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File: 1379014968150.jpg (233.03 KB, 618x573, 1370754050658.jpg)

Anonymous 10855

Hey, /site/!
How do i become a moderator?
I'll be super cool 'n shit
Gimme gimme

Totally real admin 10856

File: 1379015364756.jpg (65.27 KB, 578x578, 1376578329298.jpg)

Congratulations, you have been selected to be a site moderator due to your obvious skills and experience.

Wite your credit card info and your personal ID number in a reply to this post to pay a measly fee of 5$ for your privileges.

Anonymous 10857

File: 1379015515860.png (120.76 KB, 2040x1336, 383075__solo_suggestive_scoota…)

If I get dubs this cracker will be admin one day.

Anonymous 10858

File: 1379015701864.jpg (118.52 KB, 435x406, 1370756294371.jpg)

>nigga jelly of my dubs

Srsly, can do shit people tell me to, can stay away from drama, can stay on the computer all day due to no life or gf.

You'd do well to make me part of Anthony and his Merry Moderators.

Anonymous 10859

Sorry. This website is only for people with lives and girlfriends.

!!Big Macintosh 10861

The easiest way for me to describe it would be this:
Show us that you'd actually be a good moderator for the site.

Anonymous 10866

File: 1379048990839.jpg (142.3 KB, 1024x688, say that to my face nigga.jpg)


Well, i've had my hand in local politics (for better and for worse), there i had to handle distrebution of budgets used for concerts and youth events.

I really don't know how i can prove i'll be a good mod. Care to elaborate?

BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 10867

>I really don't know how i can prove i'll be a good mod. Care to elaborate?

You have to be tight with the staff. Start getting buddy buddy with them if you want to be above everyone else.

Anonymous 10870

File: 1379082687974.png (115.46 KB, 898x900, 296171__UNOPT__safe_vector_ros…)

You trying to tell me this site is run like a Skype group?

BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 10871

I am.

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 10872

Well, mostly I believe you have to prove you give a fuck about the community aroundabouts, and have experience along the lines of this sort've thing.
Like, say, offer proof of old moderation jobs you've done, like, say, Minecraft or some forums, or a steam group, stuff like that.
Or at least; I think that is how it works. I don't know that they are wanting anyone else, though.

!!Fluttershy ## Mod 10882

I'm not sure how ironic that was, but I'll clarify how much of a slander that is just to be sure.
When the site was started, Anonthony recruited people he knew were trustworthy, and of course that meant some of us were friends, but not necessarily, he barely knew Macil for example, I for one barely knew Marecline and Eudae, and so on.

Since then, the site has grown a community and that allows us to not rely on people we personally know but on people we believe are good community leaders. Our last community mod recruited to date, !!Big Mac, barely any of us knew, we just liked how he posted and he just happened to be very active on a board which we needed moderation on.
Among the people we have in our line of sight for a mod position - because you never know when we're gonna be needing someone else - none of them are our personal friends, and I'd like to make that clear, none of them are.
As a matter of fact I have a very clear personal rule which Anonthony is very much aware of that if someone is in any way emotionally involved with a staff member, they can't ever be on the staff or get any close to it in any way.
I'm not joking when I say he had to make that clear to a person he was having a relationship with at some point. So yeah, no, you don't become a mod by being "buddy buddy" with us, you become a mod by being a quality community member and really, by being at the right place at the right time.
You may be the best poster on /oat/, if we don't need a mod from /oat/, then we don't need to "recruit" you. We want to have a staff that represents every part of the community - not only the origins like /b/, /co/, Ponychan or /mlp/ - but also simply the sub communities here like /oat/, /b/&f, TKC, /anon/, /rp/…


>People haven't figured out I'm a mod yet

Anonymous 10884

This post was edited by a moderator on .

!!Big Macintosh 10885

File: 1379184074115.jpg (26 KB, 429x410)

I started answering questions on /site/ and without straight up telling the staff that I wanted to be a mod mostly cause I hadn't thought about it at that point. I was basically bored of doing nothing on the site so I started helping out and getting to know people for the sake of doing something more productive than lurking.
After doing that for a while, I started talking to 'thony again cause I had known him on ponychan, and I started talking to tom' again because we had met each other in the thread back on /b/ like, last summer.
Eventually they started taking notice in the fact that I was helping out a lot, and I also had years of experience admining and modding other sites, so it wasn't exactly the toughest decision for them to make.
As I said, prove yourself to be a good mod by being someone who would be a valuable asset to the team.

For the record, I was modded very specifically because I was extremely active on /anon/ and /mlp/ and the team needed someone who knew that community well enough to mod for it. A really good example is Roger. Roger had been posting on /site/ and /fic/ a lot. He's our dedicated /fic/ mod because he's both proven himself to be a good mod, and also proven himself to know how to mod /fic/ correctly. I don't ever touch /fic/ because I don't know the minute details of the board, whereas I'm on /anon/ all the time because I'm as much a part of that community as any other poster there is, and I have a good feel for how the posters there want their mod(s) to act.

>shhh shh shshshshshhhh. shh.

