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/pic/, where art thou? Anonymous 10774

Has been a while (maybe two months) since anybody has made a significant contribution to /pic/. I think that everybody just shits out their images onto /anon/ now.

I just noticed tonight that /pic/ is missing from the frame above. Are we nuking the board or is it going to be alive for all eternity?

Anonymous 10778

File: 1378736475090.jpg (41.8 KB, 555x378, nothing.jpg)

/pic/ is still around?
Holy shit, i didn't even notice

Looks like it's outlived it's usefullness, seing how everything /pic/ does, /anon/ and
(i assume) /oat/ can do just as well.

looks like it's time to make like a Chineese baby girl and abort it.

Tom' the /♥/ bringer 10784

It was barely getting any posts, /pic/ failed to find a community within MLPchan. The threads were there, but honestly, boorus are just so much better that barely anyone was visiting the board too.

It was our desire to keep /pic/ as a hidden board when we did the big board changes a few months back, partly because, well, it's still a huge database of pictures, and partly because if we ever get a large demand for that board to come back, it's possible.

As it is, pic dumbs are authorized on /art/ for art things, and on /oat/ and /anon/ for about anything pony.
If there's a large demand for /pic/ to come back, it can be done, but it needs to be significant. /pic/ was at 0 posts per week before we removed it.

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