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File: 1381368821840.png (119.8 KB, 500x326, 1374127030696.png)

Anonymous 11466[View All]

Yeah, this shit again. Though this was not originally my idea, I'm bringing it back up.

I propose we change rule 4 of /anon/ from:
> 4. Anonymity is strongly encouraged, but you may use a name if you wish - especially if you are a content creator; a writefag, artfag, etc.

> 4. Anonymity is strongly encouraged, but you may use a name if you are a content creator; a writefag, artfag, etc that is posting content.

People insist on namefagging, tripfagging, and avatarfagging for absolutely no reason other than that they don't want to be anonymous. There are other boards for that. /anon/ is called /anon/ for a reason. I'm tired of reporting these fuckers, and I know the mods hate seeing me report them. I don't care if the board is slow, I don't come to your house and insist on wearing muddy boots even though you want everyone in your house to be barefoot.

I'm sure this won't end the shitstorm, but I think people will get a better understanding of how things are done on /anon/.
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Anonymous 11770

What about generals like Second Life? They use names to identify each other. If grumpanon was abusing it then he should be warned and then banned if he continues to abuse it.

Anonymous 11771

File: 1381631914663.png (163.74 KB, 356x284, this.png)

forgot muh pic


File: 1381632092563.png (65.77 KB, 258x300, sweetie281.png)

Whatever. Fight is old. Enough "We need some tripfags, but not these ones. They can't post here." You should all be forced to be anon, for the very reasons you all go on about here. /anon/ isn't for building reputations or socializing and all that talk. You want to end the fight? Let's end the fight. Forced. Anon. You win, no more tripfags. Your tripfags can learn to deal with it too or take it elsewhere.

Anonymous 11773

File: 1381632260302.jpg (83.67 KB, 450x300, red.jpg)

Hairballs always get coughed back up, Anon.

I'm with (>>11726)
And i'm sure the moderators who uphold rules understand that SecondLife general/RPgeneral/whaetever the fuck general are exeptions.

You pissed me off before but now you're radiating lethal faggotry on a scale not yet recorded by man.
You don't use the fucking board to begin with, you have no idea what you're talking about.
Stop posting.


File: 1381632420318.jpg (50.15 KB, 576x590, sweete.jpg)

Oh, now I'm not welcome here either? Get over it. I'm sorry your double standards make no sense.

Anonymous 11775

File: 1381632513140.gif (1.89 MB, 324x317, 1378337054124.gif)

The anon means that you're trying to talk about a board you don't use.
Fuck the avatarfagging is getting me near anger

Anonymous ## Mod 11776

This is a warning to everyone here, names and anons, this thread is for debate and constructive ideas, I will ban any further personal attacks from /site/, you have been warned.


File: 1381632801322.png (251.06 KB, 616x542, sweetie50.png)

True, I don't use it. Doesn't mean I can't have an opinion on how it should be used. I believe in fairness and double standards bother me.

Look, I'm not your enemy. I'm one of the ones who actually stays off /anon/. I do, however, have an interest in /site/, which is why we're talking now.

Anonymous 11778

File: 1381632945603.jpg (108.99 KB, 600x457, stop it.jpg)

there is no doubble standard to be had, it's your lack of basic chan etiquette and your obsession with missunderstanding people to get your point accros, you act a snooty faggot and a downright asshole.

What personal attacks?

>True, I don't use it. Doesn't mean I can't have an opinion on how it should be used.


File: 1381633098812.png (67.36 KB, 216x349, sweetie141.png)

You ask that tripfags not be allowed because it is purely for socialization and direct them to Facebook, yet you harbor a Second Life thread on /anon/. All I want is the same treatment for everyone. I'm sorry that upsets you.

Anonymous 11795

I don't like the second life thread, but the namefagging helps them in coordinating activities. As far as the socializing goes. I think its stupid. That's what second life itself is for.

Anonymous 11796

"Let's play videogame together" threads generally require identities, although the identities could be less obtrusive than having a name/trip. (Gaming handle in the email field, maybe.)

…come to think of it, maybe they don't need on-board identity, since when playing you presumably meet up in an in-game chat channel or steam chat (or, in Second Life, a simulated location).

Anonymous 11797

I agree. I really think they don't need an on-board identity, but they keep their namefagging in one thread, so I put up with it.

Eli 11798

i dont use the name out of laziness or spite.i use it because i want a name, and i haven't seen almost anyone getting angry, raging, or thread derailing because of it. So im at a loss


File: 1381650771400.png (170.65 KB, 516x576, sweetie121.png)

Same. I like my name. And I like posting with it on.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 11803

I'm most inclined to agree with this post.
/anon/ should be for /anon/, and just as the anon's from /mlp/ will have to act as /oat/ters do while on /oat/, the rest of the population of mlpchan should have to act as anon's do, while on /anon/

This isn't really a debate that concerns people like Sweetie, and honestly, I'm this close to just removing you from /site/ for a day, because your posts are moderately constructive, and always flaming, in some way. While I appreciate your opinion on the matter, I'd like to hear how you feel about anon's making changes to /pony/ and /oat/.
Regardless, that's all besides the point.

