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Ponychan-MLPchan Merger >>>/site/15219

File: 1380652946852.png (793.19 KB, 900x900, 1.png)

Anonymous 11123Locked[View All]

I was looking at statistics today and noticed that our traffic really has fallen off a lot and we now are lower than ponychan again.

But some time has passed and I think we have a more stable base on both sides. People aren't joining or leaving nearly as much as before.

Can we get another ponychan merger discussion going?

Completely hypothetically speaking, if this were to ever happen, what would be your minimum conditions of compromise and your preferred conditions?

Personally I feel the userbase on either side isn't really worse than the other and both would appreciate more life even if it means some may get a bit rustled.

I know this ended badly because Orange is back at CoAdmin, but that could be part of the compromise listed above.

Even if it ends up a no, I'd say its worth another shot to see if we can get this done right around when S4 comes.
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Anonymous 11224

Posts like that would just turn me on more.

Anonymous 11225

and that's something that is hard to prove. I'm sure you won't take their word at face value and you shouldn't.

To be fair tho from their site rules page, it kinda is against the rules. Should it be? that's debatable, but it is in there

spoiled so it looks better
Don't spam threads or posts.
Don't make unnecessary drama. People are allowed to like things you don't like, and to argue against such is a waste of time here.
Be polite, or at least civil, when disagreeing or arguing with somebody, and do not insult others. This will help you to get your point across more easily.
Don't discriminate. Judge people based on what they do or say, not who they are.
Don't purposely derail threads. Nobody likes the guy who jumps into a conversation anHEY GUYS THERE'S A PONY OUT HERE DANCING.
Do not maliciously impersonate others, and do not sockpuppet (#3).
From time to time, the staff will have to make some tough decisions regarding site policy and structure. If you have any concerns about them, have any other issue, or you just want to make a suggestion, please visit /meta/.

It is? I really don't see people complain about it being too disgusting there at all?

and yeah, I agree, I just am trying to make sure people don't think that's a good thing to do to a community. Something has to be done to prevent it from turning too much ponychan at the beginning just like there was stuff done there to keep it welcoming for the /mlp/ guys.

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 11226

I don't like those rules you just posted.
What about freedom for posters to just do what they want to, and let it be controlled by the community.
You know, like we do already. Worked so far.

Not that direct line, but shoddy-quality stuff similar to it.

I prefer our system. If rules like the ones you suggested were in place, I would probably leave.

Anonymous 11227

those are taken from ponychan's rules page

here is ours

Disruptive behaviors that prevent others from engaging in a thread are prohibited.
Stalking, harrassment, or posting of others' personal information are prohibited.

I was just saying that to be fair to their side, being an asshole is kinda against the civility rules. It isn't out of the blue, but that whole thing can be worked with

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 11228

That's a thing they'd have to get rid of, to me.
The silly notion of "civility rules". It's just dumb.

Anonymous 11229

Its so they have the right to ban you if you are just a total jerk who is disruptive to the whole community.

I can see both sides on it, I would have it, but very loosely/barely enforce it.

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 11230

We have something along that lines. Which is the disruptive behavior. But it isn't so broad as to be a any-case item.
It's basically for people who are intentionally disrupting threads, or actively harassing someone.
I don't know the history, but I believe this is what Scat anon was banned for.

Anonymous 11231

exactly. I like the way yours is put together better

Anonymous 11232

File: 1380754450618.jpg (350.81 KB, 904x1080, Luna.jpg)

>Don't discriminate. Judge people based on what they do or say, not who they are.

Anonymous 11233

I actually don't see that as inherently bad. I mean, it shouldn't need to be said I agree, but as an ideal its fine

Anonymous 11234

The whole thing of "civility rules" just sounds stupid. I prefer the rules we have now on /anon/.

Anonymous 11235

and /anon/ actually is really civil for the most part.

One of the reason that as a community you guys are my favorite around here.

Anonymous 11236

I feel that any new rules or mods will be a plague.