Tom' the /♥/ bringer 10886

File: 1379185172855.png (60.89 KB, 867x921, lurking 2_phletram.png)

For the record, the only reason why I started talking to him in the first place is because thony messaged me saying I should tell him what I thought of that guy to moderate.

Don't tell him though.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 10887

File: 1379185225631.jpg (15.59 KB, 222x251, 423-sad-computer.jpg)

>I thought we were friends


us mods, right guys?
us mods.

BatBane 10892

U so srs I was just makin fun yo.

Anonymous 10894

Well, i've been with /mlp/ since day one. Before that i hung around some scandinavian semi pont/semi funny sites (how i got introduced to the show)

Frequented /mlp/ until the scruffening, packed my bags and headded over to mlpchan.
Since then i've been chilling over at /anon/

In the name of LULZ i am also the creator of a local cult who worship the Seven Holy Horses (not related to MLP, this was before the show came out). Started it for shits and giggles with a buddy of mine, ended up with a tattoo and around 500 followers, including the local mayor.

You know. The reason i asked for mod is that i love the community, pride myself as a member of it, and wanted to help it in any way possible.

Anonymous 10896

Honestly, aside from the fact that I barely know anything about IRC or the technical side of things, I think I'd be a pretty decent mod.

But at the same time, the only board I go to is /anon/ and the whole point of that board is to have very lax moderation and let the community dictate it's own standards.

I mean I'm a very tolerant person, I would only ban persistent major shitposters/thread derailers (such as Grump Anon) or delete the constant threads about "I just got banned from 4chan what's this place like" or come into a good thread to be silly every once in a while.

One of the "problems" with being a mod is that people usually flip every time you make a post with the mod capcode thing, because when people know you're a mod they react much more strongly to what you post, they're afraid that every little thing you do will set some major precedent.

I mean imagine if a mod came into some random thread and posted "Rarity is worst pony" everyone would fucking FLIP and nobody would hear the end of it.

I would love to be a mod, but I'm also pretty happy being an anonymous "regular" user.


File: 1379336456534.png (141.41 KB, 294x526, 120.png)

imagebaords is srs bsness

Anonymous 10912

You don't need to know anything technical to be a mod here, that's only really a bonus.

Regarding /anon/ and modding, it's really just a feel sort of thing. I'd say that most of the time, I'm the only mod really handling /anon/, pretty much because the admin, Anonthony, isn't here at the moment.
There really aren't many "I just got banned from 4chan what's this place like" threads, it really only just seems that way.
Also, I don't think any of us would ever modpost something like "Rarity is worst pony". I mean honestly, I mod post too much on /anon/ as it is, and I hardly do it at all. It's all just in finding the balance that the board wants.


File: 1379566163467.png (171.3 KB, 700x900, ♪Broken Dreams♪.png)

>if someone is in any way emotionally involved with a staff member, they can't ever be on the staff or get any close to it in any way.

Anonymous 10940

>internet relationships

Macil!/5s/Techmk 10941

You don't have to be a mod to be a positive to the community. (Of course, I'm sure some will go further and even disagree with a certain presupposition present in that sentence!)

The mindset "If only I can become a mod, then I can help the community" isn't a good one. It goes the other way for people who happen to be modded. But of course being a good user can't and shouldn't regularly lead to becoming staff for everyone. The staff can't have every positive contributor. It shouldn't be seen as desirable by anyone for every quality user to get saddled with maintaining the site.

But before this thread rebounds back too far and sounds isolationist, I just want to reiterate that staff are part of the community too. I don't want people to think we're some sort of entirely disconnected system, or that they can't be friends with or should avoid staff members!

Anonymous 10956

File: 1379660193379.png (173.52 KB, 900x1131, spitfire__fleetfoot_costume_by…)

It's typically of good practice that, while technical maintenence isn't part of the obligations of site moderation, that the user at least has a decent understanding of HTML (tables, boxes, divs, links, etc.) It must be understood though that MLPchan only highers talented individuals, which is why it's necessary to inform you that every last mod here, in real life, is a torch juggler. Therefore, in order to be fully qualified, you must be, or have been at some point in your life, a five time winner of the Alaska Seasonal Juggling Competition and hone your skills to perfection.

Anonthony is in military training presently, but for security purposes, please send one strip of Teriyaki beef jerky to his mailing address so they can verify that you're a human being and not an alien or other extraterrestrial lifeform sent out to sabotage his beloved site.

I'm sure he'll thank you for your interest and will look forward to seeing the strip of beef jerky in the mail in several business days.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 11068

>beef jerky
I was told to send some corn chowder..

!Lawnyb.uhc 11075

File: 1380560751979.jpg (46.86 KB, 556x636, c47ad1844198d8dec63f0c098ea2aa…)

>talented individuals


Sersys!CyQeb5KTDM 11161

File: 1380706049766.png (51.81 KB, 894x894, gant__pony_standing_in_wind_by…)

And this, my friends, is pure glorious logical thinking. Moderation at it's best. The very reason why this site is so much better then /mlp/ or ponychan.

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