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"Unknown new"? Anonymous 12571

Uhhh…what does this mean? When I refresh the thread it doesn't show any new replies.

!!Fluttershy ## Mod 12572

This happens when someone posts then delete their post.
The Watcher doesn't compute that.

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Mod 12588

Usually it's that. If a thread has new posts you haven't seen, and more posts in it deleted than new posts since you last viewed it, then you get that message. (The watcher asks the server how many posts are in a thread, and what the timestamp of the last post in the thread was. The watcher remembers the number of posts and the last post's timestamp whenever you view a thread. If it ever gets a higher timestamp from the server than it remembers seeing itself, then it alerts you that a thread has new posts and it displays the number of posts the server says is in the thread minus the number of posts that it last saw in the thread, if that number is positive. If that number is 0 or negative, such as because of deleted posts, then that causes the "Unknown new" posts message. You can easily trigger this by watching a #cyclic tagged thread.)

Though I don't exactly understand what would cause it to get that error in a thread with no replies. That's an actual bug and I'm getting that issue too constantly when I watch the thread. I'll look into it now.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 12593

Fixed. (The watcher client and server both used to ignore the OP post in the calculation of the thread's last post time. My code had issues if a thread with one reply had its one reply deleted since the server would not ever tell it a new thread last post time, so I decided to fix and simplify it and make the OP post count, which I did on the server-side code, but I forgot to update the watcher client too, causing it to not handle threads with no replies correctly as you saw here.)

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