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Anonymous 11466[Last 50 Posts]

Yeah, this shit again. Though this was not originally my idea, I'm bringing it back up.

I propose we change rule 4 of /anon/ from:
> 4. Anonymity is strongly encouraged, but you may use a name if you wish - especially if you are a content creator; a writefag, artfag, etc.

> 4. Anonymity is strongly encouraged, but you may use a name if you are a content creator; a writefag, artfag, etc that is posting content.

People insist on namefagging, tripfagging, and avatarfagging for absolutely no reason other than that they don't want to be anonymous. There are other boards for that. /anon/ is called /anon/ for a reason. I'm tired of reporting these fuckers, and I know the mods hate seeing me report them. I don't care if the board is slow, I don't come to your house and insist on wearing muddy boots even though you want everyone in your house to be barefoot.

I'm sure this won't end the shitstorm, but I think people will get a better understanding of how things are done on /anon/.

Anonymous 11468


I fully support this, I reported that fag avatar/tripfagging as Rarara multiple times as well.

Anonymous 11469

i can fully understand the tripfagging being a problem in /anon/.

but avatarfagging? so what? if you're not using a name, you're anonymous. so yeah, either way you're fucking anonymous.

Anonymous 11470

Not really. Avatarfagging is just as much an identity as namefagging.

Anonymous 11471

that sounds like a personal problem then.

Anonymous 11472

I think that typing quirks are too distinctive for some posters, and this should be eliminated using a site script that reformats posts to a universally accepted standard regarding grammar, spacing, vocabulary, average sentences per paragraph, etc.

Anonymous 11473

I agree with these, let's not push it, there's just so much of the anon culture you can promote before going full ridiculous.
But still, some namefags are pushing it.

Anonymous 11474

exactly. your board is dead most of them according to what ive seen just by lurking. if anything, if were /anon/ id welcome any traffic you can get for further new content, ya feel meh?

Anonymous 11475

Chill out samefag.
I just want the rule tweaked. You ad hominems and straw man's are obvious. It's real simple, /anon/ is for anonymous posting. You use a name or trip, and you aren't posting content, RPing, or even in the generals that allow it, you have no business there. There are plenty of other places to go if you want to use a name.

Anonymous 11476

No If I just wanted a faster board I'd go somewhere else. /anon/ was created specifically for anonymous culture. If we aren't going to have that, I might as well go back to /mlp/.

Anonymous 11477


have you ever seen an avatarfag without a trip or at the minimum a name? I haven't.

Anonymous 11478

I'd be for this. Go to a forum if you want to namefag.

Anonymous ## Mod 11479

1. I'm not samefagging
2. maybe you should chill out before I ban you from /site/ for attacking random posts with baseless accusations.

Anonymous 11480

yes actually. many times. but that's not the point however. just saying, they're still anon. anon is anon regardless of what they post. otherwise, you might as well stop posting images altogether because people use filenames. i myself have been able to spot several posters just by reading one filename of theirs.

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Admin 11481

Is the stream of users complaining that names are cancer that sort of thing we want to have to act as culture police to constantly try to enforce?

I'd rather solve this through some technical means. The board use to use a poster ID system like /b/ had before, though people didn't really like it being always on in threads allowing anyone's posts to be connected inside a thread. What if there were no names, and only OP had the ability to securely identify themselves as OP? Feel free to critique or modify this idea, I want people's input.

Anonymous 11482

fair enough, however they're much easier to detect if they actually have names, and those who post their avatar without name generally aren't looking for attention, and are a lot more difficult to spot when you're just looking around a thread.

at the same time a lot of the threads with multiple creative people in said threads who are content creators (which I am occasionally) would be disadvantaged, and forcing an exodus of content creators because it's difficult for them to differentiate would be quite a negative thing…

I don't know, if there was a a white-list of names or something that OP's had the ability to include that'd be good, any one using a name that isn't on the whitelist would be seen as anons by default.

Anonymous 11483

That sounds alright besides the fact that we like to have content creators identify themselves. I think your system would work fine so long as the content creators made their own threads. back on /mlp/ all of this (encouraging anon and no avatarfagging and shit)
was user-enforced. extreme peer pressure and "lurk more"s got people to pay attention to the social rules there.

Anonymous 11484

>The board use to use a poster ID system like /b/ had before, though people didn't really like it being always on in threads allowing anyone's posts to be connected inside a thread
On the one hand, that is kind of an ok fix, but on the other hand, it hurts anonymous culture by making it harder to people to do things like change their mind in an argument without feeling embarassed.

>What if there were no names, and only OP had the ability to securely identify themselves as OP?

That would be ideal for some threads, but other threads might have multiple writefags, or maybe they are an RP thread, so it wouldn't cover all the acceptable uses of names/trips.

Honestly I think that the rule should be tweaked as OP suggested, but just not enforced super harshly, just enforced enough to keep out the "HURR HURR FUCK YOU ANON FAGS IMMA TROLL U BY USING NAME" faggots.

Anonymous 11485

OP here
People just need to have some respect for the board's culture. Names DO have a legitimate place on /anon/. I wouldn't want to just get rid of them. I think we should tweak the rule as per the OP, and when someone get's repeatedly reported for illegitimate namefagging, something other than just another ten minute mute should be handed out.

Anonymous 11486

like a board specific ban for breaking board-specific rules.

Anonymous 11487

Why don't we just enforce stricter rules for namefags who aren't content creators? (i.e. ban)

Anonymous 11488

…i guess. but i stand by my opinion on avatarfagging.

Anonymous 11489

File: 1381375687337.jpg (29.95 KB, 350x350, dogecat.jpg)

if they still flail around like retards that completely disregard our board's culture than that's still a problem though
there are avatarfags that don't piss me the fuck off, Grumpanon doesn't give me a brain aneurism, but that's because he learned how to keep it in threads that didn't spill over in the general populace.

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Admin 11490

Some threads could choose to have a tag that allows names and tripcodes as normal. Just throwing ideas at the wall here to see what sticks.

The simplest thing seems to be to not try to encourage culture overtly as staff and let it be user-enforced. I think it changes the dynamic when it's something that's personally (and consequently a bit arbitrarily) enforced by the moderators. Is it really a product of organic board culture when it comes down to that? Should we have moderators tasked just with figuring out who is worthy enough to use a tripcode? I would think that level of moderation (for whatever purpose) would be the antithesis of /anon/ culture.

/anon/, /mlp/, and /b/ in my opinion get a lot of their culture from how light their moderation is in my opinion. (Hopefully I'm not alone in the conclusion that those boards' cultures have certain similarities in the "anything interesting enough to get replies works" department.) That really doesn't rub me the right way to try to personally enforce the very culture that arose from the general lack of personal enforcement.

Anonymous 11491

yeah, i get it. tho, i dont think because someone is avatarfagging should warrant being reported… then again i can ignore it.

Anonymous 11492

but the whole thing with avatarfags is that it's somehow personal with them
you call an anon a faggot and they'd prob call you a faggot too and get on with it
avatarfags seem to take it personally because at least in my experience they seem to have something to prove.

Anonymous 11493

shit mods are the reason
we left /mlp/
here you guys are great

Anonymous 11494

meh. subjective really.

Anonymous 11495

I'd love to let it be user enforced, but /anon/ is literally surrounded on all side by name/trip/avatarfags

Not just avatarfags, name and tripfags as well. Every once in awhile some namefag comes on in from /oat/ or /pony/ or wherever it is they come from and just outright refuses to drop their shit, and gets all butthurt and indignant about it. Then they usually try to act like they are doing our 'slow' board a favor. They just drag the place down.

Anonymous 11496

>wherever it is they come from and just outright refuses to drop their shit

does this honestly happen often. im just generally curious. ive done it once, but i was baited there and they were just pretty much asking for me to use my name.

Anonymous 11497

-a haiku by anon

Anonymous 11498

File: 1381376558924.gif (455.34 KB, 300x169, G00d1d34b055m4n.gif)


Yes the name tags solution could be very useful if there are no unforeseen problems with it.

Anonymous 11499

it doesn't happen too much, that's why this isn't seen as a persistent issue.
the problem is differentiation. Suddenly you fling ALL the tripfags, the attention whores AND the content-makers into the same thread, and there's a problem

Anonymous 11500

Often enough. Maybe every few weeks. The thing that rustles my jimmies is their refusal to drop their name/trip. If it was just an accident they'd drop it and move on.

Anonymous 11501

ah okay,
understandable. but to be fair even if it was on accident somebody is going to yell at them about about 98% of the time. ive seen this

Anonymous 11502

If it was on it was on, and they should be yelled at. Like I said, its the refusal to drop it and move on that is just so fucking annoying.

Anonymous 11503

i hear ya, man. understandable.

Anonymous 11504

And the pure number of 'name tagged' threads that would 'suddenly' be there would most likely make some /anon/ users feel uncomfortable as well. So you have a point.

Anonymous 11505

yes, but if they just drop it after they get yelled at than there's virtually no damage done, I'm not saying that /anon/ is flawless, but when you have a board based on anonymity, and you disregard that culture and still post there, you're feeding a mixture of genuinely butthurt people and trolls, sometimes they're one and the same. And when you acknowledge that yet you continue the course of action that has you feeding the trolls, than you're in the wrong.

it's a terrible analogy, but if you're an 18 year old walking down a back-alley in detroit with a miniskirt and tube-top on than you're still allowed to yell rape, but if you do the exact thing the next time, going so far as to acknowledge that you are, in fact, inviting said action, is a brand of illogical thinking that rustles me in a very special way.

Anonymous 11506

>is a
than you are partaking in a brand of*

Anonymous 11507

yeah, i see what you mean. fair point. and the analogy was pretty good actually.

Anonymous 11508

File: 1381377724229.gif (Spoiler Image,225.59 KB, 450x462, boo.gif)

especially because
am i correct

Anonymous 11509

Bill Cosby stop,
Rainbow dash isn't your pudding
stop it Bill
that's a pony
you're so crazy Bill
silly willy zim zam wizzy sizzy. pokemans!

