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Ban Evading - How to Deal With It 12661

I'm noticing a lot of ban evasion lately and from the end user POV it doesn't seem like anything is really being done to counteract it. The worst part is that people are interacting with the ban evading users and it's so often and regular that I think many have forgotten these people were banned for very good reasons. I feel this only encourages them further to keep doing it.
Obviously the programming aspect of ban evasion isn't working, so how about changing things up by changing how these users are treated SOCIALLY? I'm suggesting that there should be discouragement for actively engaging these banned users via moderator intervention. Warnings to the people talking to the permabanned users would be a great way to start.

I mean, think of it like this:
>In kindergarten, the bad kid got put in time out, right?
>He sat in a corner and wasn't allowed to talk to other kids, right?
>If he tried to talk to other kids, the teacher would make the timeout longer/harsher/etc.
>If other kids came up and tried to talk to him, the teacher would warn the other kids to not talk to him because he's in time out.
>If they kept breaking that little rule, those kids might find themselves in time out too.
This is how shit works in fucking kindergarten. I mean, fuck, I've had to do this to people when I worked for a boarding school for struggling young adults that were behaviorally challenged with whatever problems like drug addiction or anger issues or bipolar, etc. (I'm talking 18+). We had a status for individuals that were problematic for the community where they were basically plucked from their normal dorm and placed in an isolated dorm totally cut off from everyone else, with no cable/entertainment, and a shitload of appeals to write out to get back into the core community. They also were NOT allowed to leave these isolated dorms or interact with anyone but my coworkers and I who were basically counselors/groundskeepers. This was an extreme deal and rarely happened, I might add, but it did happen sometimes if the person was a threat to the safety of others. If people interacted with them they ran the risk of having the same stuff happen to them, plucked away and put into their own little dorm with the same stuff to do. Sometimes we had to move those people into a motel because it got so bad (one guy started bringing meth into the community, for example), and he had a buddy that kept fucking talking to him and doing dumb shit for him, and we basically wound up putting them both into two separate motels.

What I'm trying to say is, this is shit that works in real life; shit that I've actually done to people much more problematic then anything anyone could achieve on this website. So why can't we just have this special little clause in the rule that even a kindergarten kid can understand, that talking to and interacting with known ban evaders is prohibited, and that repeat offenses may find that user facing consequences as the moderators see fit.

People are banned for a reason here. I think the moderators have good reasons to ban them. When people are ban evading they're sticking the middle finger up to the mods, and the people talking to them might as well be too.

There's also always hell banning. But I think it'd be highly counterproductive to discuss that or admit that it's done at all if it is already.

Anonymous 12666

Personally I think the best way to solve the problem without directing anything to bystanders is to simply delete the ban evaders' post. If a person is evading measures that normally block them from posting, perhaps the best way to discourage ban evading is to deny them the satisfaction of letting their posts stay.


>to simply delete the ban evaders' post

But mods arent doing that
It's like they gave up unless someone reports the posts and waves in in their faces.
I can see why though. I understand it's tiring beyond all fuck to deal with proxies.

!Lawnyb.uhc 12668

It's almost impossible for us to instantly notice ban evaders post, though when possible we do watch to make sure they don't evade.
But we can't see everything at once, nor know the instant they begin evading if they do so at a later time.

So 9/10 times we have to rely on reports.
And anything we could do to discourage people talking to ban evaders would be unfair and abusable.

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 12670

Two problems.
1. I don't know who has been banned unless I've directly seen them banned.
2. I don't know if a ban has been repealed or shortened. I don't even necessarily know the initial length of the original ban.

Besides that, the idea of punishing folk for talking to someone who has been banned is just stupid.


File: 1384623868440.png (282.91 KB, 607x676, Disappointed.PNG)

Who's evading? I don't even know who you mean. How will I know not to talk to them? And if a mod isn't around to delete their posts, then he's also not around to tell me to stop talking to them.

Are people so socially desperate that they need to evade here just to get their daily attention?

Anonymous 12674

The solution for one of the problems could be to provide a list of tripcodes/namefags
But if it comes to anons I suppose their posts could be marked with a "I'm a ban evading faggot" indicator once they're found out until they switch IPs.

Anonymous 12677

File: 1384634155068.png (47.1 KB, 310x386, funny_duck_guy_lurker.png)

Like i actually pay attention to who's posting
So people that are new/don't care enough to memorize who's been b& were and why and how long should be held responsible?

B& evading isn't even that big of an issue, why press it to such extremes?

>The solution for one of the problems could be to provide a list of tripcodes/namefags
no privacy/discretion allowed?

> marked with a "I'm a ban evading faggot" indicator once they're found out until they switch IPs.

lol no, very few people care that much.

!Lawnyb.uhc 12679

>provide a list of tripcodes/namefags
entirely possible but totally unessesary, since most times that list would have maybe sometimes one person.

>their posts could be marked

the amount of time that would go into maintaining that would on occasion be more than a full time job, with overtime.
It would not be feasible, nor would many people care.

Anonymous 12680

So…this is a problem with /oat/…?

Because I don't think it's a problem at all on /anon/…if that's the case, don't mind me, I was just curious.

Anonymous 12681


Also I just want to say that I think part of the problem with ban evaders is that they feel really entitled for some reason.

I've only been banned from this site once and it was for like ten minutes from /site/ because I went off-topic in a thread where a mod said specifically not to. I waited it out and even apologized, I can admit when I've done something stupid. I think ban evaders have this self-righteous attitude where they believe that their opinions are above the actual rules. I guess it's an ego complex thing.

Tom' the /♥/ bringer 12682

Not a single person is ban evading on /oat/ at the moment.
We give out few enough bans to keep up with them.

The member you thought was ban evading when writing this got their ban lifted, you know this, this whole thread is therefore moot.


Just because a problem is solved now doesn't mean it's unwise to prevent future occurences

This is a chronic issue with MLPchan tbh
I can think of many examples over the lifespan of the site that echo this problem that I feel could easily reoccur.

Anonymous 12699

not even a few hours after ^ was posted he got perma'd again

also making threats is top kek

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 12701


Do you have some kind of solution for this problem? And bear in mind, people don't even check /site/, let alone read the front page.


File: 1385857087812.png (502.56 KB, 778x554, 1383619908872.png)


File: 1385956269756.jpg (16.15 KB, 242x208, 4848.jpg)


Remember 12819

>Hell banning.
They already do that though.

Thread has served it's purpose, lock IMO.

Anonymous 12834

This site does not hell ban.

Remember!!HxYR/KU5G5 12837

File: 1386272579920.jpg (164.47 KB, 1920x1080, 1385323492004.jpg)

Okay, I was mistaken.

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