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Anonymous 12943

May IĀ use the js scripts from mlpchan for a personal website?

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash ## Mod 12945

They are open source as far as I'm aware, so yeah.

Anonymous 12946

The ones provided with tinyboard, yes. But the additional ones from mlpchan have no license notice on top of the file.

By default, the copyright say that a script file is proprietary. If not, it must be under some kind of license. So, even if the js is perfectly readable and easily copyable, I don't exactly have the "right" to use them without asking first.

If they truly are open-source I would be very glad. I stay here for a confirmation from an admin. BTW, on top of using them, I'd like to release them with a GPL license, if that's ok. And of course a copyright statement linking back to you.

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Admin 12947

I've just updated practically all of them to have license info in their headers. Everything of consequence is under the MIT license.

Do note a lot of them depend on mlpchan-specific site template and server stuff not common to Tinyboard that aren't published. You're on your own for adapting any of the javascript files to your uses.

Anonymous 12948

Perfect. Thank you very much.

>You're on your own for adapting any of the javascript files to your uses.

No problem, I prefer adapt the layout than redo all the js. I won't ask for support or anything.

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