Anonymous 11510

>The simplest thing seems to be to not try to encourage culture overtly as staff and let it be user-enforced

YES. Whatever changes come to /anon/, keep up that user-enforced peer pressure for anonymity. /mlp/ had that going (not sure about now, though).

Anonymous 11511

Anonymous 11512

I still think the rule should be changed to better explain the situation.

Anonymous 11513

yeah, so that way when the tripfags say "it's only encouraged" we can tell them otherwise.

Anonymous 11514

exactly. This would be especially important if the mods stopped enforcing anonymity. I'm not really for that, though.

Anonymous 11515

I feel that the only time a person should be name/tripfagging is if they are making content or its right for their general. For example, if some namefag is an artfag in the specific thread its ok, but he should go back to anon in any other thread. I personally don't like avatarfagging. There's no point in doing it unless you're in the RP thread for example. Just my 2 cents.

Anonymous 11516

File: 1381382233461.jpg (76.27 KB, 460x675, try me bitch nigga.jpg)

This, but don't just straight up b& the foreign stink. It would be swell if you sent them a warning, wether in thread or in private, is up to how you see fit.
Newfags might come here oblivious as fuck, thinking out of the 7 boards (i don't count /arch/) /anon/ is the ideal place for namefagging/tripfagging.

also this, because those thread is about induviduals and their shared collective were names are required, there's no problem as long as they keep it in one thread,.

BMO 11517

File: 1381383875594.jpg (12.18 KB, 172x175, Elementary, my dear Football.j…)

Read through the thread. I have to say I agree as long as the retaliation against having a name at first is a semi polite (or at least not instantly harsh) asking of name removal. Simply because sometimes it's an accident.
After that, the name should actually be forgotten. It's happened where the name fagging can never be forgotten as an ultimate affront to all things ever and it derails the thread into people being overly assmad. Hasn't happened recently, though, so this probably won't happen, but I want to make sure that it's noted.

And finally, after all that, I can agree that multiple offences in the same thread are allowed to be bombarded and reported.

Avatarfagging should be kept to a minimum. I know I like to post a picture every now and then because it feels weird not to have the most perfectly relevant picture. I like to post a pic with every post, and when I do, I tend to stick to one folder since it's just laziness at that point.

BMO 11518

Also, wording wise to rule 4, it needs to be clear that you should be anon unless you have a clear reason (content creator).

Noting the muddy boots analogy in OP, I feel like it should be flat out said that you will be told to please take it off and if you refuse, everyone has the right to kick you out.

So, it should be more strict, but there should also be a warning to give the benefit of the doubt. It could have just been an accident, after all.

Anonymous 11519

seems fair.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 11521

the way I see it is that /anon/ is for anon culture and that names are the sore thumb, or so to speak.
I've always been a fan of options for users, and giving /anon/ a "show names and trips" option would be ideal.
you can tell content creators apart by their content, and the fact that everyone is just calling them their name when they reply to them, and as far as you can tell everyone is an anon.
and keep in mi'nd that tripfagging, namefagging, and avatarfagging are only a problem when a board is slow and populated by only a handful of people. it's human nature to want to get to know people. When you're shoved into a room without knowing anyone there, eventually you're going to get to know the people there.


File: 1381389549729.png (809.35 KB, 938x740, sweetie567.png)

Not a member of /anon/ myself, because of stupid arguments like this where everyone has to post a certain way or be hated. Why do even content creators need to have identities? If a poster having a name on while on anon bothers you all so much, why not force everyone to be anon and just identify them by their content posted?

I just kind of get irked by the whole "only these people deserve names" thing. If a namefag is spamming, report them for spamming, not for having a name. And if someone is just joining in for a few posts and they have a name, let them. It's hurting no one. This argument is so old and I'm over it.

Not that I really care what you all do on /anon/. Just keep your porn off the front page. And choke on my avatar.

Anonymous 11525

File: 1381397029639.png (20.14 KB, 150x138, fsjal twilight.png)

>Some threads could choose to have a tag that allows names and tripcodes as normal.
That actually sounds like a fantastic idea. Should even be fairly simple to implement

>That really doesn't rub me the right way to try to personally enforce the very culture that arose from the general lack of personal enforcement.

Yeah, this. Having mods or admins swing their banhammer on name/trip/avatarfags just seems kinda silly on a board where essentially all other rules are extremely light and make a lot of sense.
Even if a #names tag is implemented, I'll probably still call namefags out in those threads if they're not really doing anything productive, but that is not an issue that should be solved by moderation.

>And the pure number of 'name tagged' threads that would 'suddenly' be there would most likely make some /anon/ users feel uncomfortable as well.
Are you sure about that? 'cause I see that most threads on /anon/ are, in fact, started by anonymous users and populated by anonymous users. I'm willing to bet that most of them wouldn't really see a reason to have names in the thread.

Pic unrelated.

Anonymous 11526

I am a member of /anon/ myself, and really I don't see the problem with what you just said. Avatarfagging, I've seen complaints of it eating up people's data allowance or bandwidth, so I can understand why it'd be undesirable, but at the same time that would apply to artfags like Smutty too. Name/tripfagging… what's the problem? It's going to have to load an "anonymous" string anyway, why complain if that's slightly longer?
I RP on an RP thread, using a name and tripcode to be identified, which is kind of necessary. Then if I go to another thread, my name and tripcode are automatically input for me by my browser, and sometimes I forget to remove it. Cue whatever thread I'm posting in devolving into shouting at me for anmefagging when I was just trying to have a conversation.
Can we have a rule that states "if a user is using a name or tripcode and isn't a content creator, but doesn't appear to be attempting to derail the thread, then just let it slide"?


File: 1381410713947.jpg (512.52 KB, 1800x1800, 1380839409864.jpg)

Not a member of /anon/ myself, because of stupid arguments like this where everyone has to post a certain way or be hated. Why do even content creators need to have identities? If a poster having a name on while on anon bothers you all so much, why not force everyone to be anon and just identify them by their content posted?

I just kind of get irked by the whole "only these people deserve names" thing. If a namefag is spamming, report them for spamming, not for having a name. And if someone is just joining in for a few posts and they have a name, let them. It's hurting no one. This argument is so old and I'm over it.

Not that I really care what you all do on /anon/. Just keep your porn off the front page. And choke on my avatar.

Anonymous 11528

I'd say leave the avatarfags be, but no name- or tripfagging.
That's what ruined every board everywhere, everytime and you know it.

Anonymous 11529

File: 1381412756403.png (1.39 MB, 1200x675, 1359859959356.png)

See, /site/ is for actual disscution on how mlpchan and it' boards are supposed to be governed, (community site and all).

Seeing how you already have a negative predetermined view on the idea posted by OP, based on your personal opinions on how anonymous culture is generally run alone, instead of what works best for most people on the site i'd say keep out of the thread.
You want to push your opinions on a matter that does not concern or affect you.
You don't use /anon/, fine, nothing wrong with that. But don't come in here and spew passive aggressive bullshit for the sake of spewing passive agggressive bullshit.

TL;DR If you don't like it ignore it

That's not true, there is no one right way to use a board, that's why there are several.
Now, elitism on the other hand has ruined many boards *Hint Hint*

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 11530

As someone who has a trip, but also frequents /anon/, I think it is best to leave it the way it currently is. Largely worked thus far, and I don't really like the idea of banning someone just for leaving a name on. Social presure has largely put it into place, so it isn't a huge deal.
The main issue is people who do it just to make folk mad. Simplest solution is to ignore the bait, but folk find that hard. Such is life.
As far as avatar fags, I don't think that really matters much. We don't have a image limit here anyway, so the only issue is identification. But if people care about that, then I suppose we should enforce grammar as well, and make everyone use the same vocabulary.

Anonymous 11531

the way you talk, you are one of the wrong people to talk to.
I'm truly sorry.

I'm just saying we shouldn't change our board to suit others, because others already have their own boards. We have nothing but this.

Anonymous 11533

File: 1381414275675.gif (305.67 KB, 300x225, go on.gif)

Failure to word myself properly, I'm sorry.

I'm agreeing with you, people should have the basic courtesy to remove their name/trip while on /anon/.
/anon/ is supposed to be an anonymous board and users should respect that.

If people can't swallow their ego and post without a name/trip, and if they absolutely need to be recognized no matter what they shouldn't be on /anon/ in the first place.

Some trip/namefags takes this as an act of hatred, and in all honesty it's really not. The aggression doesn't come from
>"oh that guy has a trip. He must be a ponychaner huggboxing attentionwhore"
Not at all, it comes from your faliure to respect and understand what an anonymous board is and it's function, putting yourself above what the boards intention is just so you can have your trip/name attached to your post.
Now, you probably don't mean it to be disrespectful, but that doesn't change the fact that it is.

Anonymous 11535

I think a good idea would be to have a feature that allows OP to choose whether or not names/tripcodes are allowed in his thread(s).

This way, the OPs of all the generals or CYOAs could allow trips for the writers and/or artists, which has always been an essential part of the culture.

But then for all the threads that aren't about contributing, and are more just for "fun", names/trips could be disabled, because as we have seen they can majorly derail threads.

I don't have any personal problem with people who tripfag on /site/ or /oat/ or pretty much anywhere besides /anon/, but there's a reason why /anon/ is called /anon/. People should only be using names/trips when it's absolutely necessary, and most of the times that means generals or CYOAs. It's not necessary in a thread about video games, for example, which we have a few of going.

I think an ID system like /b/ had a while ago would be a terrible idea though, that was awful and defeated the whole purpose of anonymity, and I also think purely forced anon is a bad idea because that would screw over most generals, and those are important.

Anonymous 11536

This faggot gets it. /anon/ is about being anonymous. When someone has a name/trip and they aren't making content or in a general that needs it, they just come off as attention whores and disrespect /anon/'s culture.
I personally don't like avatarfagging since to me its plain faggotry and pointless.

Anonymous 11537

So anyone who has a trip, post pictures of the same topic, or just uses a name, "Disrespects" a culture? No wonder why no one comes to /anon/.

