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File: 1378698400235.jpg (75.06 KB, 800x544, How to troll.jpg)

Sit on hands moderation. BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 10737

Back when this site was first created the idea of user moderation worked well enough, drama was around but not enough to a excessive amount, now that the site has grown and the diversity of our users has expanded self moderation can no longer work and no longer can this sites staff sit on their hands.
Back when Scat anon was around our staff allowed him to do as he pleased which was to harass a poster for his own amusement, eventually staff members stepped in but gave underwhelming responses to the problem which allowed him to force Mikie for a small time to leave the board until finally be banned, but only was so because of collective user demand of something that should have happened way before the users would need to do such as that.

Now today /oat/ has a somewhat of the same problem problem with different users.
Almost everyday if not everyday there has been fighting and massive thread derails focused around Toybox for about transgenderds and sometimes different reasons.
Although Toyboxs responses escalated such fights like jumping from 0 to 10 when one of her enemy posters make a hostile comment about the controversial topic or attacking an anon in full force who has just arrived and does not know much about Toy or her condition, but what is clear to me is that most of these are not started by Toy.

Some of these anons may have been wronged first by Toy as she lashed out at anything around her when these were happening but the ones who follow to each thread she posts in shining a spot light on the posts she makes and them mocking them in some way forces the derail are the real problem behind this drama.

I will not be going into detail about about the trans argument or my views on it and neither should anyone who responds to this post as we have hear the argument over a thousand times and it makes no progress.

This problem has more users involved and for different reasons so the same answer would not work and I do not suggest the banning of the people involved, but this cannot be allowed to continue.

As said at the beginning our chan has grown, our community has reached a point on where we are to divided to settle and it will only go on. We need our mods to step in to stop these derails, to stop the true derailers of each individual threads that attempt to continue this endless fight.

The conditions of this chans creation has made the staff fearful of being overbearing and oppressive making them reluctant to do any form of punishment but having to little moderation is also a problem that must be fixed.

If Toybox comes in running yelling about how anons or whatever users and they are talking about some unrelated to her topic then she should be stopped in full view of everyone by one of our staff and if she doesn't she must be punished.
If it is an anon or some other named poster talking about her by making a post with a hidden attack towards Toybox about this issue in hopes of getting an angered response then they should be the one to have the mods come in to stop it

Both believe that they are not starting these fights but one of them clearly is and the mod staff going for the true offender will hopefully end this issue. This does not need to go on forever at some point these users while being encouraged to not start aggressive topics that they know will end in a complete shitstorm they may end up learning to live with each other.

If and when the posters who are grudging against each other in this thread meet I urge you to stay civil and to not attempt to anger the each other.

The Blue Cat!evjnXFuycY 10738

I support this action. Fights shouldn't happen in oat. Its a suppose to be a fun place, and making people angry and sad is bad. Im sorry, im not good with words.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 10739

Personal opinion: I sympathize with toybox, I really do. But arguments about her are always centered around her transgenderness. The anons change. She doesn't. My brain sees this as her being the problem. I logically know that she isn't, but, perhaps she should try not to let people get her goat so easily. A thick skin is a good thing. Not a bad thing.

As a user of the internet of 10 or so years:
No, FUCK that. Toy has every choice in the world to NOT fucking talk. She can just not respond to trolls. Has she not learned that they troll her for a response? The internet will not bend to her will, and if she expects it too, she can get right the fuck out.

As a mod: Fuck man. Talk to Tom or Mellow about this stuff. I stick to /anon/ and /site/ cause I'm comfortable enough to mod those places. I am not comfortable modding /oat/, I simply am not enough part of the community to mod it effectively. It would be like asking a bull to calmly drink tea in a china shop. Two different worlds, yo.

Regarding the changes in how staff should handle things, I'm partially in agreeance. I'm already rather hands on when it comes to my modding style, and no one's seemed to complain all that much so far, so it doesn't seem like that much of a problem…HOWEVER. We are not your babysitters, and we shouldn't be expected to be babysitters. You're grown men and women. Start acting like it.

Anonymous 10740

Sounds good. The times I have been on /oat/, I have seen anons and Toybox arguing. There should be a mod that tries to help threads not derail.


File: 1378702192882.jpg (305.89 KB, 1315x1500, Cxq4z2T.jpg)

>arguments about her are always centered around her transgenderness. The anons change. She doesn't. My brain sees this as her being the problem.

I've been a member of this site since it's second day of existence. My gender issues have never been an issue, or a topic of discussion until this last week, where it has been constant. And not brought up by me. Think about that.

>she can get right the fuck out.

