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File: 1378869693285.gif (2.55 MB, 221x319, woona.gif)

Desert!Trackz/GDo 10811

Can we please ban Syria from MLPChan until they surrender their chemical weapons?



+1 for bandwagon

Fuck Syria.

Anonymous 10813

Who the fuck is "they"?

Desert!Trackz/GDo 10814

Syria as a whole country.

Anonymous 10815

I think roughly half the country is fighting to accomplish that.

!JUveNA/l/6 10816

If we get an answer for that, I'm pretty sure everyone would like to know that.

Anonymous 10817

File: 1378869899432.png (173.07 KB, 500x367, joke.png)

!JUveNA/l/6 10818

Who do you think you are, Sylvester Stallone?

Anonymous 10819

Banning Syria for having chemical weapons would be dumber than banning Australians because you don't like the new PM.

Desert!Trackz/GDo 10820

I'm sure you've heard all about those nasty Syrians in the news lately. Wouldn't you like a safer MLPchan where you wouldn't have to worry about them sneaking a snuke up your shniz?

Please think of the children, and sign our petition to ban Syria from MLPchan until they surrender their arsenal. Jesus and Obama will thank you for it.

!JUveNA/l/6 10821

File: 1378870287121.png (183.91 KB, 846x476, 1335748717665.png)

Are we banning Syrian IPs or are we banning talk about their Civil War?

Desert!Trackz/GDo 10823

We're banning the entire country.

!JUveNA/l/6 10824

File: 1378870388088.jpg (12.93 KB, 500x636, 1335749216678.jpg)

If we ban Syria, then we get less load for the site and Macil doesn't have to spannerwhack the server rack anymore

Sign me up

Desert!Trackz/GDo 10825

Hopefully this will promote a peaceful resolution to the chemical weapons crisis and further convince Syria to give up their weapons.

Anonymous 10826

You know Assad's on board with that plan, right?

Desert!Trackz/GDo 10827

or IS he

Anonymous 10828

Didn't Cod 4 have a story line of U.S. Marines invading an Arab nation with a president named Assad after he's assassinated by Islamic rebels being supported by Russian nationalists. Dragging the U.S., The United Kingdom, and several other NATO nations into armed conflict in Russia?

!JUveNA/l/6 10830

Russia was in Civil War at the time, and the Arab country was a distraction for the ultranationalist Russians to take over Russia.

Desert!Trackz/GDo 10831

File: 1378870825283.gif (946.33 KB, 600x679, 130024__UNOPT__safe_princess-l…)

I also propose we ban all Abbos

Desert!Trackz/GDo 10833

File: 1378870995156.gif (1.11 MB, 381x271, 1322544271912.gif)

We have to make sure.

Desert!Trackz/GDo 10835

File: 1378871146916.gif (420.25 KB, 800x450, 131329__UNOPT__safe_oc_animate…)

once an abbo
always an abbo
born an abbo

Anonymous 10837

File: 1378875255795.jpg (29.05 KB, 600x449, n.jpg)

we should b& all the muzzises until they stop shitting in the streets or they get a less shitty religion.

Anonymous 10838

File: 1378877400976.gif (1.45 MB, 255x191, 1377607745532.gif)

good goyims. Syria is bad.

Anonymous 10841

File: 1378906734381.jpg (34.23 KB, 314x438, 1378396830727.jpg)

>banning Syrians
you cheeky jewish kunts

Anonymous 10842

File: 1378909894899.png (145.64 KB, 439x750, wow fasion doge.png)

How bout
How bout we like.. like b& Jews and Muslims?
That way, everyone with a soul is happy!

Anonymous 10844

Gr8 b8 m8, I r8 8/8!

Anonymous 10845

I propose a ban of all first world countries.

If you have to browse mlpchan, find a proxy in a third world country.


File: 1378924086832.png (69.39 KB, 223x226, 137888662471.png)

OP from LP General, kill yourself.

Anonymous 10847

File: 1378925720106.jpg (15.15 KB, 332x326, 1367078739015.jpg)

It sounds like a good idea.
Let's start off with Jews!
So, why are you still here?

Anonymous 10848

File: 1378931577099.png (153.58 KB, 672x204, As u can see.png)

>saging on /site/
>being this much of an asspie
Back you your cirlejerk containmet thread, you miserable faliure.

To count them shekles, my man.

Anonymous 10849

File: 1378937462340.png (67.58 KB, 320x320, Fluttershy Faggot2.png)

>LP General
>saging on /site/


Russia is always in a Civil War. Didn't you know?

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