it other than that that's how you feel like doing things?

Anonymous 13195

>there's clearly no reason to use better and more secure things

Anonymous 13200

I wish the whole internet was https

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Admin 13205

I'm a cypherpunk and privacy advocate. Widespread encryption is one of the best ways to help counter surveillance of many forms. Lots of people spend a lot of time here, talk a lot, and say private things anonymously on occasion, which I find to be more than enough reason to embrace encryption. Also I'd rather not have it be that tripcodes and moderator credentials could be easily stolen when people use wifi.

The only times I've ever seen internet connections that couldn't use HTTPS were connections through an insecurely misconfigured wifi paywall, or connections that were being man-in-the-middle-attacked by an attacker who couldn't get sslstrip to work right. It's not common and usually there's something wrong going on that really should have attention brought to it, so I'm not eager to hide the symptoms and give in to possible attackers by allowing things to work insecurely. If you truly must deal with an internet connection that blocks HTTPS, then there are tunneling solutions that you should look into rather than using sites over insecure protocols instead.

As a minor sidenote, there are performance benefits when HTTPS is used in browsers that support SPDY, including Firefox and Chrome, which is a nice added bonus.

Anonymous 13545

Perspectives (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/perspectives/) has raised alerts on this site's certificate once or twice that I've noticed.

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