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Settings on mobile Anonymous 12790

So when I use /anon/ on my smartphone it mostly works fine, except I can't change the settings. When I go to the settings page and click something, such as "12 hour time display", I get this message that says:

"Failed to set setting: Error: QUOTA_EXCEEDED_ERR: DOM Exception 22"

This is frustrating, because it means I can't enable #Mature threads when I'm on my phone out in public.

I know you're probably wondering why in the world I would want to look at #Mature threads in public, but basically there are some generals that I like to check on while I'm at work or on a long cab ride.

Any help would be appreciated

Macil!/5s/Techmk 12791

What kind of phone are you using? Are you using a private browsing mode / do you have cookies disabled?

Anonymous 12792


I'm using a Samsung Galaxy 3, carrier is T-mobile, and I've been browsing in "Incognito Mode" (which I think just means that it doesn't save any of my history or searches).

I'm pretty sure I have cookies enabled but I usually clear them after I visit porn sites.

Anonymous 12795

I have that exact same phone and I can't seem to replicate the bug. Are you using the default browser? If you are, where are you finding the incognito button?

Anonymous 12796


I'm pretty sure I use the default browser, yeah. And to activate Incognito Mode I just click this button at the top right that shows me all the tabs I have open, and then the option appears at the top.

Anonymous 12798

File: 1385787526838.png (224.49 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2013-11-29-22-44-03…)

Bam, got it. The error you are seeing is actually to reference what is arguably either a webkit bug that's never been patched or a poor design choice by their devs. You see, webkit's incognito feature follows a philosophy that there should be no footprint on the disk correlating to that browsing session. As a response, their developers chose to disable localStorage and apparently sessionStorage as well. And for some reason, webkit's incognito mode behaves in a way that localStorage and sessionStorage will still appear in the global namespace, but it will become read-only, and thus acceps no quota. As a result, the script is confirming that the phone supports localStorage, but when it calls setItem(), it throws an exception. Then Macil wrote the script to potentially catch it, and calls alert() and prints out the error thrown.

Incidentally, there's an even more bizarre bug whereas when removeItem() and clear() are called, the browser doesn't even throw an exception. It just silently ignores the call. Therefore there is also another bug where if you uncheck a box in the setting, nothing happens.

That being said, this bug theoretically can be replicated on incognito for most webkit browsers, including Safari, both the iOS version and the desktop version. However, all versions of Google Chrome past 2010, whether webkit based have had it patched.

tl;dr - you need to find another mobile browser.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 12799

Argh, what >>12798 said. Some browsers in private mode decide that they should show themselves as supporting localStorage, but then not actually support using it at all.

The site does have a work-around for browsers that don't show themselves as supporting localStorage, where any settings changes are only active for the current page. However, Android's default browser doesn't support the settings menu overlay, so clicking the settings button brings you to a different page just for settings. And if the browser doesn't support localStorage, then any settings changes you make will only apply to that settings page itself.

Changing settings on the default Android browser in incognito mode is currently unsupported. Either don't use incognito mode for mlpchan, or upgrade to either Firefox or Chrome for Android.

Anonymous 12800

File: 1385788533928.png (216.55 KB, 459x529, mlfw3990-sweetie.png)

Anonymous 12808


Alright, I guess I can turn off Incognito mode when using MLPchan. It's not like it's difficult to delete my history, and even then nobody but me looks at my phone anyways. I just get paranoid because sometimes I get these pop-ups that say "YOUR PHONE IS INFECTED, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FREE VIRUS REMOVAL SOFTWARE!!" which is obviously bullshit but I thought maybe if I did the mode switch that would go away…? I don't know. Thanks though.

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 12825

File: 1386071376753.jpg (87.31 KB, 488x699, image.jpg)

They should make an app for this site

Anonymous 12827

File: 1386084466428.gif (1.57 MB, 344x424, 1386030386614.gif)

I was contemplating the thought of either working on something of that nature or writing a jQuery mobile interface of some sort on it. Like, for example, in order to make the navbar a little more scalable, make it display for mobile devices "home" "boards" "watcher" "settings". While the site already is almost compatible on its own across phones, it would be nice to make a few things a little more user friendly here. Maybe something like a fixed position qr that takes up the bottom half of the screen..? But yeah, nonetheless, it seems like a relevant topic.

Either that, or my other idea was to develop something on the Android platform that grabs threads across all three of the most popular pony related imageboards - Ponychan, Efchan, and MLPchan altogether (it would be kind of silly to go through the burden to pay royalties to google for three separate apps when you can simply do so for one). Though if this ever happened, it likely wouldn't be necessary to get the staff of the sites involved.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 12833

File: 1386140091253.png (375.52 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2013-12-04-00-47-13…)

What features would you expect in an app? I can just put the features into the site itself you know.

James the Noodle King 12839

A better mobile interface and a settings/watcher tab that's easier to reach on mobile would make you my favorite person.

Anonymous 12934

Perhaps storing the settings in the cookies if localStorage is unavailable?

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