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File: 1379813917814.png (2.92 KB, 421x46, Yes I am bitching about nothin…)

Stage name!!PJzkqS1qZb 10987

Hey guys.
I feel like bringing this up is really just me being a whining idiot, but why does another page load up when you click on pic related? Couldn't it easily be made to just show the entire post on the same page you are at?
I understand that this is totally unnecessary and more important things are to be worked on, but I thought it at least deserved some attention.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 10992

This is a good idea.

Tom' the /♥/ bringer 10994

That's a feature on 4chanX I believe…

However it'd mean the only way to access a whole thread is to click on the 'No' buttons next to post numbers which is kind of, well… impractical.

So does that mean we add another button? Wouldn't that look too heavy?

Tom' the /♥/ bringer 10995

File: 1379862765940.png (413.74 KB, 1279x688, dubitative.png)

Disregard this post, years in the imageboard community and I forget about the View button.

teh_Foxx0rz (Element of Textwall)!FoxxyWhyUQ 11031

File: 1380137619322.png (484.46 KB, 877x837, 134076661366.png)

While we're on this topic, in addition to supporting the sentiments of the OP, it irritates my sense of OCD that when you click a post number to bring up the inline view it also selects and highlights the post in the thread. And this cannot be gotten rid of except by refreshing the thread…

Anonymous 11035

that's an extremely useful feature and would irritate me immensely if it was gotten rid of.
perhaps make post highlighting an option?

teh_Foxx0rz (Element of Textwall)!FoxxyWhyUQ 11036

File: 1380145510564.png (570.53 KB, 1175x1027, 134077495187.png)


That would seem like the best idea, choose which suits you.
And/or maybe also a way to clear your highlighted posts, perhaps.

Anonymous 11037

It's already on the todo list under "low priority items". All in due time.

Anonymous 11038

This is agreeable. If implemented, can we keep highlighting as the default though?

teh_Foxx0rz (Element of Textwall)!FoxxyWhyUQ 11039

File: 1380147495846.png (546.13 KB, 720x719, idunno.png)


I'd see no problem with that, yeah.

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