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Kok Lord Anonymous 12065Locked

Can we get people to stop bashing on him? He left, he already had enough problems, and we probably made it worse. I wouldn't be surprised if he does take our advice and kills himself, or worse, other people because of it (I believe it was Nogitrov who actually told him that killing himself would be best for everyone, which is ironic, because he was the one calling kok a terrible person). He was obviously unstable to begin with. It doesn't help that people are still abusing him even after they drove him out and made him feel unwanted.

Anonymous 12066

This is exactly what I'm talking about. What if hes lurking and sees these posts, how would you feel?


File: 1383618871424.png (82.68 KB, 311x336, 68.png)

dont think he should particular what people say about him over the internet

but that's just me. if i were him i would just be laughing at the edges on the posts

certified new IKEA tables

for what it's worth, i still think he's a good kid. just makes bad choices is all.

i did the same thing when i was his age

but tom (fluttershy mod) has been locking threads and trying to contain a bit. if it's gets out of hand, report it

Anonymous 12068

Every kid does these things in this time, that's why it's so abnormal for people to react like this. I think some of them are jealous because he has an actual outside life.


File: 1383619550299.png (134.99 KB, 203x643, 163.png)

high possibility


it's easier to just let him do his own thing. if anything him being away from this might do some good for him.

seeing that some people dont want him around anymore… why return?

again, thought he was chill. but at this rate /oat/ is gonna be a dead board because nobody will want anymore around anymore!

how nice! :D

that was sarcasm.

because it's gonna happen again to someone else

Lavender!!llnUq8y2Ml 12070


Now people are joking about Kok Lord commiting suicide. I think something must be done, this is just being cruel.

Anonymous 12072

The faggot deserves everything he's getting, quit whining.(USER WAS SENT TO THE MOON FOR THIS POST)


File: 1383621356526.jpg (42.12 KB, 400x366, ow the edge.jpg)


File: 1383621670088.png (156.56 KB, 471x603, 314.png)

but aside from me throwing buzzwords.

it's one thing when he acts like a idiot for making that thread

but encouraging someone to commit suicide

the fucks wrong with you, nigga?

i honestly feel bad for kok lord now.

Anonymous 12075

It seems some anon sociopaths saw kok lord wasn't popular, and thought he would be good prey.

Nogitrov 12076

File: 1383622981333.png (347.4 KB, 1029x1500, zonegrin.png)

Just thought I'd share my thoughts. No, I don't actually want him to kill himself. Yes, I did want him to leave, and now he's gone. I've achieved my objective, we can all go home now. I always kind of disliked him because he has a bad habit of taking the internet too seriously. I figured I could use this to my advantage to get him to leave, since he was pretty much the #1 source of complaints on /oat/.

There's still an anon or two that is still insulting him, and I should remind that anon(s) that he's gone, those posts are pointless now. I don't want to be known as that one guy that made good ol' Koky kill himself. I did it so he would leave, he left, end of story, stop talking about it.

Cruel? If I knew him IRL and was anything more than text on a screen to him, then it would be cruel. I'm just some faggot on the internet. If he takes my words seriously and actually kills himself, that's entirely his fault for being an idiot and listening to text on a screen.

I might've felt bad for him if he wasn't considering doing such a horrible thing to that guy.

Anonymous 12077

Several people have commited bullycide because of statements suggesting they should kill themselves on the net. It also seems "taking the internet too seriously" has become the new oversensitive, it's all about bullies deflecting responsibility off their own actions on to their victim.

Do you want mlpchan to be the next news story about bullycide? Do you want to ruin bronies by associating them with cyberbullies who drive posters to killing themselves?


File: 1383623354568.png (154.32 KB, 460x623, 71.png)

>because he has a bad habit of taking the internet too seriously

he sure as hell isnt the only one…

but yeah… im sorry, but im not comfortable with people encouring others to kill themselves only because he is so sensitive that he might actually do it

Nogitrov 12079

File: 1383623748313.png (40.31 KB, 558x533, zonetongue.png)

So, you think I'm a so-called "internet bully"? Well, fine, think what you wish, but Kok was the one who was going to break into a guys house and traumatize the poor boy. You can hardly say that I would be the one in the wrong if they did a story about this on the news.

