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Even smaller request about Quick Reply Anonymous 12240

After clicking button "New Replay" it changes into button "…" or "X %" (where X is a number).
After clicking this new button (in order to stop sending my retarded post) this message appears: "Post discarded".

Despite this message, my retarded post is posted anyway. Can we change message "Post discarded" into something more truthful? Pic related.

I know it's not very important issue (I'm probably the only user, who finds this annoying), but since I have board for suggestions…

Nogitrov 12242

I've noticed this as well, and it does irritate me to a certain degree

Anonymous 12246

As far as I can tell, "…" or a % that no longer increases means it's finished uploading, and you no longer have the option to cancel the post.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 12258

Hmm, I may change the message. Trying to cancel a post that's in progress by using the button again to kill its connection is like yanking your internet cable out to try stop an email, but with less chance of physically damaging anything or affecting other network things on your computer. It's hit-or-miss and isn't really intended to be reliable.

Tom' the /♥/ bringer 12259

Couldn't it be tweaked so the "reply" button becomes a "cancel" button of sorts?

The issue is that sometimes it is discarded, sometimes it isn't, and your browser can't tell because you cancelled it mid-way.

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