Anonymous 11538

>A free board with fewer rules where anonymous culture reigns.
>anonymous culture reigns
>anonymous culture

Is it really that strange? A board is created for a reason, and when people misuse the board, the residents get pissed. What is so hard to understand?

If I went on to /fic/ and started doing nothing but posting drawings, wouldn't that be inappropriate?

Anonymous 11539

File: 1381424060562.gif (151.49 KB, 250x250, shiggy diggy.gif)

>You'd be lucky if me and my trip even LOOKS at your board PAH!

Really faggot? Don't be "that guy"

Anonymous 11540

It also says this…
>anonymous culture is strongly encouraged
That means they would like you COULD be anonymous, but you could do fuck-all and go with a name or a trip. Trips aren't bad, they just make you easier to identify.

Anonymous 11541

Hence OP wanting to reword the rule, to better explain the situation. Even the mods agree names are for content creation, not random posting. Did you even read the OP?

Anonymous 11542

File: 1381424349658.jpg (51.56 KB, 484x519, 1381276935498.jpg)

Yes, I did. I just don't the over-reaction of anon posters when someone uses a trip. Its not that bad people.

Anonymous 11543

Its awful. It's not what the board is for. People who want to constantly name/tripfag can go to /oat/

Anonymous 11544

File: 1381424604136.jpg (101.67 KB, 500x712, 1375650087810.jpg)

anonymous culture is strongly encouraged=/=You can use a trip if you'd like~

> I just don't the over-reaction of anon posters when someone uses a trip.
You must be new here, did you even read the thread? Just because you're fine with it dosen't make it so everyone is.
/anon/ was made for a damn reason, it's even in the name of the board.

Eli 11545

what i don't get is how "namefagging" changes your "anonymity" when literally anyone can change their name to your name and back at any point in time that they want to. Literally anyone can impersonate anyone else who has a name at any time they want. And anyone with a name can go anonymous any time they want aswell. You literally don't know whos who and whats what any different than when everyone was just named anonymous.

Even if it did, whats wrong with it? I like my posts to be interconnected. There aren't magical points anyone's trying to earn, all it does is promote understanding of a fucking conversation. When the same person is thought of as 10 different people, or 10 different people are thought of as the same person it leads to confusion and unclear conversations when involving multiple posts by the same people talking to each other.

There isn't anything bad about namefagging except that people some have a boner against it. It's like you guys hate reddit and other social media sites to much anything that reminds you of them is just labelled bad without thinking about what the consequences of things are. I've seen times when two people argue, or seemingly so, and then one guy says something about something the guy said before, and hes like "that wasn't me, that was some other dude" and then everyones like, oh, wait what?

Anonymous 11546

File: 1381424836746.png (158.15 KB, 294x366, YouSickenMe.png)

So anyone who name/trips but doesn't create anything is cancer.
They used to say that on /mlp/.

That is what you sound like. Sure, other boards don't have many anon posters, but are you really suggesting that /anon/ should only be for anonymous posters?

Anonymous 11547

File: 1381425136207.jpg (36.86 KB, 555x367, 1375655247740.jpg)

So anyone who name/trips but doesn't create anything is cancer.
They used to say that on /mlp/.
Cause it is, always has on 4chan.

>but are you really suggesting that /anon/ should only be for anonymous posters?

Are you fucking stupid,like really now?
Place your eyes firmly on the board name and try again.

Besides, ya got 6 other boards for name/tripfagging, why do you INSIST on binging that to /anon/?

Anonymous 11548

Good Lord, I've had to explain this so many times. Its not about 'you don't know who I really am so I'm anonymous' type anonymity. Its about true pure anonymity. When you have no name at all, you can take any side in an argument without worrying about someone bringing it back up later. You can lose an argument without feeling embarrassed. Try embracing it. Post as anon on /anon/ for a week. You don't lose a name, you gain freedom.

>So anyone who name/trips but doesn't create anything is cancer.
>They used to say that on /mlp/.
They were right. I loved /mlp/ before the scruffening. That's why I came here. To escape scruffy. So did many of us anons. The idea that name/trips without content is cancer is the basic premise of the board.

>Sure, other boards don't have many anon posters, but are you really suggesting that /anon/ should only be for anonymous posters?

Once again, yeah that's the point!


The feeling is mutual.

Anonymous 11549

We already have namefags on /anon/, they're on RP general. No one bothers them..

Anonymous 11550

Namefagging in appropriate generals has always been accepted. It would be hard to RP without some kind of namefagging. Namefagging is also acceptable in the Second Life general. Just running around with a name is not.

Anonymous 11551

Maybe this will help explain things. We at anon embrace that initial blank slate. We don't want to give up degrees of freedom.

Anonymous 11552

Is namefagging/tripfagging hurting you or anyone else?
No? then why all the the fuss about /anon/ being "only for anonymous posters"?

Anonymous 11553

Yes and every other general and a number of threads which should be generals as well. However they usually stay in their threads and remove their names when out of those threads.

Don't get me wrong it is still a stupid pointless thing to care about, but then again so is everything else in human culture.

Anonymous 11554

Yes. It hurts the culture. It hurts the board. It hurts the smooth amorphous flow of the discourse. You stop testing ideas, and you start fighting people.

Anonymous 11555


Just stop.

Nothing against trip/namefags, stop taking everything as a personal attack and get so defensive.

/anon/ is there for posting shit anonymously.

No one is judged by their past victories or defeats, viewpoints, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity or place of origin.
The one thing people judge and conclude from what you said is your post, you let the posting do the talking and people won't hold back if they agree with you or want you go die in a hole.
People give you the brutal truth, don't take that as an attack on your person, you're anonymous, people attack or praise what you said, and nothing else.

Anonymous 11556



File: 1381425922851.png (17.15 KB, 150x143, sweetie399.png)

See, you I totally agree with and think you're a good guy. This would be fine. It's the "everyone has to post this way" mindset that gets to me.


You get over it too. My opinions and thoughts there are totally valid. Damn mods, always pushing the little white ponies down.

I'm very much interested in both the site and discussions though, even if I don't visit anon. I agree with your just ignore it philosophy though. That's how it should be with names and trips. Just ignore it.

Anonymous 11558

>where anonymous culture reigns.
The culture is the whole point.

Anonymous 11559

File: 1381426166432.png (11.14 KB, 1133x812, yalllameasfuck.png)

really, "Just ignore it"?

If you got something to contribute to the actual disscution feel free.

resorted to shitposting i see.
Again, feel free to give some actual valid feedback and thoughts instead of spouting buzzwords you've seen people post on /mlp/

Anonymous 11560

>taking board culture seriously
>any year


File: 1381426402522.png (201.95 KB, 605x654, sweetie77.png)

Yes, just ignore it. Would that be so hard? To not need to complain constantly whenever someone leaves a name on, and just continue with whatever thread they posted in? To leave the issue as whatever you were all discussing and not turn it into another anon/namefag culture battle that's been being fought since the dawn of the community? Can't we all just get along?

Anonymous 11562


File: 1381426712862.png (98.68 KB, 264x390, sweetie126.png)

No, that wouldn't be hard, or no getting along is not possible?

Anonymous 11564

Not possible.

Anonymous 11565

>Human beings
>Getting along
It's hard wired into our brains to fight over meaningless and trivial nonsense. And besides which, It takes all of five seconds to check you name field and remove the name if you have it.

Anonymous 11566

File: 1381426919749.jpg (13.23 KB, 300x300, yousrs.jpg)

>I don't like tripfags because its human nature


File: 1381426980357.jpg (22.4 KB, 479x466, sweetie185.jpg)

Well, it doesn't even take one second to let your eyes pass over the name and not make a stink about it.

I didn't think so. But one can dream…

So we've determined that both wanting to tripfag and wanting to hate people who tripfag are human nature. Apparently we are all human. Progress.

Anonymous 11568

Most anons don't "hate" trip/namefags, don't treat this as a battle less you want it.

/anon/ was made for anonymous posting, just like /rp/ was made for roleplaying, just like /art/ was made for arts and craftsmanship.

>Well, it doesn't even take one second to let your eyes pass over the name and not make a stink about it.

If i make a pony unbirth/scat/piss/rape/some other putrid and vile things thread on /oat/ or /pony/ you can easily ignore it, that does not mean it belongs there.


File: 1381427646037.jpg (23.36 KB, 292x439, sweetie330.jpg)

I was a part of it's creation, so I know that's not true. It was made to hold the /mlp/ community after the exodus from 4chan. Naming it /mlp/ was out of the question though, due to it's level of pornographic content and the confusion that board name might cause new users (new users in the pony community. Lol.) So we named it /anon/ instead, because most of your culture likes anoning. A discussion about forcing anon occurred then too, and the administration decided against it.

Damn straight it doesn't belong there. Sick shit and against the rules. Namefagging isn't.

But let's tweak your point a little. Should users have the right to bitch at anonymous posts made on /oat/ because they belong on /anon/? If /anon/ and /oat/ are similar boards for, uhm, well, whatever they do, if one goes forced anon shouldn't the other go forced name?

Anonymous 11570

Its the only place on the site for NSFW and SFW content to coexist

Tripfags should be allowed in on that imo

Anonymous 11571

>Tripfags should be allowed in on that imo
That's no excuse.

Anonymous 11573

excuse for what?

All I'm saying is that /oat/ is mostly SFW and for tripfags and anons, but /anon/ is NSFW for anons only?

Also what would more anoning bring to the community. Most of the threads are serials which are inherently somewhat community oriented anyway

Anonymous 11574

Then they should make some form of content, otherwise they should expect bitching.

Eli 11575


Do i have to explain MYSELF again? It doesn't help smooth the flow of anything. Anonymous users are for the fagaloos who can't own up to their own spagheti when they are tied in any form to anything.
That's fine. Some people need "pure" anonymity to voice their opinions without fear of backlash to them personally. Other's don't need "pure" anonymity.