Who are they going to side with? The over-dramatic delinquent that was going to torture and traumatize a kid? Or that one poster that suggested suicide, who may or may not have actually been serious?

Well, this raises an interesting question. What would we rather have happen? Would we have Kok kill himself, or would we have a kid beaten and tortured? That's kind of a tough choice.

Nogitrov 12080

File: 1383623960952.png (18.12 KB, 390x100, truth.png)

Besides, we're on a chan, not Facebook. I shouldn't feel obligated to filter my opinions or coddle someone I don't even know.

Anonymous 12081

I just didn't want this site to get a bad reputation, I'm sorry.


File: 1383623995956.png (168.28 KB, 303x641, 118.png)

yes it is a tough choice. because that could traumatize that kid for life.

but im just saying… this is sort of getting out of hand now.

but at the same time! i see where you're coming from

> that's entirely his fault for being an idiot and listening to text on a screen


god, so much this!

Nogitrov 12083

File: 1383624268178.jpg (130.59 KB, 1024x768, zonetan.jpg)

Who cares? Since when do we feel the need to defend some random-ass website? It's not like we actually know most or even some of the other people here. If MLPchan went down tomorrow, would I actually be significantly emotionally affected? No, I wouldn't, because I shouldn't. It's a website you like to use, nothing more.

>this is getting out of hand
Yes, it is. I'm hoping some of those anons calm down and realize that he's gone already.

Anonymous 12084

Not everyone is as emotionless as you are.


File: 1383624396713.png (93.35 KB, 388x316, 48.png)

>No, I wouldn't, because I shouldn't. It's a website you like to use, nothing more

gee, this kind of reminds of something VERY recent.

Nogitrov 12086

File: 1383624561269.gif (1.23 MB, 1054x918, ponifieddancing.gif)

I'm not "emotionless" for not being emotionally attached to something as mundane as a website about pastel-colored, talking horses.

What is it?


File: 1383624609341.png (119.18 KB, 1119x598, okay.png)

oh nothing.

Anonymous 12088

Well several people care about this site. It would be horribly selfish to ruin it because you want vengance.

Nogitrov 12089

File: 1383624828376.png (437.99 KB, 812x518, shittingbricks.png)

Please tell me that isn't real.

Vengeance? What? Where the fuck is this coming from?


File: 1383624860703.png (133.19 KB, 374x435, 66.png)

it IS real

Anonymous 12091

Revenge? I don't know anymore, I give up.

Nogitrov 12092

File: 1383625043989.png (164.23 KB, 756x1057, fingersex.png)

I'm actually considering leaving this site now, because that's really just stupid.
>inb4 I get banned by a mod for criticizing one of their decisions



File: 1383625230276.png (249.37 KB, 527x722, 188.png)

yup… i kinda feel ya on that. i was arguing with a anon because he was bitching tripfags on /oat/.

and i said, well if i were to do that on their board they're be upset.

double standards. im sorry.

Anonymous 12094

Maybe some people post as anon, because they're afraid of retribution from those they're standing up to.


File: 1383625421315.png (240.98 KB, 513x639, 119.png)

i dont give two shits if you post as anon.

i really dont. in fact i have nothing against them.

it's the ones who say: "hurr durr, tripfags, circlejerks, etc"

it's just like, nigga stfu!


File: 1383630769403.jpg (18.5 KB, 265x205, 1354890027584.jpg)

jesus christ
if anyone doesnt know OP is kok lord


Anonymous 12101

>people telling kok to kill himself
I know both James and Jacob personally, and I can easily say that nobody would be sorry about him getting hurt killed or any other thing. His girlfriend came in to school a few weeks ago with a black eye that Jacob gave her, and she's afraid to break up with him. And the plan isn't to "beat the fuck out of him", the full plan is to knock and rush him as he opens the door, James will punch him hard enough to startle him. He'll be tied down and we'll shout in his face and put hot sauce in his microwave, then untie him and reveal that it was us all along. James, by the way, was insistent on avoiding actually beating him up from the start. Consider all of the circumstances before you go and judge somebody based on one thing. He's been feeling like shit for the past few weeks, and you're adding to the stress. You can see it building in him, and you've all made it that much worse.



