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Voice Acting 'General' !!Fluttershy 10860

Now, I'll try and make this quick.

We have a lot of generals, and that I don't mind in the least, I think it's good that sub communities hare given an opportunity to thrive.

However a particular thread, 'voice acting general' just caught my attention. Not only does the thread have no kind of community at all, as far as I can see, but a majority of the few posts it has is from 1 month ago, the others being extremely scattered.
Don't get me wrong, it's a legitimate thread about voice acting, but I'm having trouble seeing it as a serial thread. It feels like someone just made a thread on a cool topic and decided to put 'General' after it to attract people. Which is fine, again, if a community thrives around it, but as it turns out none did.

I'm making this thread and posting it there as well to see if there's anyone who has any reason for the staff not to remove this thread from the Serial list. Again, this doesn't mean in any way voice acting threads aren't welcome, it just does not seem to have any community at the moment.

Anonymous 10865

File: 1379040362906.png (264.56 KB, 391x295, dui.png)

I think the silence of this thread says it all.

Anonymous 10881

My thoughts exactly. Removed, case close.


I want this to exist for the acronym.

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