The only difference between "pure" anonymity and "not pure" anonymity is one actually helps people understand conversations and the other leaves it an open void.

There are times when both formats work better, but namefagging doesn't hurt formats where its just everyone making shitty joke/pun/meme/porn/ect posts. But full anonymity does hurt threads where people are literally responding to each other for more than just one response, because no one knows who is actually responding and continuing the conversation.

If you were to tell me, "hey, /anon/ is just for anitculture jokes!" then i'de say okay, i'll be fully anonymous. But its not. we have arguments, debates, oppinions, stories, and rarely art/music. Those things are better without everyone being absolutely anonymous.

Lastly, i don't take anything as a personal attack, i don't know what you are talking about. I'm just stating facts about this "anonymity" you all keep talking about, whilest not really understanding what it is, or what its purpose is.

Anonymous 11576

You are only lying to yourself.
> But full anonymity does hurt threads where people are literally responding to each other for more than just one response, because no one knows who is actually responding and continuing the conversation.
No. It doesn't. No one knowing who says what only allows for more honest discourse. Like I said, you have to deal with what people say, not who they are.

>Those things are better without everyone being absolutely anonymous.

Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

>Lastly, i don't take anything as a personal attack, i don't know what you are talking about

Whether you perceive something as a personal attack or not, doesn't mean it wasn't one.

Anonymous 11577

I never thought I'd see the day I'd consider going back to /mlp/. At least there I don't have expectations of it being a decent place.

Eli 11578

k so we are having a pointless argument, ggwp lets stop.
some people don't give a rats ass and some do. but its all opinions.

P.S. I can be honest and not "pure anonymous"

Dashbrown 11579

File: 1381431617180.png (154.78 KB, 704x1136, dashie20.png)

I wanna switch sides. I think we should make it forced anon. My points about this being stupid and worn out stand though.

Anonymous 11580

Anonthony pls come home.

Dashbrown 11581

File: 1381432003026.png (127.08 KB, 393x418, dashie8.png)

Not necessary. Tom was placed in charge in Anonthony's absence, and he's doing a fine job. I'm sure Anonthony will support any decisions he makes.

Anonymous 11582

So, should we limit how many tripfags can be on /anon/ at one time? We must come to a comprimise here, its getting to be like the Senate in Ancient Rome.

Anonymous 11583

I don't see what was so bad about the rule change i proposed. It clarifies things, and should make things clearer for everyone.

Dashbrown 11584

File: 1381432918478.png (372.18 KB, 2048x2141, dashie47.png)

Personally what I think is needed is a clear cut rule the mods can enforce. None of this "All anon except these people" or "Anon is strongly encouraged."

Anonymous 11585

I do like the change you proposed, lets hope they get it soon… You layed it out as simply as you could..

Dashbrown 11587

File: 1381432996063.png (159.02 KB, 1121x713, dashie5.png)

I don't know what the rule change you purposed was. Cause you don't have a name. There is no I in Anon.

Anonymous 11588

Indeed, who the fuck am I?
I like OP's proposed rule change.

Dashbrown 11589

File: 1381433216688.png (397.77 KB, 1600x1740, dashie50.png)

I don't like the "unless you are a content creator" part. They should have to be anon too. They can post it on /fic/ or /art/ or whereever if they need a name. Anon is for anoning.

Anonymous 11590

Vore fetish stories are allowed in /fic/? Hardcore scat porn is allowed on /art/?

BMO 11591

Quite frankly, I'm surprised there isn't a mature tag for those boards.

Dashbrown 11592

File: 1381433492734.png (538.26 KB, 3268x4000, dashie49.png)

No, they can go to paheal. I'm not sure about the fic though. That might be allowed.

Do they really need a name to post vore and whatever else. Can't they contribute anonymously?

Anonymous 11593

Nah, content creators should be allowed to namefag. Livesmutanon? Second life general posters for example?

BMO 11594

Nevermind, there is a mature tag. Which means you can post mature topics there and have them auto filtered out so people who don't want to see it don't have to.

Dashbrown 11595

File: 1381433792636.png (127.08 KB, 393x418, dashie8.png)

Well, that's what I don't like. Saying things like "Only these people can have a name, because they post in a second life thread."

Either everyone should be anon, or everyone should be allowed to have a name if they'd like.

Another anon told me /anon/ was made for anon posting. If that's true, what is second life general doing there? If it's not true, this whole argument doesn't really have a leg to stand on, does it?

Anonymous 11596

Second life general is in /anon/. due to its mature content which wouldn't fit well in /oat/ or /pony/.

I have no problem if someone wants to name/trip/avatar themselves. It isn't bothering me or taking away my anonymity

Dashbrown 11597

File: 1381435399275.png (121.79 KB, 894x894, dashie29.png)

So… Anon doesn't want people messing with their anonymous culture, except for the people they're ok with messing with they're anonymous culture, cause they bring a lot of porn with them?

Anonymous 11598

File: 1381435519007.png (354.84 KB, 661x721, please help.png)

That's it. Anyone who has a trip/name and doesn't dump porn is bad.
>mfw people think like that

Anonymous 11599

File: 1381435661387.gif (Spoiler Image,297.76 KB, 300x199, 1376541498262.gif)


So now you finally understand,the problem

Anonymous 11600

Dumping is not contributing. Contributing means creating OC

Anonymous 11601

>why all the fuss anons?

I think what every anon wants is to prevent bumping threads where it started out as good, but then name and tripfags come right in and soon there's an argument between the 3 turning into a derailed thread or shitpost thread.

I can see something like that getting annoying as bumping the now shitty thread or threads would kill the opportunity for possible good content threads to be bumped more.

Dashbrown 11603

File: 1381436748482.png (90.51 KB, 307x276, dashie11.png)

I'm just trying to get a handle on this all. It's gone something like

>Namefags should be banned

Why? That's dumb.
>Because anon is for anons!
Ok. I agree. Let's make if forced anon.
>No, not forced anon! Some of us need names!
Why do they need names?
>Because of their content
Why is their name based content on anon?
>Because it's porn
So, anon should be forced anon except for the people who bring porn
>OMG, you don't understand us at all

I'm trying here. I really am.

Dashbrown 11604

File: 1381436811106.png (154.78 KB, 704x1136, dashie20.png)

Well report them for derailing then, not for having names. Silly anons.

Anonymous 11605

Are we against shitposting or names here, because I've seen some anons do that too.
I feel like this is a valid concern but maybe not for this thread - and not something any new rules could fix.

Anonymous 11606

The idea is that names are optional for content CREATORS, and no one else needs them at all.

Dashbrown 11607

File: 1381437127722.png (83.28 KB, 259x265, dashie1.png)

Creators of porn, right?

Anonymous 11608

Porn is the most common content, but not the only content.

Dashbrown 11609

File: 1381437283769.png (548.79 KB, 691x573, dashie45.png)

And, just checking here, them posting their new content as anon and just being recognized by their artwork wouldn't work, right?

Anonymous 11610

Actually, I'm all for them being anon, but if they want a lil recognition for actually doing something, that's ok.

When I post content I almost always do it as anon. On one occaision I thought people might have questions and namefagged when I posted the content to make it easier. No one had questions so I never namefagged again.

Dashbrown 11612

File: 1381437889480.gif (655.49 KB, 1000x671, mlfw1523_Rainbow_Dash_and_Flut…)

But anon isn't for being recognized. I'd be ok with it too; if I made some nice mily scat porn everyone was clopping to for the night, I'd want the credit too. But that might be something they'd have to give up if the demand is to create a board where no one can be recognised. In addition, there are other outlets for them to post there mature content and get credit. Those being dedicated pornography sites or, in the case of fanfics, our very own fic.

I feel that we'd have a more solid, enforcable rule if we stopped trying to accomidate everyone into one space. Exceptions should not be made and will lead to future problems. I can just imagine some namefag wanting to troll you shopping a penis into everything he posts and calling that "his OC contribution."

Anonymous 11613

I'm looking for the thread, but I'm trying to find Anonthony's comforting words about /anon/ being the home for anonymous culture. I had said something along the lines of "I know, I know 'muh culture.'" His response was something along the lines of "/anon/ exists soley because of anonymous culture, don't worry about losing that culture." or something very similar. It was good to hear. One of my biggest reasons for giving up on /mlp/ was because of what he said. I was worried that I would move over here, and after people started forgetting about the scruffening /anon/ would go back to being MLPchan's weird forced anon board no one used. The board was made what it is to embrace the culture of pre-scruffening /mlp/.

Anonymous 11614

I should say, 'embrace and nurture.'

Dashbrown 11615

File: 1381438805156.png (190.73 KB, 781x1023, dashie4.png)

Anonthony's not actually around this thread. He's on Military leave. You're dealing with his mod council, which is currently headed by Tom.

But when he was here, you are correct. He choose not to create a forced anon board during the /mlp/ exodus. Not that it wasn't discussed either.

There appears to be some problems with namefags at the moment though.

Dashbrown 11616

File: 1381439119659.png (929.13 KB, 1065x798, nevertoomuchrainbow.png)

I misread your post. My apologizes. Ignore it.

Anonymous 11617

I know he's not here, hence why I was looking for his quote. I wanted the 'mod coucil' to see it. I am worried they may not follow Anonthony's spirit of making /anon/ what it is. They haven't done me wrong before, but still…

Too late.

Tom' !!Fluttershy 11618

If you think Anonthony's the only person who makes decision and decides of site policy, you're dead wrong, never would he dare say anything that goes against all of our opinions.
We are very much aware of what /anon/ is for, and I myself personally make sure that anonymous culture is preserved as much as possible on that board - I always have and still believe that anonymous users are the soul of any imageboard, and you can search /site/ for me saying that way before /mlp/ ever moved to this site.

However you must understand you're an extreme of the debate here, and catering to extreme is never a good idea. You are solely responsible for a large majority of complaining and reporting against tripfags and namefags, not you and a few others, not a small minority, you, one user.
As it stands, most anons who are bothered by namefags are bothered by them shitposting or getting stuck in endless internet dick-size contests, and I can assure you that annoys everyone.

