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File: 1390870568200.jpg (109.39 KB, 629x811, Paperwork_by_jollyjack.jpg)

Yes, it's cute, but... 13165

>browse /oat/ from phone
>pixelated Lyra takes up big part of screen
>blocks links and hinders navigation
>have to wait for it to randomly the the fuck out of the way to use site properly

Can we, yaknow… DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS?! It's annoying as shit.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 13166



File: 1390872891446.jpg (105.74 KB, 649x753, Christmas_Cookies_by_jollyjack…)

Well, that was fast. Thank you.

Sersys!CyQeb5KTDM 13182

Hi, I just had a riff raff with toy at /oat/ but the connection was so laggy, I restarted my router. It didn't get any better so I'm guessing it's my ISP's fail but when I came back calmsystems told me on skype that the thread was locked and I don't know if I was banned or not because I have a new IP now. Can someone tell me If I was banned or not please?

!!Fluttershy 13201

You were not.

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