Sersys!CyQeb5KTDM 11237

The very rule is stupid. It tells you all about how ponychan rules were made. They don't know how to make rules but they know discrimination is bad so a good rule will not allow being bad so discrimination should be against the rules.

Tell me, how can you confirm that someone is a jew or a nygger on an imageboard? They could be lying or posting pictures of someone else. If someone claims he's a nygger then I discriminate them by what they post and not who they are so it shouldn't be against the rules to discriminate them. So this rule says I'm free to discriminate anyone yet they ban me if I do that relying on this rule.


Anonymous 11238

they aren't referring to that.

They are referring to people judging them on earlier stuff with a trip on and not their individual posts.

Sersys!CyQeb5KTDM 11239

Why the hell would you ban that?

Anonymous 11240

Well then maybe people shouldn't use trips. Trips should only be used if someone is making content or contributing.

Anonymous 11241

nobody ever has been banned for that that I know of, its just a general etiquette tip.

Its in the etiquette guidelines.

you are implying that anywhere here is content oriented.

Anonymous 11242

Tell me why a trip is necessary then.

Anonymous 11243

Community purposes. Making friends. Its the same reason in serial threads people do it even when there is no content because they like to talk to people and chill

Anonymous 11244

I can get the making friends part but explain community purposes.

Sersys!CyQeb5KTDM 11245

>To be fair tho from their site rules page, it kinda is against the rules
Then the quote is incorrect and it's in fact not against the rules to be an asshole.

And trips are to take credit and responsibility for your earlier statements. The very purpose of trips to discriminate individual posters from each other.

Anonymous 11246

If trips allow someone to take responsibility for their statements, then I should be able to judge someone based on their trip, right?

Sersys!CyQeb5KTDM 11247

Anonymous 11248

Ok because I read earlier and someone was saying no to that.

Anonymous 11249

That is his point I believe. Doesn't mean you should, but I'd say yes.

Its simply for the fact that a lot of people like knowing who they are talking to also.

Yeah, their whole rules are kinda superfluous

Sersys!CyQeb5KTDM 11250

And you have every reason to ignore my request. I deserve to be judged because I've earned it. Or not because you've listened to me anyway. Fuckers don't want to take the responsibility for their statements is a different thing.
Also it's kind of stupid to ignore logical reasoning where ever it came from. But it's those loss who are ignoring me and mine.

Anonymous 11251

But its the whole "broken watch" thing. Its a debatable topic if you should, but I don't think it should be bannable

Anonymous 11252

Rules against 'discriminating' are silly. However, pulling up irrelevant history or irrelevant traits to derail a discussion or 'win' an argument is quite obnoxious. Then it's basically ad hominen.

"I think ponies should have the right to keep and own guns because [reasons]."
"Wait, aren't you that sperglord who posted his Pound Cake jizz plushie? Go back to pedochan."

Kinda fucks up a conversation.

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 11253

Yeah, once you are known as the paedo-diaper tripfag, it is probably time to change it.
Truth be told, I'd probably agree with the second set because mainly the keeping of said tripcode.
At least when you rant on pedodiaper nonsense, go anon.


File: 1380822460860.jpg (158.85 KB, 739x688, sweetie256.jpg)

I get the impression the powers that be around here would not be open to rejoining ponychan, so I don't think a merger is in the realm of possibility.


Personally, I think "No, fuck those guys, and fuck their Hitler mods too," when I hear this proposal.

If this merger goes through then I might just not even come to the chan anymore, because it seems to me like it'll just go to shit. There would be constant arguing, disputes about board culture, and not to mention on some parts of MLPchan "ponychanner" is synonymous with words like spaghetti, faggot, retard, autism, sperglord, asshole, white knight, neckbeard and fatass.

Anonymous 11276

This. No increase in traffic wuld be worth the massive damage to the quality of this site that would result from a merge with Ponychan.


No, it wouldn't.

Taking a very large shit on top of a pebble doesn't make it anything more than a shit covered stone.