Just because we don't say 'Don't post with a name without creating content or we'll ban you' doesn't mean we don't care about anon culture, it simply means such a policy would be overly strict, and when you start setting harsh policies one way, people are going to start asking for other extreme measures in the long run. To take a very extreme examples, tripfags could argue names should be obligatory on /oat/, of course that won't happen, but I hope you see what I'm getting at here.
To be more realistic, it could be used in an argument for a filter that'd filter out all anon posts, with the arguments you're using. Which I disagree with equally.

I have the utmost respect for anonymous culture, I believe it is what drives imageboards to be so unique and creative in their own way, but I also don't think bringing the banhammer on any person who posts with a name is a good option here.
Macil's idea of allowing the OP to choose if names can be in a thread or not, kind of like the #Mature tag, is I believe a good lead, and we'd like further community input on that, but if what you want is tyrannical moderation, even on namefags, you won't get it here. As much respect as I have for Anonymous, it's only half of my userbase and I respect the other half equally.

I hope that answers your concern

Anonymous 11619

All I woant is the wording of the rule tweaked so people will stop using it as an excuse.

Anonymous 11621

File: 1381442568131.gif (364.48 KB, 350x350, earthbending intensifies.gif)

My question to trip/namefags is, will it kill you to check if you have a name or trip on? If you have it on, just take it off to go anon. Is it really necessary to have it on?


File: 1381443591916.png (251.37 KB, 800x871, 1322881410760.png)

Necessary? It isn't necessary for anyone to even use the site.
What I like about having a name on is how it automatically tells everyone I'm personally against anonymity.

Eli 11623

As a "namefag" i'de be A okay with the no name if thread creator says so option. I wouldn't personally be happy with it, but it really seems there is a shit ton more namefag hate than i ever knew existed. So if it'll make people less butthurt, its great in my book.

Anonymous 11624

File: 1381443692129.png (44.83 KB, 919x737, Le Anonymouse.png)

So you leave the name/trip on purpose then?
le epik trolle master 2013


File: 1381443822526.jpg (81.52 KB, 1025x926, 1322539423857.jpg)

I do leave it on purpose. Just because it bothers some people though, doesn't mean I'm trying to bother them. It just means I know it will.
Just like how I know phrasing myself a certain way is going to bother some people. My philosophy is: anyone who goes out of their way to be angry over meaningless shit, deserves to be pissed off as often as possible.

Anonymous 11626

File: 1381443979732.jpg (44.78 KB, 407x407, 1371471295158.jpg)

That's a dickish move. One of the main reasons I came to /anon/ was to leave faggots like you but fuck.


File: 1381444071466.png (156.81 KB, 397x496, 76.png)

i think it's pretty simple and comes down to this.

don't use your name/tripcode on a board called: /anon/ unless you're bootin'.

why? well, simple… they kinda formed their board culture around that and it should be respected.

tho, to be fair i dont see getting so worked up because there's a tripfag around your thread everynow and then.

just my two cents.


File: 1381444084852.png (92.84 KB, 400x400, 132623859286.png)

Apparently we both agree that /anon/ keeps the undesirables mostly on one side of a line.

Anonymous 11629

File: 1381444143079.jpg (39.26 KB, 240x260, Ross+Geller.jpg)



File: 1381444254506.png (51.29 KB, 394x370, 1321650767731.png)

Is one to be faulted for knowing their place?

Eli 11631

its posts like this that are why i even come here anymore.

Dashbrown 11632

File: 1381444265264.png (194.88 KB, 900x749, dashie7.png)

Removing it is a minor inconvience, to be honest. I have to put it back on when I go back to /pony/, that means I have to look the damn thing up again. It'd be easier to leave it on. This is less a problem of difficulty and more one of desire though.


File: 1381444374354.png (94.63 KB, 384x448, 40.png)

try different boards. by what ive seen is you're not entirely a fan of being subjected to such a secluded environment.

Anonymous 11634

File: 1381451492862.png (2.59 KB, 142x138, I_cant_say_anon.png)

So are the developers adding the option to select anon for threads?


File: 1381455412908.png (60.86 KB, 477x558, 4.png)

The moderators seek further input on the idea from the user base.

Anonymous 11637

File: 1381461950500.jpg (47.46 KB, 420x500, e1b.jpg)

Seeing as most of the namefriends and tripfriends on /anon/ reside in the generals, how about we take this suggestion backwards, as in having the namefield active only in threads with a hypothetical #name tag while all the other threads remain anonymous?

Anonymous 11638

Yeah, I think that was the general idea. Anon should -always- be the standard; having names in a thread should require some extra effort, even if it's just adding a simple tag.

Eli 11640

ya, but the problem wasn't that namefags were invading other threads, it was that once in a while a couple people would get butt hurt about it, while most gave no shits. Or at least that's been my experience.
It makes way more sense to have people who don't want namefags in their threads to go to the effort of banning namefagging, than it does to make everyone who doesn't give a shit go through the effort of allowing it.

The way you propose it makes it very clear what side of the line you are on. I guess the way it was orginally proposed also has some bias in it too, but its clear that one way namefagging would never be allowed outside of RP threads, and the other way they'd only not be allowed in probably half+ of threads.

Eli 11641

another way to phrase it is, its not fair to make people who don't give a shit go through effort to do something,

If you are the one talking shit about something and hating it, YOU should be the one who has to go to extra measures to ban it.

Anonymous 11642

File: 1381524007575.png (339.18 KB, 900x904, 135925842879.png)

>It makes way more sense to have people who don't want namefags in their threads to go to the effort of banning namefagging, than it does to make everyone who doesn't give a shit go through the effort of allowing it.
>coming from the namefag
my keks

If YOU feel the nessecety to namefag there are 6 other boards that encurage it.

Anonymous 11643

you are an insufferable cunt.

Anonymous 11644

You realize that you're talking about the board *specifically set aside* for people who prefer anonymity, right? And you realize there are several boards which encourage having an identy?

Eli 11645

That argument would work if any of the other boards were anything even remotely similar. but they aren't. I want the freedom to post whatever the hell i want, without fearing personal retaliation from mods. This includes whether i want to have a signature, or name or whatever the hell i want.


i thought this was pretty simple.

What you are saying is like saying if you don't like america or the way its run, leave. Its such an ignorant statement that i can't even believe people are sincere when they offer it as a resolution.

uh, no. no its not. its a place specifically set aside where anonymity is ENCOURAGED AS THE NORM. It is a place where there are no rules other than the ones that would get them in direct legal trouble.

And to once again repeat myself, just having a name doesn't make you less anonymous. Tripcoding, does, but i believe tripcoding shouldn't be allowed in /anon/. but we aren't just talking about tripcoding now are we?

Anonymous 11646

File: 1381530804536.png (15.35 KB, 1243x420, a78e41dd4e32991e35040769edfe72…)

>What you are saying is like saying if you don't like america or the way its run, leave. Its such an ignorant statement that i can't even believe people are sincere when they offer it as a resolution.

M-m-m-muh patriotism
>Baww Baww Baww u wont let me shit up the board with un neccecary namefagging becasue the mods will get me!

You fucking pansy, you're too affraid to say what you want because your fellow name/tripfriends will report you to the big bad mods? is that it?

So, instead of taking this issue up, you feel the need to go to /anon/, while refusing to take your name of because people absolutely NEED to know who you are, no matter what and spew the shit that gets you b& elsewere because there is less moderation there?

>b-but namefagging still counts as anon because, b-because you don't know whao i really am, and people can use my name, pretendin they're me!

>G-get the tripfags, I-i'm with you guys hurrrr
I'll direct you to this post >>11548

Eli 11647

the fuck are you talking about?
I've never even posted outside of /anon/. Just looking at "oat"s rules they are sfw only. And that is the only one anyones ever refered me too. I don't want to role play, talk about art or whatever else either.
That leaves /pony/, which i haven't given a fair shot and you know what? I probably should. That doesn't mean i should never come to a site that literally fucking says anything goes because i want to have a simple name with no roleplaying or triping.

Seriously your whole post reeks of either fuckcuntery or autistm, i can't discern which. Who did something to you so horrible that anyone with a name offends you to this point?

Anonymous 11648

>M-m-m-muh patriotism
You just saw the word "America" and assumed the netire of what that sentence said, didn;t you? He was pointing out that sure, you can just leave and use your name elsewhere is an option, but, newflash - there actually isn't anywhere else like here at this point.

Anonymous 11650

File: 1381536150727.jpg (24.85 KB, 326x448, 1003719_488990487859154_157525…)


Calm down and think straight, let's get back on toppic here. If we dwell into detail bashing and straw maning like (>>11648) we'll be here all day tossing shit at eachother. (even if he makes a pont of this place being somewhat "unique")

And what makes /anon/ somewhat unique includes a low tolerance for people wanting to stand out on a pedestal amongst anons.

By removing bits and pices of what makes a thing unique to acomidate people who are not the original audience ruins the uniqnes of said thing.

Eli 11652

See this is what i understand from a technical view point, but don't fully understand when applied to reality.

First of all, Anonymous culture thrives not because noone stands out(look at artfags, ect that really made 4chan and /mlp/ what they were for a very long time) but because people can say whatever they want and not be held responsible for it in any facet. Because i can't tell one user apart from another user unless they go out of their way to show me.
Or at least that's what I've always understood to be the reason behind anonymity.
And then you apply it to my namefagging on /anon/ board over the past week or so and you'll see one time one person mentioning it, and the other 10+ threads no one gave 2 shits that i had Eli as my name. Or at least no one ever mentioned it. So in realism i'm at a loss to understand what you mean in actual practice.

But i do fully understand your point, and its something i never really thought about. Is what i want(to be able to stand out just a little bit)
selfish, destructive, or antagonistic to the environment presented on /anon/? Even now, I don't think it is, but i can definitely understand others who think it is. I guess its a really personal issue that people need to think about and address for themselves. Is the purpose of anonymity so that no one stands out, or is it so that no one has to fear backlash for something they said in another thread? My personal response would be the simple fact that true equalization can never occur, and that culture thrives on diversity, yes even the shitposters and autsie fagaloos.