Where we stand right now seems to be that /anon/ needs names for certain reasons, but it doesn't have enough non-general thread posters to have the anonymous culture that it so desires.
Once again, it seems that the solution to this problem is get more posters.
However, at the moment I'm personally leaning towards name/trip tags. The only problem I see with that is that some anon's would rather only post in threads that were anon only, and I don't like the dissonance that that would created between the names and the anons on /anon/.
I'd like to try it out at least, but if someone could come up with a more subtle solution, or possibly a solution that isn't subtle at all, please, go right on ahead.

Anonymous 11804

>The only problem I see with that is that some anon's would rather only post in threads that were anon only
That might happen so some extent, but I wouldn't worry about that too much (at least until it is tried). If the tag is used for threads that have legitimate need for names/trips, then most anons wouldn't have an issue with it. If the tag is used for circlejerking threads, then those are the thread that most anons don't really like anyway.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 11805

If it was used for circle jerks I've move the threads to /oat/ or /trash/

Anonymous 11806

Well then in that case I don't see any fundamental issue with it, so I'd say it would be worth a try.


File: 1381687848190.png (118.9 KB, 318x420, sweetie207.png)

Well, I guess it's because of my board culture too. That's just how we did things one /b/. It's easier to make friends and carry on a conversation. And you can develop a reputation, as I mentioned before (hopefully a positive one.) I was an anon at first, but eventually I was able to be identified by some users, and that grew into this.

I do usually take my name off, for my very few ventures into /anon/. If I'm just dropping a single post to answer a survey style question though, I leave it on.

I just wish both groups could just co-exist and not need to be sat in our own corners, but that's not really a dream I think is going to happen.

>While I appreciate your opinion on the matter, I'd like to hear how you feel about anon's making changes to /pony/ and /oat/.
Actually sir, I was part of the conversations where anons suggested changes to /pony/ and /oat/ and all the other boards. That was back when /mlp/ first joined us, before /anon/ was what it is today. I didn't have any problems talking with them then, so long as we all kept it halfway polite. People shouldn't really be calling each other assholes and faggots here, just because that's acceptable behavior on their board.

I'm sorry you think my opinion on forced anon is flamming this thread. I don't agree with that. I feel it would be the best way to end this recurring fight. The board is called /anon/, lets make it anon. If there are social threads that causes problems for, go to /oat/. If there are art threads that causes problems for, go to /art/. If art needs a mature tag, give them a mature tag. Then what do we have? We've got the anons on /anon/, the socials on /oat/ and the art on /art/.

Emily !66666666Ok 11808

What an oppression.

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Admin 11811

Okay, listen up, here's my plan for /anon/. Please reply to it with your feedback.

In /anon/, posts will automatically have their tripcode and email removed and name changed to "Anonymous", unless they are making a new thread, use the same tripcode as the thread post, or the thread post comment has the #names tag inside it.


File: 1381738367034.png (106.08 KB, 420x433, sweetiehasahood.png)

Won't stop avatarfags. Better make a new rule too.

Yes, I know, people could just not avatar, but this thread exists because some namefag won't play nice on anon, so expect them to look for ways around whatever you do.

Anonymous 11816

Sounds pretty good in theory, I say go ahead and try it out.

Anonymous 11817


It won't be perfect, but I don't see a reason not to try it.

I think part of the problem with having names/trips in any way is that it kinda ends up falling on user self-moderation, by which I mean there's no one technical solution that will make things perfect, as far as we know.

Anonymous 11819

My thoughts exactly. While MLPchan as a whole, both from the stance of the staff and the general population of the rest of the site typically are more comfortable with self-moderation over here, the practice on /anon/ under this standpoint has proven to derail threads even further.

Really, the only reason why avatarfagging is slightly more tolerable than using a trip on /anon/ is because it was always allowed on /mlp/. I doubt it'll be much of a concern on /anon/ even if Macil's idea becomes a reality.

This is the best idea I've seen so far, as the most popular name to choose on imageboards outside of "Anonymous" is actually "OP." So this idea actually makes much, much sense to me.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 11820

Sounds good. Personally I'd prefer it if the system retained the name used on other boards but filtered it to anon.

I was thinking anon could be forced but content creators could ask for a tripcode for use when creating content.

Anonymous 11821

does your browser not make your name pop-up when you type "T" in the name field?


File: 1381811865168.png (261.05 KB, 2879x2797, sweetie517.png)

Mine doesn't. Does for other sites though.


I'm confused.

