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File: 1379890777382.jpg (53.25 KB, 500x303, wolves perplext.jpg)


Is there some option where posts by a certain poster will become automatically hidden? I would love that.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 11002

a filter is on the to do list, but isn't being worked on at the moment.
you can filter out names, trips, emails, and subjects.

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 11012

File: 1379982655238.png (322.18 KB, 544x399, 1372385481874.png)

Not yet… One day, though. One day maybe soon.


File: 1379987086616.png (203.57 KB, 396x708, 123.png)


am i the only one who's never gonna use this filter?

Colshy!x04iLINER6 11015

File: 1379987898863.png (117.46 KB, 609x755, 3154.png)


I'm not using that neither.

BatBane phone 11017

I'm going to filter out all the mod tags then break the rules and when I am given a warning I wont see it so I can claim abuse after the ban.

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 11022

File: 1380074648080.jpg (80.61 KB, 640x480, 1372715747671.jpg)

Most folk aren't, so no. I'll only be using it for two people. I doubt anyone will bother filtering much more than five, as then there'll be no board traffic.

Anonymous 11023

mod trips won't be able to be blocked, and all posts with capcodes won't be able to be blocked


File: 1380081967855.png (195.34 KB, 646x698, sweetie69.png)

That's not fair. I wanna block some mods.

BatBane phone 11030

This is mod abuse.

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 11089

So, any news on when this will be complete ?

Sersys!CyQeb5KTDM 11160

File: 1380705649784.jpg (7.06 KB, 225x225, why_the_fuck_are_you_looking_a…)

It's like ostrich policy. Just because you can't see it, it's still there. Seeing how gore and porn is moderated, there wouldn't be any reasonable use for it. If you block someone during an argument it will just confirm that you are wrong and too stupid to accept it. You can do that without this function. If you can't deal with others having an opposing opinion then the problem lies within you and not within the site.

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 11164

It isn't really an argument or differing opinions problem.
More of that fellow is a huge self righteous dick what makes everything about him.
I don't like that.

Sersys!CyQeb5KTDM 11167

File: 1380723155155.png (193.69 KB, 1000x1000, This+pony...+Lyra+hasn+t+do+mu…)

Being a dick is subjective. He has the right to be self righteous, it's not against the rules, here is nothing wrong with that. He will be treated as he behaves.

If he wants a feature to block others so be it, it's his loss, no harm done. If there is a programmer who agrees with this then they are free to compile one and should be free to enable it on the site, it's not like you can stop them from enabling it externally via greasemonkey or something but I don't think that mods, developers, and contributors should be forced waste their time on that.

Anonymous 11260

Honestly, I feel a filter such as this would be repugnant to the very nature of imageboards.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 11261

Personally I agree
But, eh. It doesn't affect my browsing experience if they want the site to be skype with images.

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 11262

It's already on 4chan.

Anonymous 11263

As if that's a good excuse. 4chan is going to shit. It'll be reddit 2.0 before long. As if its not already

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 11264

we don't have millions of posts a day
or millions of posters.

BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 11265

It's not to late to stop it, delete all of what you made.

You can only really filter Tripfags for 4chan which are low in number and all of them are pretty terrible as there is no good reason for a name or trip on that site so the people who do so should be filtered for their terrible posts, it is not going to have the same effect as it does on 4chan when done here.

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