I just feel that if i want to be a part of a community and contribute, that i should also be allowed to carry with me a token of my existence. To me a society that does not allow anyone to be given a pedestal (which can only occur by the rest of said society) even after they've earned it by said society is very backwards and almost unfathomable. It boggles my mind to think of a group of people that would hand someone an award for making a bunch of posts that were good(through respect or w/e) but wouldn't want them to have any recognition for said posts. I suppose its like capitalism squared, where the system is supposed to reset after every new thread, where all the fruits of your labors die off after each thread dies, regardless of if your fruits be bad or good.

Anonymous 11654

>when applied to reality.
This isn't reality. Its an internet image board.

Anonymous 11655

Why do you need/want a name on /anon/?

Anonymous 11656

>his isn't reality. Its an internet image board

which it really seems like the majority of you guys seem to do. im sorry, but for last couple days of lurking this thread and /anon/, you guys seriously need to loosen the fuck up!

all this "muh-anonymity" is the reason why your board is so goddamn dead! why do people just try to compromise a bit instead of worrying these stupid little things. you'd have such a better place if you'd loosen up

i mean, holy shit, c'mon, guys, get it together.

Anonymous 11657

File: 1381540150497.jpg (88.5 KB, 400x271, Twilight Suicide.jpg)

We're from /mlp/. Pointless name/tripfagging is cancer. That has always been the norm there and when we came here, it stood.

Anonymous 11658

>when we came here, it stood.
As it should. The /anon/ is what it is to give a certain experience. Namefagging ruins that experience.

Anonymous 11659

im just trying to figure why that would even matter? it's the the damn internet for fucks sake.

Anonymous 11660

plus, tripcodes has actually been apart of chan culture since forever.

hell, check out this video


Anonymous 11661

File: 1381540437718.jpg (38.81 KB, 593x558, such hm.jpg)

Now we're getting somewere.

Anonymous culture, in general is another platform to express yourself, whether that be art, ideas, shitposting or just plain 'ol disscution.

I'll put this into a rl site scenario as an example.

Let's say someone is writing a CYOA, or any thing were the OP is put up on a methaforical stage and "preforms" to say it roughly. Were it any other pone side (besides maybe /mlp/) people of different social statuses would give their praise or hatred. The reason some have more of an inpact might be because they're more popular, or because they're a self proclaimed oldfag.

I see this everywere from /oat/, second life, roundstable forums.
Now, i want to adress this, there is nothing wrong with this setup, humans crave attention and recognition for their deeds.
Don't think people who post as Anonymous are some sort of relationhating cynical assholes. I'll be the first to say i got a shitload of internet friends, spanding different forums with different topics to Skype were i have all the people i've known for a long time.

(Not done with the post, i just don't have anymore power and i'm sleepy as fuck, might aswell post what i got so far. Hope we'll both be able to ressume this disscution tommorow.)

Anonymous 11662

Board culture
Compare the amount of people on old 4chan to now. They had a small community and the tripcodes helped identify each other. An example of that is /oat/.

Eli 11663

i understand what you're saying and i somewhat agree. Yes people using names are seeking recognition for their deeds. But as i see it, its okay when artfags/creators do this according to most people on /anon/ but when i do it for my deeds it now has a stigma against it. Are my comments not worthy of the same recognition(good or bad) as art/creators? Why or why not? I don't understand how my some of my posts are not equally as valuable to the site(wether negative or positive) than anything an artfag does. Not saying i think any of my comments are better than some of the videos and pictures i've seen posted, its just that i think if artfags are allowed to get recognition for their contributions, i should be able to too.

Anonymous 11664

right, well anyway good luck with your dead board and all the hope of "no shitposting" because of names.

>tfw i lost my 4chan attitude awhile ago. feels damn good

Anonymous 11665

File: 1381540840322.jpg (16.23 KB, 412x332, 1347396448024.jpg)

>implying I only use /anon/

Eli 11666

are you implying the community of /anon/ isn't relatively small?

Anonymous 11667

The board is not slow because namefagging is a no-no. Its slow because its slow. Its slow, so people go back to /mlp/ and sto pposting on /anon/, which just makes the board slower, which convinces more people to leave. Encouraging namefagging isn't going to make it better, its just another reason to leave.

Anonymous 11668

File: 1381541109966.jpg (94.07 KB, 535x600, 1373878985004.jpg)

No. The whole point of /anon/ is anonymity. Why would we need name/trips if the point is to be anonymous?

Eli 11669

ya, but abolishing namefagging will also cause people to leave. Noone talking about giving namefags a pad on the back. Noones saying to change the rules to, namefags are welcome. I don't mind if people shit on me just for having a name while i post on /anon/. Its only happened once, but it was okay. What i do mind is forcing me into a position where i either have to become a content creator to earn recoginition, leave, post anonymously, or just go back to lurking.

And to be honest i'll probably just leave. Not that i care or expect anyone to give a shit about, im just being honest.

Anonymous 11670

Also the popular norm is that name/trips are acceptable if the thread/general needs them or that person is creating OC.


File: 1381542230691.png (89.7 KB, 278x270, sweetie230.png)

>And to be honest i'll probably just leave
That's probably the best bet.

Anonymous 11672

>And to be honest i'll probably just leave
God knows I think about it everyday, and I'm not even a namefag. You can only hear about petty meaningless bullshit so long before you get tired of it.

Anonymous 11673

Is it so hard to reply solely on an idea or point to get across, then talk to any post that has a different idea or argument? Using anon gets rid of any personality bias and concentrates solely on the topic at hand.

It all comes down to each poster's capacity of understanding anonymity. If suddenly there is a need to momentarily create a link between your posts, you start namefagging. If you fear someone might want to impersonate you, you create a tripcode. Where's the problem in this logic? the reason people want to create links between their posts. Is it because you're regulating a CYOA? Are you a dev of a game? or you just want attention/no reason whatsoever/for the sake of it? If it's one of the three latest ones, please reconsider.


File: 1381561140601.png (80.04 KB, 198x309, sweetie107.png)

There's nothing wrong with knowing who you're talking to. However anons seem to demand their way be forced on others.

Anonymous 11675

I agree. And frankly I'm sick of hearing other anons bitching about this on our two most active boards.

Just post and enjoy your time spent here instead of worrying about who posted it.

Anonymous 11678

Can someone give me a real reason why you would want/think you need to use a trip/name on /anon/, besides attention-whoring or trying to piss people off? Like seriously, what does it do for you?

And don't try to flip that around on me like "What does anon do for you," that doesn't answer my question.

Anonymous 11680


Like if you're gonna put your real email in your posts, why don't you go to a site like Facebook that actually encourages and supports identity?


File: 1381602208914.png (170.54 KB, 433x406, sweetie421.png)

It allows me to identify myself and carry on a conversation more easily. And it allows me to give every poster I meet a little white pony, spreading the love of white ponies to all. I nurture a reputation that I have never lied in all my time here, and that means every post with my name can be considered the honest truth.

That's not my real email. It's my fake email. The one I use to sign up for surveys and such. You can play with it, if you like.

It was very difficult for me to hack this site and add options for names and email, seeing as how apparently they're not supported here. I'd like to take advantage of all that work, if that's ok.

Anonymous 11682

There are already six boards that cater to tripfags' opinion on this matter. Is it REALLY that insane to request that we who feel differently get ONE board that's run the way we like? Is it that difficult to just let the one board that disagrees with you be different, or is it so important to you that the entire site is run just the way you like? You don't see us coming here to complain about how /oat/ works or some shit.


For no reason other than that it's more efficient for socializing, really.

But what's a question like that if you can't answer it yourself? That's blatant hypocrisy.

What does anon do for you?

You're almost literally a writefag/porn only board. I've seen about 10 good threads on /anon/ since we decided to invite the circlejerkers from /mlp/ to come here. I've never seen a namefag intentionally derail a thread or come on /site/ to complain about you, either.

Anonymous 11685

>You're almost literally a writefag/porn only board. I've seen about 10 good threads on /anon/ since we decided to invite the circlejerkers from /mlp/ to come here. I've never seen a namefag intentionally derail a thread or come on /site/ to complain about you, either.

>my opinion is objective fact

In my opinion, just about everything on the tripfag boards is utter garbage, but I understand that that's their thing and it's just my opinion that it's shit. I don't come here and tell them to change so that their board fits my idea of what is 'good'. I just want to have one board that's different. If you hate it so much, then why even go to /anon/?


I don't. But as I went there to see how many shitty fetish-based CYOAs and generals there were, I noticed something: is Smutty dead?

What's your opinion of people from Ponychan?

Anonymous 11687

>What's your opinion of people from Ponychan?
I generally don't like them. Every one that I've seen just starts intentionally shitposting to rile everyone up about the fact that they're from Ponychan.


And did you come from /mlp/?

Anonymous 11689

Anonymous 11690

>inb4 ad hominem


And you're aware of the origins of this chan, are you not?

Don't call me out on a fallacy that I haven't used yet, especially when it was used by the other end of the argument already.

Anonymous 11692

>And you're aware of the origins of this chan, are you not?
I'm aware that it was started by people from PC who also felt that it was a shitty place, so they left. I'm also failing to see how my feelings about Ponychan or where I came from relate to the points I brought up in


The point I'm getting at is that this website was made by namefags, and mostly for namefags. They didn't have to give you /anon/. They certainly didn't need to invite /mlp/ over. But they did, so stop complaining like we're all public enemy number 1 for you, the admins and everyone else. The truth of the matter is, most namefags don't go near /anon/ for fear of catching second-hand autism. The only namefag I've seen there is grump anon, and I don't see why he wasn't banned months ago.