Already done. I'm not bothering with this again. Goodbye.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 10742

>think about that
thought about
I suppose I was wrong.


later toybox. See you tomorrow.


File: 1378702333148.jpg (359.05 KB, 600x847, 1504200-2AXH286.jpg)

No. You won't.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 10744

Actually, you're right again! I don't go to /oat/ very often, so I'm not exactly the best mod to ask when it comes to things regarding /oat/
Pretend I never responded to this thread.

BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 10745


>Personal opinion:
>A thick skin is a good thing. Not a bad thing.
>As a user of the internet of 10 or so years:
>No, FUCK that. Toy has every choice in the world to NOT fucking talk. She can just not respond to trolls. Has she not learned that they troll her for a response? The internet will not bend to her will, and if she expects it too, she can get right the fuck out.

I and several others have told her this on site and in private, I have told her to grow up called her a bitch at times but sadly she still feels compelled to defend the issue for reasons that are valid if they were in the real world not on a chan that can be filled with trolls wanting her to get mad and fly off the handle. Since working that side doesn't work and knowing you shouldn't on a consideration point doesn't work for the other side, it means that an outside source must step in and help put a stop to it. The staff does not need to take sides past whatever current situation they end up going into like I said in the examples. The offenders the told to stand down or be punished, with clear evidence that they are infact the ones at fault, wont be hard to get it since it will be in the same thread.

>As a mod:

>Fuck man. Talk to Tom or Mellow about this stuff. I stick to /anon/ and /site/ cause I'm comfortable enough to mod those places.

Your opinion still as a mod and actions as a mod even in boards that you don't fully wish to go to can still have a big impact on how it develops even if you spend just a small amount of time helping the situation.

>We are not your babysitters, and we shouldn't be expected to be babysitters. You're grown men and women. Start acting like it.

At some point when users clearly cannot handle a conflict on their own the sites staff whatever the site may be should step in or else such activities become known as acceptable, this kind of activity is not acceptable and it is clear that the conflict will not end peacefully without it so something must be done.
If staff size is a problem and you do not have enough people to watch over the place to do what is required (and I am pretty sure we have enough mods) then we must take in more staff in order to keep order.

Yah it needs to end.

This thread is to help fix what is going on, if you help it along it will go much better.

Don't cast aside a chance to end the constant fighting between you and the others.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 10746

Fair point(s).

Anonymous 10747

File: 1378702883659.png (174.55 KB, 500x569, stoped reading.png)

>self moderation can no longer work
lol dis nigga

BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 10748

Are you familiar with how the site ran itself before /mlp/ moved into /anon/?

Anonymous 10749

File: 1378703885434.jpg (144.47 KB, 1280x720, 1378302373123.jpg)

is it relevant if i did?
You tripfags usualy play nice, and /anon/ can govern itself.

If there is a problem it gets reported.
We don't need no police state, do you really want a Ponychan 2 Electric Boogaloo?

ancara22!CYOaCSR0Sk 10750

I don't like to usually ever post during these kinds of situations (mainly due to not wanting to make an ass out of myself or making things worse), but I feel I might as well do so.

I think that honestly, with how this has gone, a few things come to mind for me about this. First of all, one point towards the anons in question form: For those that kept this up or so on, WHY did you prefer to keep it up with her? I know this whole mess is all crazy and the trolling that happened here got everyone sour, but I wanna hear your side of things, to understand this better.

A second point, which is about Toybox: I get how you feel about this, and about how the anons have been the past week. And you have indeed made obvious in the past about how much you dislike them. Still, you kinda tended to explode at anons like an inferno at times, and…..that likely didn't go well for you. I dunno if you're even there anymore, or if you truly did keep to your word and left for good, but listen: Sometimes, you gotta realize when a post is baiting you, and ignore it. That DOESN'T mean, I'll be clear here, but it means you gotta be stone-hearted now, or that it's "never going to solve the problem". It simply is showing you wish to be left alone, and that you'd prefer not to converse with them.

Finally, as for how to handle this: I'd suggest everyone try to cool down, take a break from this mess. And perhaps also, try to think about things a bit. To the poster constantly going at Toybox, you know how easy it's been to get her goat. Is it really worth the challenge or "fun" you like, when there's none there for you anymore? Toybox, a few anons and posters have been dicks and trolls, but does that mean honestly to just ragequit the whole thing just like that?

I'm unsure how others will view what I post here, and I hope to the gods this doesn't get taken the wrong way, but both sides need to cool down, think about things, and try to go about things as usual. And if things continue to go like this, then mod intervention is a good thing, but only if truly need-be.