Not once did I say that names and trips should be something everyone has. Not once did I say that the site should be run my way. Never once did I say that names should be left unchecked on /anon/. And correct me if I'm wrong, but there hasn't been a Gore thread on /anon/ since I can remember.

Anonymous 11832


There were a couple gore threads on /anon/ a while ago, but they both got deleted somehow. My guess it was the OP, I don't see why the mods would have a problem with gore considering all the other crazy stuff that happens regularly there. I like gore threads, I have a really big MLP gore collection.

Anonymous 11833


Forgot to add that I'm not the guy you were replying to


File: 1382918188300.png (50.79 KB, 468x428, twilight_sparkle_angry_by_luua…)

Wait. So basically what I'm getting from this is that anons are bawwing that people won't be anon on their board, yet they come to other boards, such as /oat/ where using a name is strongly encouraged and just rag on the culture and call it stupid.

Because that's fair. Give me a break. Stop whining.

You already get over half the site handed to you on a silver platter as it is.


File: 1382918382747.png (227.6 KB, 550x525, sweetiebum.png)

Too late. Topic old.


File: 1382918931930.png (90.52 KB, 897x468, 8696__safe_twilight-sparkle_ar…)

Yeah. I really should visit /site/ more often.

Anonymous 12015

True fucking that.

Anonymous 12016

Names aren't encouraged on /oat/. Why would they be? If people don't want recognition for what they say that's not really an issue.

>and just rag on the culture and call it stupid.

Agreed there. That's just tedious; if you want to post in mandatory-anonymity, go to the mandatory-anonymity board.

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 12019

Last I checked, it isn't in the header or sticky to be a tripfag.
It may be culturally pushed [arguable], but it is not like /anon/, in that there it is clearly established that anonymous posting is encouraged by the sticky, header, and the board names itself.
/oat/ is not /trip/.


File: 1382981945392.png (22.97 KB, 135x150, sweetie453.png)

Well the sticky on anon is missing. The board name itself is followed by Anything Goes. Maybe we should change that to Anything Goes, except tripcodes.

Reminds me of 4chan's /b/ and the pony incidents, actually. "A place with no rules. Except for you guys. We're making a rule saying no you."

Anonymous 12021

My Little Pony: Double Standards is Magic

Anonymous 12026

File: 1383062080750.gif (947.69 KB, 318x162, WhiteTears.gif)

Anonymous 12027


Anonymous 12029

I'm from /anon/, and honestly it's not so much people using names/trips that bother me but the fact that 99 percent of the people who come to /anon/ and do that are major shitposters or just trying to start drama.

Prime example: Grump Anon/Grumpfag or whatever he calls himself now, constantly came into fetish threads he didn't like and intentionally derailed them by avatarfagging the same shit over and over.

Then there's people like Buzzword King who literally namefag for the sole purpose of shitposting (starting threads just calling everyone on the site autistic for no reason).

Also on /anon/ we just really dislike when people treat the board like an MLP version of Facebook, anonymity is just something we really value and has shaped our sub-culture from the rest of the pony fandom.

Like, I don't have a problem with people who do that shit on /oat/, because from what I understand that's what it's meant for. But you can't compare the anti-tripfag mentality on /anon/ to the global rule 15 on 4chan. No one is saying you can't be a part of the site, if anything you are being catered to with /oat/, just like anons are with /anon/. MLPchan as a whole is tailored to suit what the people who use it want (as far as I know), it's different than 4chan where moot basically said "Fuck you I don't want you on my site but since you won't leave I'll let you post on one board".


File: 1383090026060.jpg (5.19 KB, 204x247, sweetie455.jpg)

You're a nice anon and I like you.

I support your campaign for a cleaner /anon/.


File: 1383090506636.png (424.06 KB, 805x1044, 310.png)

>Then there's people like Buzzword King who literally namefag

that was me. i used the name as the buzzword king there. i did because i was completely bored at the time. i think people who use buzzwords un-ironically are dumbest morons on the internet.

it was mostly a joke and hopefully maybe people would see just how stupid it is.

so yeah, my bad for that. wont do it again. i never use /anon/… like ever anyway. so yeah, there you have it

Anonymous 12032


Yeah…well I forgive you, but using buzzwords ironically to shitpost isn't much better than using them non-ironically.


File: 1383098554722.png (203.39 KB, 465x621, 254.png)

yeah, i guess so.


File: 1383103780157.png (644.47 KB, 1920x1080, mikieshitpost2.png)

Fun fact. If you Google for shitposting, you find Mikie.

Anonymous 12044

File: 1383505766954.png (115.88 KB, 336x334, interestingfluts.png)

Nogitrov 12233

File: 1383931420987.jpg (412.51 KB, 1366x768, wouldyoulookatthat.jpg)

Holy shit, he's actually right.

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