Anonymous 11694

>ur not part of our sekret club so shaddap
The userbase of any given site is almost always going to change over time. Just because something didn't make/wasn't called for on day one doesn't mean that things won't change. It's just silly to think that the site should be run the same way it was from day one, forever. And despite how YOU may feel about the "circlejerkers from /mlp/" coming here, the mods very openly and warmly welcomed us, and whether you like it or not, we are now as much a part of this site's userbase as anyone else. So acting like you're part of some elite "old guard" who gets to decide how all matters on this work doesn't really fly unless you are an owner/mod.

Anonymous 11695

*make sense


>acting like you're part of some elite "old guard" who gets to decide how all matters on this work doesn't really fly unless you are an owner/mod.
So then, how about you stop acting like anons deserve special treatment?

We don't come to your board, you come to ours. And when we do, we go anon. I'll say once again, the only offender is Grumpanon.

Over-generalizing only leads to being labeled an idiot.

Anonymous 11698

>We don't come to your board, you come to ours. And when we do, we go anon. I'll say once again, the only offender is Grumpanon.
[citation needed]


Go to /anon/ and count the number of namefags that you see on page one, not including content creators or people in socializing serials.

Anonymous 11700

>someone who admits to not using /anon/ telling someone who uses /anon/ daily that the things they regularly see just aren't there
Would you like me to explain to you how /oat/ works and what does and doesn't get posted? I don't ever use /oat/, but I can do a cursory examination of the front page and tell you that anything I don't see there never happens.


OK then. Walk me through this.

Tell me, how many different namefags do you see in primarily anon threads do you see per day?

Anonymous 11702

Probably about two or three unique ones, posting multiple times, not always the same offenders day to day.


And do they post on-topic, or try to troll deliberately?

Are they also from other namefag boards?

Anonymous 11705

>And do they post on-topic, or try to troll deliberately?
It varies from person to person.

>Are they also from other namefag boards?

Impossible to say. Though it doesn't really matter where a shitposter is from, all that matters is that they're shitting things up.


That's a lot of ad hominem there, friend. Just because they're namefags doesn't mean they only post shit.

I'm trying to determine if they're just trolls or if they're actually regular users. The best solution imo is if they're trolls, ban them. If they're regular users, give them a warning, and then ban them from /anon/.

Anonymous 11707

>The best solution imo is if they're trolls, ban them. If they're regular users, give them a warning, and then ban them from /anon/.
Which is more or less what most of want.

Anonymous 11708


File: 1381611904029.jpg (5.23 KB, 160x154, sweetie398.jpg)

No, you want to ban anyone with a name, I believe. He's suggesting banning anyone who is trolling your board. Having a name does not immediately equal trolling /anon/. Casual visitors with names should be allowed.

Eli 11710

i think you have either a radically skewed version of most, or a radically skewed version of the phrase more or less.

Anonymous 11711

>every part of the site must be run as I like it, no boards should be different

Anonymous 11712



There you have it.

Two tripfags just openly said that they do that shit for socialization/identity/reputation purposes.

That goes against EVERYTHING /anon/ is meant for. That is the problem. If you cannot understand this you are a moron. There is a reason /oat/ and sites like Facebook and Reddit exist.


socialization=/=attention whoring

You're a hypocritical sack of shit.

Anonymous 11714


>socialization=/=attention whoring

I didn't say it did.

But /anon/ is not for socializing, and that's the whole point.

Like I said, you have plenty of sites and even a board on this site for socializing. Why do you insist on shitting all over the one board that was specifically NOT made for you?


We don't. I'm asking you to stop blaming all of us. There are very, very few of us who namefag on anon, and we don't like those ones.

Anonymous 11716

>You're a hypocritical sack of shit.
No, because I'm not saying the entire site should be run the way I want, just that there should be one area for the people who feel this way about anonymity. You faggots are the ones saying that every area needs to be friendly to your circlejerk.

Anonymous 11717

>we don't like those ones.
Then why do you keep insisting that pointless namefagging should be allowed on /anon/?

Anonymous 11718

>We don't. I'm asking you to stop blaming all of us
You can be the messiah of faggotry for all i care, i don't interact with you, and what you do does not affect me.

Same goes with most /oat/ and /pony/ posters.
What goes about in other boards ain't my bsns.

>You're a hypocritical sack of shit
Funny coming from the guy damn near attacking any anons on /oat/, and i've seen your baww threads on /site/ about how all the mean anons trole you.
You're a, elitist of the worst kind, trying to play both sides and your "gore" threads on /anon/ are not welcome.

name 11719

File: 1381625159193.png (95.35 KB, 300x381, wow u dont like thing.png)

such anger


Anonymous 11720


I'm not taking the other guy's side but what's wrong with gore threads on /anon/?

Anonymous 11721

Agreed, this guy is full of shit. First he says that he doesn't even use /anon/, then he goes on dictating how it should be run. But I do have to agree with >>11720

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 11726

File: 1381628335783.jpg (113.35 KB, 900x1068, Twilight Barkle x Anon.jpg)

/anon/ was created long before the /mlp/ influx, with anonymity + freedom as core principles. It's true that names/identities/reputations are useful for a variety of purposes. But the very concept of /anon/ is to minimize their use.

Use a name/trip on /anon/ when you need to be identified, which is almost never. If you deliberately violate that rule out of laziness or spite, then you are being an ass.

Gore threads are no problem. 'Hide thread' exists for a reason.

Anonymous 11734

File: 1381628823077.gif (544.4 KB, 450x252, U... WOT!.gif)

There is othing wrong with gore threds, as long as they're pone related and not some web 1.0 .gifs from /b/ that everyone has alredy seen a million times.

Anonymous 11742

I can see your point. I've notice a large number of non-pone related threads on /anon/ lately, but I wouldn't get too concerned about it, because it's probably just because of hiatus. Post-Scruffy /anon/ has yet to experience anything outside of hiatus, so I imagine things will look very different.

Anonymous 11743


Anonymous 11744

File: 1381629233584.png (231.2 KB, 590x457, lyk dis if u crie evertim.png)

Change scares me, Anon.

Anonymous 11746

File: 1381629402516.jpg (15.57 KB, 389x198, 1371541140445.jpg)

Anonymous 11748

I wouldn't worry. I predict show discussion of the highest quality in the entire fandom happening on /anon/ once S4 starts.

Anonymous 11752

File: 1381629533645.png (332.59 KB, 600x450, IWannaComeInsideRrainbowDash.p…)

Not sure if ironic but i'll keep my spirit up nevertheless.


Anonymous 11754

File: 1381629608138.png (5.13 KB, 774x82, Second Wrongest Statement Ever…)

I truly meant what I said, but take this just in case I need to be relentlessly mocked in the future.

Anonymous 11758

File: 1381629940215.jpg (19.57 KB, 252x244, fag enabler.jpg)

It's the begining og the end, whenever have you seen the fandom "improving"?
We'll all die alone and affraid.

Anonymous 11759

>whenever have you seen the fandom "improving"?
Every season. This shit goes in cycles. Hiatus is always a drama filled shitfest, then things stabilize and activity picks up once the new season starts.

Anonymous 11760

I guess i'm just a cynical pessimist, Anon.

Anonymous 11762

We all are deep down.

Anonymous 11764

File: 1381630250128.jpg (184.57 KB, 600x793, 1381445390641.jpg)


So when do we implement da rulez?

Anonymous 11765

The rule change suggested in the OP? The sooner the better if you ask me.


File: 1381631635565.png (534.09 KB, 3970x4520, sweetie14.png)

Hey, I'm on your side, pal. It should be forced anon.

Anonymous 11768

Forced anon is a bit much since some threads need it but I like the idea where the OP can allow the thread to be anon only or anon and name/trip.

Anonymous 11769

das stupid, faggots like grumpanon would abuse this

Anonymous 11770

What about generals like Second Life? They use names to identify each other. If grumpanon was abusing it then he should be warned and then banned if he continues to abuse it.

Anonymous 11771

File: 1381631914663.png (163.74 KB, 356x284, this.png)

forgot muh pic


File: 1381632092563.png (65.77 KB, 258x300, sweetie281.png)

Whatever. Fight is old. Enough "We need some tripfags, but not these ones. They can't post here." You should all be forced to be anon, for the very reasons you all go on about here. /anon/ isn't for building reputations or socializing and all that talk. You want to end the fight? Let's end the fight. Forced. Anon. You win, no more tripfags. Your tripfags can learn to deal with it too or take it elsewhere.

Anonymous 11773

File: 1381632260302.jpg (83.67 KB, 450x300, red.jpg)

Hairballs always get coughed back up, Anon.

I'm with (>>11726)
And i'm sure the moderators who uphold rules understand that SecondLife general/RPgeneral/whaetever the fuck general are exeptions.

You pissed me off before but now you're radiating lethal faggotry on a scale not yet recorded by man.
You don't use the fucking board to begin with, you have no idea what you're talking about.
Stop posting.


File: 1381632420318.jpg (50.15 KB, 576x590, sweete.jpg)

Oh, now I'm not welcome here either? Get over it. I'm sorry your double standards make no sense.

Anonymous 11775

File: 1381632513140.gif (1.89 MB, 324x317, 1378337054124.gif)

The anon means that you're trying to talk about a board you don't use.
Fuck the avatarfagging is getting me near anger

Anonymous ## Mod 11776

This is a warning to everyone here, names and anons, this thread is for debate and constructive ideas, I will ban any further personal attacks from /site/, you have been warned.


File: 1381632801322.png (251.06 KB, 616x542, sweetie50.png)

True, I don't use it. Doesn't mean I can't have an opinion on how it should be used. I believe in fairness and double standards bother me.

Look, I'm not your enemy. I'm one of the ones who actually stays off /anon/. I do, however, have an interest in /site/, which is why we're talking now.

Anonymous 11778

File: 1381632945603.jpg (108.99 KB, 600x457, stop it.jpg)

there is no doubble standard to be had, it's your lack of basic chan etiquette and your obsession with missunderstanding people to get your point accros, you act a snooty faggot and a downright asshole.

What personal attacks?

>True, I don't use it. Doesn't mean I can't have an opinion on how it should be used.