Anonymous 10751

File: 1378704159575.jpg (64.38 KB, 600x542, Fluttershy Nigga.jpg)

>inb4 Airstrip One
/anon/ is doing good with itself, it's just /oat/ needs a little watching over.

BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 10752

How the site wishes to handle its users is for it to solve its own personal problems. In spirit it is the right thing to do and it can work when the site is very small and personal for each person and the current problem is pretty much nonexistent in /anon/ as most are unable to hold personal grudges against other users, and most of the time yes the tripfags of /oat/ do get along more or less, but there is a problem right now, one that has been going on for weeks. Our threads are being derailed into flame wars between a small amount of posters and even some (even tho a small amount) of threads are being made as a subtle attack against their enemy posters. I am asking for the traditional way of handling these types of things to be cast aside for this conflict and things that resemble it because they will not end and may get worse without intervention.

I am not asking for site wide Ponychan be nice or be banned, but this is consuming the board and forcing someone out for a stupid reason.

/anon/ is fine being /anon/ and needs no more extra governing.

>I'd suggest everyone try to cool down, take a break from this mess.

Sadly like I said in private, this does not seem to be much of an option for either side and something needs to be done or permanent damage may happen.


Bliv 10753

File: 1378705323365.png (51.08 KB, 139x188, Youre my favorite anon.png)

I propose the accused be paddled.


File: 1378707951784.jpg (127.7 KB, 900x987, sorceress_by_infinote-d3ish3t.…)

I'm not casting aside anything. I'd like to see this resolved as well. I want to be able to post without having anyone rub things in my face every single day.

If that can happen, fine. But I just don't really see it. The people doing it are having too much fun abusing me for their own amusement. I'm just not going to be their toy anymore. If they can be civil, I'll be civil.

I'm not asking alot. I simply wish to be addressed as a she, as I feel I should be. I'm not asking them to jack off to pictures of me, or even approve of what I have to deal with. But they don't need to rub it in my face every day just to see if they can get a reaction out of me. I'm sick of it.


File: 1378708040867.jpg (71.69 KB, 370x515, tAG_158656.jpg)

Also, what the fuck happened to my tripcode?



>The internet will not bend to her will, and if she expects it too, she can get right the fuck out.

>How to tell when someones from efchan.txt

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 10757

Admittedly, that's more of a golden age /b/ or even SA forums type thing.


also yeah i agree with op and stuff
god damn it's 3:40 i'm gonna be a fucking wreck when i wake up

Z 10759

I'm just going to say my part and leave… and I'm not on anyone's side in this. I'm just a 3rd party looking in and giving his personal incite to the issue at hand.

In accordance to the rules of the site, a ban-able offense is if there is disruptive behavior that prevents someone from engaging in a thread. So far, this chain of events has shown the behavior to be disruptive (seeing as this thread here exists is another example of that). Now, on top of that, harassing another poster is also a ban-able offense as it goes hand in hand with disruptive behavior and reinforces that rule. So off of that, simply the rules that are visible to all on the home page to the site, the posters in question who "harass" and "disrupt" others should be banned. Now who these posters are, well… that would be up to the mods to decide, but the fact that the mods themselves have yet to enforce the rules that they have set is worrisome. So, the only thing to add to this would be for the mods to be moderators and settle this little… dispute. NOT sit and wait and hope that the "problem" settles itself thanks to "user moderation".

TL:DR - Mods should enforce the rules they have set because if they don't then the who should listen to them anyway?


File: 1378712480277.png (148.16 KB, 441x544, 250.png)

dear god…

uhhh… well.

i will admit the board is getting a bit hostile, yeah. i been seeing lots of arguments between anons and toybox. tho, most of the time they targeted at her in specific. if i recall correctly it's even happend in my general… although to be fair, yes, toy should just ignore them. that'd be the best way to go. and i have seen her provoke anons as well.

but it's hard to do that at times when they bring up things that you most sensitive too.

and when they keep doing it, even when it's asked to stop there should be a ban involved.

just my thoughts.

and none of this "MLPchan is turning into pchan 2.0." bullshit, it's just simple moderation that helps provide a nice place for users to post and have fun.

and just to clear things up while i am here, i have no issues with anons in specific. if you're gonna be a douchebag to me, ill be one to you right back.

even moot said (i wish i still had the cap) said using anonymity for soul purpose of cheap laughs isn't right.

it's simple things you learn in grade school. treat others the way you want to be treated.

i get it's the internet and you shouldn't take it so seriously, and i advocate that a lot.

but there's a place where you can draw a line.


File: 1378712546103.png (433.32 KB, 1131x961, 227.png)


that's the most i think i've ever typed on a imageboard

!!Fluttershy ## Mod 10762

>We need our mods to step in to stop these derails
Will do. Thank you for the input.

