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Anonymous 10850

A muting option for the OP, in case of shitposters which derail the thread. The shitposter would get muted for 2 hours and wouldn't even realize he's muted, he'd get no message so he doesn't change the IP so quickly.

There's some more things like removing posts and giving 12hour mutes, but that's already getting overpowered for the op.
And then there's restrictions for OP having this option available for only 1 day after the thread was created, which would make him underpowered, especially on this slow board.
Or the restriction of only being able to mute up to 3 people or delete a max of 6 posts, which would prove useless if there's too many and the option doesn't refresh daily.


No, because:
1) The definition of "shitposter" and "shitposting" are too vague.
2) OP's bias would always factor in, which could stifle legitimate conversation.
3) What would OP do after all of the mutes are used up? What should have been done from the beginning: report the posts.
4) It would lead to inconsistencies in moderation. One poster might be muted for a post and another might not be for the same post simply because the OPs had different opinions. A side-effect of 1).

Anonymous 10852

File: 1378990844548.jpg (215.32 KB, 600x600, Cadance shiggy.jpg)

This. The OP would be bias to everything.
>saging on /site/


File: 1378998687960.png (83.06 KB, 701x481, tmp_1375882515450-1940829675.p…)

>bumping a bad idea
>anytime, anyplace

Anonymous 10854

File: 1379000789033.gif (1.03 MB, 272x198, dissapoint.gif)

"Good, let's do like reddit and let the OP hush other people when he's loosing an argument"

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 10862

>give OP powers that will almost certainly reduce the quality of the board
>use the already there report button
decisions decisions..

Anonymous 10863

>saging a thread on a board that barely moves
Add a nuclear holocaust button that anyone can press whenever their feelings get hurt.

Anonymous 10868

Look at it this way. When the OP is being a crappy janitor then the quality people can copy-paste the OP's subject and create their own thread. Most shitposters don't bother creating another thread just to badmouth, plus they'd stand out too much.
It would be a self-moderated anarchic board.


Sounds like a bunch of circlejerking.
As an example; you could mute myself for disagreeing with your idea.

In any case: Let's not run this like Reddit, please.

!iJerk1bUeo 11296

File: 1381025766644.png (226.98 KB, 800x960, Schoolgal Celly.png)

>nuclear holocaust button that anyone can press whenever their feelings get hurt

I'm going to have to ask a mod to confirm that.

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