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Dead Threads? Anonymous 12752

There are a bunch of month old, death threads on /anon/.

Can a moderator delete them? I don't see the point of keeping dead threads around. It really just fills the catalog with crap.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 12754

You mean in the directory sticky, or just threads in general? Usually later pages of threads are older, that's as intended. I would agree about the directory sticky needing some pruning.

Anonymous 12756


Threads in general and the directory. There's threads that haven't been posted in for 2-3 weeks, clearly dead, and haven't been deleted.

I understand that MLPchan.net doesn't get a lot of traffic, so threads have to exist longer. However, threads shouldn't exist if they haven't been posted in for weeks.

Anonymous 12764

>However, threads shouldn't exist if they haven't been posted in for weeks.
Why they shouldn't exist? They have a lot of clop material, they're useful.

Anonymous 12767


They're just reposts from R34. I don't see why it would be hard to find them again, and even more so, there's like a dozen of those threads. So, losing some of the dead ones wouldn't really hurt.

Anonymous 12769


I don't see why it matters either way. When people make new threads, the old ones will eventually get deleted automatically. What exactly is the problem? It's not like they're wasting space or something.

!!Fluttershy 12771

I go through the directory every now and then to delete very outdated things, (like here >>10860 ) but I hadn't checked it in a few weeks, been pretty busy.
I cleaned up the directory a bit, thanks for the reminder

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