File: 1381633098812.png (67.36 KB, 216x349, sweetie141.png)

You ask that tripfags not be allowed because it is purely for socialization and direct them to Facebook, yet you harbor a Second Life thread on /anon/. All I want is the same treatment for everyone. I'm sorry that upsets you.

Anonymous 11795

I don't like the second life thread, but the namefagging helps them in coordinating activities. As far as the socializing goes. I think its stupid. That's what second life itself is for.

Anonymous 11796

"Let's play videogame together" threads generally require identities, although the identities could be less obtrusive than having a name/trip. (Gaming handle in the email field, maybe.)

…come to think of it, maybe they don't need on-board identity, since when playing you presumably meet up in an in-game chat channel or steam chat (or, in Second Life, a simulated location).

Anonymous 11797

I agree. I really think they don't need an on-board identity, but they keep their namefagging in one thread, so I put up with it.

Eli 11798

i dont use the name out of laziness or spite.i use it because i want a name, and i haven't seen almost anyone getting angry, raging, or thread derailing because of it. So im at a loss


File: 1381650771400.png (170.65 KB, 516x576, sweetie121.png)

Same. I like my name. And I like posting with it on.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 11803

I'm most inclined to agree with this post.
/anon/ should be for /anon/, and just as the anon's from /mlp/ will have to act as /oat/ters do while on /oat/, the rest of the population of mlpchan should have to act as anon's do, while on /anon/

This isn't really a debate that concerns people like Sweetie, and honestly, I'm this close to just removing you from /site/ for a day, because your posts are moderately constructive, and always flaming, in some way. While I appreciate your opinion on the matter, I'd like to hear how you feel about anon's making changes to /pony/ and /oat/.
Regardless, that's all besides the point.

Where we stand right now seems to be that /anon/ needs names for certain reasons, but it doesn't have enough non-general thread posters to have the anonymous culture that it so desires.
Once again, it seems that the solution to this problem is get more posters.
However, at the moment I'm personally leaning towards name/trip tags. The only problem I see with that is that some anon's would rather only post in threads that were anon only, and I don't like the dissonance that that would created between the names and the anons on /anon/.
I'd like to try it out at least, but if someone could come up with a more subtle solution, or possibly a solution that isn't subtle at all, please, go right on ahead.

Anonymous 11804

>The only problem I see with that is that some anon's would rather only post in threads that were anon only
That might happen so some extent, but I wouldn't worry about that too much (at least until it is tried). If the tag is used for threads that have legitimate need for names/trips, then most anons wouldn't have an issue with it. If the tag is used for circlejerking threads, then those are the thread that most anons don't really like anyway.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 11805

If it was used for circle jerks I've move the threads to /oat/ or /trash/

Anonymous 11806

Well then in that case I don't see any fundamental issue with it, so I'd say it would be worth a try.


File: 1381687848190.png (118.9 KB, 318x420, sweetie207.png)

Well, I guess it's because of my board culture too. That's just how we did things one /b/. It's easier to make friends and carry on a conversation. And you can develop a reputation, as I mentioned before (hopefully a positive one.) I was an anon at first, but eventually I was able to be identified by some users, and that grew into this.

I do usually take my name off, for my very few ventures into /anon/. If I'm just dropping a single post to answer a survey style question though, I leave it on.

I just wish both groups could just co-exist and not need to be sat in our own corners, but that's not really a dream I think is going to happen.

>While I appreciate your opinion on the matter, I'd like to hear how you feel about anon's making changes to /pony/ and /oat/.
Actually sir, I was part of the conversations where anons suggested changes to /pony/ and /oat/ and all the other boards. That was back when /mlp/ first joined us, before /anon/ was what it is today. I didn't have any problems talking with them then, so long as we all kept it halfway polite. People shouldn't really be calling each other assholes and faggots here, just because that's acceptable behavior on their board.

I'm sorry you think my opinion on forced anon is flamming this thread. I don't agree with that. I feel it would be the best way to end this recurring fight. The board is called /anon/, lets make it anon. If there are social threads that causes problems for, go to /oat/. If there are art threads that causes problems for, go to /art/. If art needs a mature tag, give them a mature tag. Then what do we have? We've got the anons on /anon/, the socials on /oat/ and the art on /art/.

Emily !66666666Ok 11808

What an oppression.

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Admin 11811

Okay, listen up, here's my plan for /anon/. Please reply to it with your feedback.

In /anon/, posts will automatically have their tripcode and email removed and name changed to "Anonymous", unless they are making a new thread, use the same tripcode as the thread post, or the thread post comment has the #names tag inside it.


File: 1381738367034.png (106.08 KB, 420x433, sweetiehasahood.png)

Won't stop avatarfags. Better make a new rule too.

Yes, I know, people could just not avatar, but this thread exists because some namefag won't play nice on anon, so expect them to look for ways around whatever you do.

Anonymous 11816

Sounds pretty good in theory, I say go ahead and try it out.

Anonymous 11817


It won't be perfect, but I don't see a reason not to try it.

I think part of the problem with having names/trips in any way is that it kinda ends up falling on user self-moderation, by which I mean there's no one technical solution that will make things perfect, as far as we know.

Anonymous 11819

My thoughts exactly. While MLPchan as a whole, both from the stance of the staff and the general population of the rest of the site typically are more comfortable with self-moderation over here, the practice on /anon/ under this standpoint has proven to derail threads even further.

Really, the only reason why avatarfagging is slightly more tolerable than using a trip on /anon/ is because it was always allowed on /mlp/. I doubt it'll be much of a concern on /anon/ even if Macil's idea becomes a reality.

This is the best idea I've seen so far, as the most popular name to choose on imageboards outside of "Anonymous" is actually "OP." So this idea actually makes much, much sense to me.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 11820

Sounds good. Personally I'd prefer it if the system retained the name used on other boards but filtered it to anon.

I was thinking anon could be forced but content creators could ask for a tripcode for use when creating content.

Anonymous 11821

does your browser not make your name pop-up when you type "T" in the name field?


File: 1381811865168.png (261.05 KB, 2879x2797, sweetie517.png)

Mine doesn't. Does for other sites though.


I'm confused.

Not once did I say that names and trips should be something everyone has. Not once did I say that the site should be run my way. Never once did I say that names should be left unchecked on /anon/. And correct me if I'm wrong, but there hasn't been a Gore thread on /anon/ since I can remember.

Anonymous 11832


There were a couple gore threads on /anon/ a while ago, but they both got deleted somehow. My guess it was the OP, I don't see why the mods would have a problem with gore considering all the other crazy stuff that happens regularly there. I like gore threads, I have a really big MLP gore collection.

Anonymous 11833


Forgot to add that I'm not the guy you were replying to


File: 1382918188300.png (50.79 KB, 468x428, twilight_sparkle_angry_by_luua…)

Wait. So basically what I'm getting from this is that anons are bawwing that people won't be anon on their board, yet they come to other boards, such as /oat/ where using a name is strongly encouraged and just rag on the culture and call it stupid.

Because that's fair. Give me a break. Stop whining.

You already get over half the site handed to you on a silver platter as it is.


File: 1382918382747.png (227.6 KB, 550x525, sweetiebum.png)

Too late. Topic old.


File: 1382918931930.png (90.52 KB, 897x468, 8696__safe_twilight-sparkle_ar…)

Yeah. I really should visit /site/ more often.

Anonymous 12015

True fucking that.

Anonymous 12016

Names aren't encouraged on /oat/. Why would they be? If people don't want recognition for what they say that's not really an issue.

>and just rag on the culture and call it stupid.

Agreed there. That's just tedious; if you want to post in mandatory-anonymity, go to the mandatory-anonymity board.

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 12019

Last I checked, it isn't in the header or sticky to be a tripfag.
It may be culturally pushed [arguable], but it is not like /anon/, in that there it is clearly established that anonymous posting is encouraged by the sticky, header, and the board names itself.
/oat/ is not /trip/.


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Well the sticky on anon is missing. The board name itself is followed by Anything Goes. Maybe we should change that to Anything Goes, except tripcodes.

Reminds me of 4chan's /b/ and the pony incidents, actually. "A place with no rules. Except for you guys. We're making a rule saying no you."

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My Little Pony: Double Standards is Magic

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I'm from /anon/, and honestly it's not so much people using names/trips that bother me but the fact that 99 percent of the people who come to /anon/ and do that are major shitposters or just trying to start drama.

Prime example: Grump Anon/Grumpfag or whatever he calls himself now, constantly came into fetish threads he didn't like and intentionally derailed them by avatarfagging the same shit over and over.

Then there's people like Buzzword King who literally namefag for the sole purpose of shitposting (starting threads just calling everyone on the site autistic for no reason).

Also on /anon/ we just really dislike when people treat the board like an MLP version of Facebook, anonymity is just something we really value and has shaped our sub-culture from the rest of the pony fandom.

Like, I don't have a problem with people who do that shit on /oat/, because from what I understand that's what it's meant for. But you can't compare the anti-tripfag mentality on /anon/ to the global rule 15 on 4chan. No one is saying you can't be a part of the site, if anything you are being catered to with /oat/, just like anons are with /anon/. MLPchan as a whole is tailored to suit what the people who use it want (as far as I know), it's different than 4chan where moot basically said "Fuck you I don't want you on my site but since you won't leave I'll let you post on one board".


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You're a nice anon and I like you.

I support your campaign for a cleaner /anon/.


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>Then there's people like Buzzword King who literally namefag

that was me. i used the name as the buzzword king there. i did because i was completely bored at the time. i think people who use buzzwords un-ironically are dumbest morons on the internet.

it was mostly a joke and hopefully maybe people would see just how stupid it is.

so yeah, my bad for that. wont do it again. i never use /anon/… like ever anyway. so yeah, there you have it

Anonymous 12032


Yeah…well I forgive you, but using buzzwords ironically to shitpost isn't much better than using them non-ironically.


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yeah, i guess so.


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Fun fact. If you Google for shitposting, you find Mikie.

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Nogitrov 12233

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Holy shit, he's actually right.

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