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Ban for report spam Anonymous 13146

No, I didn't. I checked the relevant posts on /anon/ where someone was imagebombing the board and clicked "report" once. None of the posts would've been problematic individually, so I figured I'd have to show where it was being flooded.

Yeah, it was just a 1-second ban, big deal. But if your report system sent a notice for every checked post instead of each report click, ain't my fault and I had no way of knowing. Fix your shit instead of blaming users.

Anonymous 13147

Wait, so you checked each post (which was quite a bit) and reported, which of course generates report for each checked post, but you say
>if it sent a notice for every checked post instead of each report click
Isn't that exactly what it did?
Regardless, as far as I could see the guy posted the image one time in each thread.

Anonymous 13148

Does the report system do a separate report for each checked post? That does seem silly. I can't see wanting to report several unrelated things with one report.

Anonymous 13149

The same thing has happened to me before. Someone goes tearing around the whole board with bullshit, so I report shit as it happens, then I'm the one getting banned for 'report spamming.' Its only for one second, but its still damn frustrating.

Anonymous 13150

Last time I checked, you couldn't report multiple things. Only one post per report.

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Admin 13151

1-second bans mean very little. It's the only way for moderators to privately communicate to an anonymous user for one thing. I need to get around to letting the wording be re-phrased.

Sometimes people report tons of the most benign stuff ever, and that gets tiring. Maybe you got mixed with up other people doing that. I'll yell at the mods to pay better attention and give them better tools for dealing with that.

Anonymous 13154

File: 1390739084124.jpg (103.16 KB, 800x600, 030_liux-foto__radau_www-dykai…)

Eh, it's cool, I'm just being bitchy. It wasn't the ban so much as being blamed and chastised for something I didn't do, especially when I thought I was doing a favor by IDing the posts all in (what should've been) one report instead of making the mods go hunting for them or reporting them individually.

But now that we know it sends a separate report for each checked flag, maybe that function can be tweaked to be less annoying for the mods.

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