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Anonymous 11862

Why is sage invisible?


Because it was being used to tell OP how bad their thread was and to "downvote" it. In case you didn't know, that's not what it's for.

Anonymous 11867

How exactly does making sage invisible solve any of that?


It's now also discouraged to imply or call out your sage.

This helps keep people from doing those things.

Anonymous 11878

So newfags know how to sage correctly.

Anonymous 11902

File: 1382163613719.jpg (15.57 KB, 389x198, 1371541140445.jpg)

!!Fluttershy 11904

Because sage is meant to make your post draw less attention, and making sage visible tends to not do that.

Anonymous 11907

File: 1382258476734.jpg (17.6 KB, 531x274, toothless_not-amused.jpg)

While I agree with our current "invisible sage" should remain the standard for imageboards, and MLPchan for that matter, I also fear that one of the drawbacks of this change is the exact opposite of this post. Think about it. How many newfags actually first learned about "sage" by just stumbling upon it? How will they learn about it now? I'm not going to worry about it here, but now that it's invisible on 4chan, the shitposting hasn't stopped, it's just delayed. My theory regarding these events is that in about a year from now, there's going to be a surge of ignorant newfags that never learn about "how to sage" properly, at the very least, on 4chan first.

With all due respect, has anyone even contemplated the thought of this yet?

Anonymous 11908

File: 1382268636980.png (676 KB, 1440x809, ponka.png)

Every 6 months or so we can have a "Newfag-101 thread" were we just flat out spoonfeed them what's what to make posting more comfortable to them, and everyone around them.

!!Fluttershy 11909

I think most of the thing with people not knowing how to sage properly was more of a group effect, people arrived on imageboards, saw people use sage to downvote a thread and followed.
Of course you're not gonna reduce shitposting on 4chan with such a small change. I'm one of those who think 4chan is beyond saving anyway. but for a community like ours it could have a decent result.

Plus let's be honest, if it can't have a negative effect and has a possible positive effect there's no reason not to try…


File: 1382296293625.png (122.67 KB, 365x277, sweetie19.png)

implying new members are coming

Anonymous 11914


The scary thing is, /mlp/ is actually dramatically losing traffic (there was a thread recently that stayed up for more than a week with less than 400 posts).

Now think about what that most likely means for us.


File: 1382465357890.png (202.39 KB, 437x730, 230.png)

>/mlp/ is loosing traffic


however, to brighten you up, wait till' season 4

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