Anonymous 12103

You can fuck off. If nobody cared, this thread wouldn't be here. But you cared enough to open it and post. I care because he's my friend, and I don't like seeing him look physically ill because of all of the shit he gets put through at home and on here too now.


No dude
You fuck off.
Stop pretending you're someone else AGAIN and saying you're going to kill yourself AGAIN.
However, if YOU MUST, do it elsewhere.
This is /site/
Do this shit on /oat/.
/site/ is for technical issues and sitewide issues. It's not a bulletin for single users to complain and blog about shit no one cares about.



I hope it's reached autosage.

!!Fluttershy ## Mod 12105

File: 1383632124480.png (67.44 KB, 230x210)

Oh my god, can we please stop making this whole site Kok lord's personal blog? I'm really getting tired of it.

If I see his name mentionned one more time here, I will ban whoever said it, I will I swear to god. He has left the site, I don't want to hear about him, see a picture of him, no one cares, he has decided to leave, and it's better for him, and better for everyone.
I don't care if you're his mother, his sister in law, or his personal jesus, please go post about him somewhere else, make koklordchan, find his tumblr, something, please leave this site alone.

I have personally locked threads bashing on him, and I will equally lock any other threads doing that.
But in the same way I won't tolerate this kind of shit being brought to /site/, this is absolutely not site related, the guy has left, and the people bashing on him have been relatively silenced, please for the love of christ let me forget his name.

And that means you two too. No more. No. more.

Desert The Birthday Boy!GAAaaayY3U 12106

Tom has spoken!

Anonymous 12108

Is this how normal people react when faced with the fact that they're bullies? By pretending that the other party is the bad guy, no matter how little sense it makes? I'm done here, I just wanted to let everyone know exactly what they've done to my friend. If someone were standing on the edge of a cliff, you'd be the ones to try and push them over.

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Mod 12109

>Yes, I did want him to leave, and now he's gone. I've achieved my objective
Please refer to the rules:
>Disruptive behaviors that prevent others from engaging in a thread are prohibited.

There have been a bit many kok lord threads lately, but harassment isn't the correct response.

Nogitrov 12115

File: 1383665822387.jpg (130.59 KB, 1024x768, zonetan.jpg)

I apologize for that, but I don't regret it. He is gone now, and I agree with Fluttershy that we shouldn't be talking about it anymore.

Again, we're not "bullies", we're just some horsefuckers on the internet. Bullies are people who are always mean to you and treat you badly for no good reason, they are unavoidable in daily life. However, if there's something that we, people who he doesn't know, said bad about him, he could just close his god damn computer and avoid it entirely. Bullies are unavoidable. We are not. Nobody's forcing him to come to this site and deal with us everyday.

Now, please stop with these foolish accusations of "bullying". It's just getting tiresome. Need I remind you that you guys are the ones traumatizing a kid, not us. It seems extremely hypocritical to accuse us of bullying when you guys are the ones that came up with this sick plan to begin with.

Anonymous 12122

Soon this whole site is just going to gang up on each member it doesn't like. And kill them.
They will either kick them out with force or wait for them to be at their most vulnerable and tell them to jump.

This whole community is too close minded. It's so close minded that it even hates itself within itself. We've kicked people out of the site before, many times. We'll do it again.
When the site is empty, people will wonder where it all went wrong. They'll never once stop and think that it was their fault to begin with.

This is just another body going ignored, another poster tossed to the side.

It will happen again.

Anonymous 12124

File: 1383685745354.jpg (81.45 KB, 645x480, Sunset Shimmer pops your ballo…)

Yes, we will band together and internet-assassinate users.

>We've kicked people out of the site before, many times.

Very few. Bans are rare as fuck on MLPchan.

Desert The Birthday Boy!GAAaaayY3U 12127

someone lock/delete this thread or autosage it please

it doesnt even belong here

Anonymous 12128

Not just bans, the site as a community has removed elements is has deemed unworthy.

It is only a matter of time until more people are unjustly removed. Evil is not ever intentionally done, but done in small increments until people commit atrocities off hand.

Anonymous 12130

I agree, this thread is only stirring up more drama.

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