Anonymous 11278

I don't think the merger talks should be reopened personally. I was big advocate of the original merger idea, drummed up as much support, interest, and awareness as I could of it being something that could happen… but it all collapsed hard, and it collapsed in a lot of ways legitimately, and, at least I feel, it collapsed for reasons that are both real and that haven't changed since then.

I love the idea of putting the past behind as a community and getting the fuck over ourselves… but, honestly, I just never see it happening. It would only take a vocal minority to destroy everything again and make the situation worse than it is now. I'm usually willing to take that risk, but, all things considered from the past attempt, it really seems like too long of a shot to be a real possibility of success.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 11280

File: 1380925687793.png (209.72 KB, 425x425, nice.png)

In a perfect world, this would be viable.

In a perfect world Assad would be at peace with his people and I'd frollic i the flowers with Pinkie Pie.

Sadly, this is not a perfect world and we might just be happy to have our 2 pony imageboards at our disposal. A merger now seems further away than 4 months ago.

Anonymous 11281

File: 1380926223032.png (333.72 KB, 596x473, snorecenter.png)

I think you misread what was said in >>11276

One big benefit to the merge though, is that with the traffic increase in one unified site would make MLPchan and Ponychan relevant towards the fandom once more and attract more organic traffic. I don't know about you, but the biggest stumps I've seen that has hurt /fic/'s legacy is the fact that it's forced to be spanned across two sites. Instead of seeing outsiders trying to make themselves comfy, such as the EqD pre-readers, they left instead. Back in the heyday of Ponychan, the site was the 2nd most popular discussion board, and the sheer fact that it was so popular attracted new people, where their posts can attract attention the easiest made the site the dominant place for pony-related discussion. Now that we're split, most people don't bother with either one of them and take it to /mlp/, even if that board's culture doesn't fit them. See, you can tell that a board is succeeding when things initially introduced in it are later carried out to other places on the internet. I've seen that happen with /mlp/ all the time, with Bat Ponies, Princess Erroria, Do or Deer, etc. Even in the heyday of Ponychan, we saw the site become the origin of Desktop Ponies, Sweetie Belle Derelle, the discussion ground with developers of Fighting is Magic, etc.

So now we have two split sites, which on those statistics OP posted, are the only ones on literally the exact same topic and crossposters everywhere. Quite frankly, I've never seen anything like it.


File: 1380927877495.png (62.26 KB, 623x626, Untitled.png)

Anonymous 11283

File: 1380930214293.png (216.72 KB, 680x654, Fluttershy shake-weight.png)

MLPchan's structure can viably host all Ponychan-suitable content. As such, from a technical standpoint, 'merging' is just a matter of directing people here. (Close the boards to new threads, and have the 'make new thread' button redirect to the appropriate MLPchan board. Done.)

From a social standpoint you'd probably want to do a bunch more things. Introduce the mods to new users before the 'merge.' Pull in a couple familiar faces from Ponychan's mod staff, and get them practiced with the rule set/enforcement style over here. Shift one board at a time, to diminish chaos. Make banners or stickies or whatever like "WELCOME /g/ !" And so forth.

It's only truly complicated if you have to compromise quality for bloated egos, in which case (as others have noted) it's no longer an appealing prospect at all.

Anonymous 11287

>compromise quality for bloated egos, in which case (as others have noted) it's no longer an appealing prospect at all.
Positively pinkie
You were saying?
Or is it just the bloated egos of those the ponychan mods don't like?
Why would I go there just to be forced to keep my ego in check while others don't have to?
They should come here and enjoy this freedom too.

Anonymous 11288

That's largely the point of a rule against discrimination - that you don't treat someone badly because of their sex/race/sexual orientation etc. It's the sort of thing there are laws against in many countries. It doesn't matter if you can't confirm whether someone is gay or black or such if you're not judging them based on that, anyway - it's not asking for special treatment, but for equal treatment.

Similarly, civility means replying "I disagree with you because [reasons]" rather than "No you fucking autistic moron". This tends to be couched by opponents of such a rule as censorship of their opinions they ought to be able to express, but you ought to be able to express your opinion without flaming, which just creates a hostile atmosphere.

