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Spoiler Filter Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 12909

Just a question, but is there any way we can sometime have a function for spoilers similar to how the mature content settings are like? I know mature settings have it to where the images can be spoiled or not in a global scale and I wondered if that could be applied specifically to spoiled images in general to where I could turn on or off the spoilers filter.

It's not really that important, but I don't mind spoiled images myself and it'd be nice if I could just look at all the pictures if I wanted without having to hover over it with my mouse.

Anonymous 12927

I second this, and I'm pretty sure I've brought it up before, months ago though.

Overmorrow!!YqqAFNrBFF 13008

even I'm for this.
macil pleeeeeease.

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