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Underage b& Anonymous 11451

Hey, I was wondering what your "policy" on underage users was (meaning under the age of 18, assuming that's the legal age of being an adult in Canada like it is in America).

Like if someone openly admitted in a post that they were underage, would they be banned just for that? I'm just wondering because that's what they do on most other imageboards. 4chan is particularly strict about this and they will often publicly ban underage users.

I myself am 19, although I know the thing about imageboards is that there's really no way to prove anyone's age. But anyways I just didn't know if there was some legal issue in Canada regarding minors viewing porn.

In America it's not illegal for minors to look at porn on their own, but most sites do have an "Only enter if you are 18 or older" warning (kind of like the one when you enable mature-tagged threads on here).

Just wondering how the staff deals with that.

Anonymous 11452


Wow why is that a thumbnail? Fucking DownThemAll…

Anonymous 11455

Pretty sure the polecy is that you need to be 18+ to turn off the mature filter.
Not sure if it's a b& worthy thing to say "i'm 12 and what is this" to a perticular diisgusting pic in a porn thread.

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Mod 11456

There's no rule against underage users posting here.

Anonymous 11459

i stand corrected

BatBane phone 11462

File: 1381281098097.jpg (45.78 KB, 700x700, image.jpg)

Anonymous 11865

and what a shame that is.

Anonymous 11879


Oh come on, it's not that big of a deal. Honestly I'd wager that most shitposters are adults who just enjoy being assholes. It's kind of like online gaming, with my experience it's the 14-17 year olds who are the nicest and best bros, and then the adults are the douchebags who complain about everything and insult you just because they can. Shitposters are just older dicks with too much time on their hands and a huge ego.

Anonymous 11880


Also before you even accuse me of being underage, I'm OP, I'm 19.

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