Of course I'm not saying these rules have always been applied correctly or consistently but they're valid rules you find in many places; they're just not like the relatively anarchic environment which is more often associated with imageboard culture. Same goes for the widespread use of tripcodes, which might look attention-seeking coming from 4chan or /anon/ but is just the norm in a different culture. Trying to impose one on the other doesn't end well (and that goes for users who don't/won't adapt to the environment as well as those setting the rules).

That's an aside, anyway. A busier merged site with which most posters are happy is perhaps possible to conceive in a vacuum, but the staff members and users of both sites have enough individuals who are deeply opposed to the other on ideological grounds that it would be exceedingly difficult to come to any agreement.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 11289

>tfw I am the only staff member that doesn't really mind the merge, so long as both sides understand that each has to give other the respect that they ask for.
If posters want to be protected by rules, which seems odd to me, but whatever, then we can have two boards in the merged chan which are essentially the same, with different rule sets. People can browse freely between them, and eventually people will all just go onto the less rule enforced one, as the other will naturally die as the vast majority of users don't really care about sexuality in posts.
And if they really have such a problem, just make an option:
Individual posts can be made 'mature' and you can also have an option which makes all your posts tagged mature.
People who can't deal with sexuality of any kind can keep mature off.
/anon/ won't change at all, and I will make sure that the atmosphere stays as close to as it is now as humanly possible.
/oat/ and /chat/ or whatever their stupid names are going to be will be like general and general, with one of the two allowing sexuality and such. The other will be for posters who are frightened by boobs and butts.
Seriously, even if we took ALL of ponychans boards and brought them here, eventually people would just post on all of then, at which point we could just trash any duplicates.
We keep all staff members except for controversial ones (orange, me perhaps, I dunno if I'm controversial.)
And mostly, we just relax and put old bad blood to rest instead of holding on to things that we heard from idiots who were propagatting hate between the boards for their own laughs, instead if telling the truth.
Both sides have done this, and I'm a bit tired of it to be honest.
But whatever, what do I know.
Go on, do what you will.

Sersys!CyQeb5KTDM 11290

File: 1381000547912.gif (1.99 MB, 250x173, tumblr_ms5w2uAs401qdlh1io1_250…)

This post epic.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 11291

>so long as both sides understand that each has to give other the respect that they ask for.

This this is the main problem. I've seen /meta/. I don't trust the people, especially the staff on ponychan to understand respect. Heck I don't trust many of the people here to understand that.

Anonymous 11293

File: 1381012353796.gif (3.7 MB, 640x360, peyton.gif)

Good post.


I'll agree that we need more traffic, but this isn't the way to do it. We should all remember here why MLPchan was even created: because we didn't like Ponychan. What would be the point if we went right back? Nothing, we'd have accomplished nothing and be right back where we were before Anthony made the site.

I don't trust the mods, I don't trust the admins, and I don't like a good chunk of the users on Ponychan. I like MLPchan the way it is, and until it's necessary, I don't want this merge to go through.

This merge just won't work. It'll result in nothing but hate and a large loss of the MLPchan community, especially from /anon/.

Anonymous 11332

File: 1381156340309.png (307.61 KB, 1366x768, ponychan ban.png)

Anonymous 11341

File: 1381170863556.jpg (116.37 KB, 1500x900, i'm feelin' it.jpg)

Shit, just do the fucking merge, i'm settled to go back to /mlp/ after project Endgame anyways.
And the facts are clear; the site will have a long and slow decline until death happens anyways, why not go out with a bang?

If anything, do it just to nuke the site so fucking bad that it will be written down in poni poni imageboard history.

Anonymous 11350

>we're going to die someday anyway, so we may as well shit our pants and let that filthy hobo into our house

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Mod 11356

I think this thread has outlived its usefulness. I don't agree with a lot of the specific anti-ponychan sentiment (somehow I doubt each of those ban screens were entirely unwarranted).

A merger is not planned because of differences in user culture, site direction, and staffs. If any of these change, only then would it be possible to productively revisit the merger idea.

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