!!Fluttershy 10763

For those who prefer a longer answer, there really is not.

I've seen Toybox being an issue in /oat/ threads for over a year now, and I've grown tired of it. Next time you see something resembling an attack on that poster, or an attempt to start an argument by that poster, don't reply, report it, it will be dealt with appropriately.

This pot is to be considered a warning to both toybox and anyone who wants to stir up any argument with them.

I hope that answers OP's concerns as well as those of everyone here.

BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 10764

>don't reply, report it, it will be dealt with appropriately.
I did that earlier today and nothing happened.

Anonymous 10765

Well to be fair we only have like 3 active mods :/

BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 10766

Yes *active* We have Macil teching, Legandary doing what little moderation that is needed in /anon/ and Mellow providing underwhelming actions in /oat/ because apparently he isn't allowed to do anything stronger.

Anonymous 10767

Dunno what to say, man…

!!Fluttershy 10768

I've been monitoring reports most of the day, I didn't see it, a mod saw your report and thought it wasn't worth intervening.
As I said I've given my instructions and this won't happen again.

SarfTheMagnico (Element Of Passion) !wggeWu9bgQ 10769

File: 1378716522444.jpg (94.36 KB, 325x473, 371688__safe_solo_scootaloo_si…)

So I was asked to post my opinion here after long conversation with Batbane.

Personally, I am a fan of very little moderation. A mod should not be there to maintain topic or remove users for expressing a particular opinion, and certain debate is healthy for topic growth.

However, there is a fine line between what should be allowed, and what shouldn't. This honestly feels like an open and shut case to me.

If Toybox is being harassed in the sense that an Anon is seeking her out and intentionally going out of his way to hinder her time spent on this board, she should not have to avoid him. Yes, that's a valid option, one I would personally choose, but Toybox, and presumably the Anon, are both regular members of the board; neither should face hindrance to visit or participate in the community. However, if little Johnny is standing in front of Sally, she can't very well see the TV, can she?

And while this may not be that black and white, I don't believe that a team of moderators should let Toybox be continuously bullied.

If it was Anon making a point and Toybox always disagreeing, that's a different story, but I'm under the impression it isn't.

>No, FUCK that. Toy has every choice in the world to NOT fucking talk. She can just not respond to trolls. Has she not learned that they troll her for a response? The internet will not bend to her will, and if she expects it too, she can get right the fuck

What the hell is the point of a moderator if they just stand around while someone is clearly getting bullied. Excuse me, maybe I'm missing something about the issue.

Do you remember how in school they taught us to 'turn the other cheek'

And then that asshole kid who stole your lunch threw sand in your face?

If that kid is jeering at you and talking behind your back, fuck him, I don't care. But if he goes out of his way every day to make your life a living hell, why the hell should the poor kid getting sand in his face have to suffer? Is it his fault Mr. Sand-Throwing Asshole has divorced parents and gets beaten by his dad? No! Send that little Sand-Throwing Punk to therapy, don't pretend he isn't there!

Please don't pick apart my analogy. That sucked, and I'm in an analogy mood. My point is that there is line in which yes, Toy should turn the other cheek, and then there is crossing this line where the Anon has gone too far, and Toy should not have to leave the freaking chan to get away from him. That seems pretty simple to me. That is when a moderator should act, and if MLPchan's Mods do not act, that is a dramatic failure on there part.

I've had faith in this site from the beginning, but this is a pretty simple scenario. Fail to act, and you're going to lose a lot of respect.

(Please bear in mind that that was a general statement to the whole mod team, and in no way directed specifically at you. I love you guys, but come on…this is pretty simple.)

>We are not your babysitters

Yes. A moderator is not there to be a lifeline or to clean up your drama, HOWEVER, they are there to keep a community somewhere its regular users will want to hang around. There is a fine line between when a moderator should have to act, and when they shouldn't.

>>There should be a mod that tries to help threads not derail.

This is a good example of when moderation should not be used. For a derail? Absolutely not. This is where Ponychan went wrong.

However a communities users should be able to freely use the site without hindrance.They shouldn't be faced with grotesque or disturbing content, unless previously warranted, and they should not face harassment or ridicule.

BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 10770

Mod action is what I was pushing for in the end and I do encourage the mods to keep a closer eye on /oat/ to look out for it as well.

But if the offenders are met with an underwhelming slap on the wrist I will be coming back pissed as this has gone on to long for it to be treated as a light offence.

SarfTheMagnico (Element Of Passion) !wggeWu9bgQ 10771

File: 1378716832673.jpg (131.67 KB, 413x580, 371822__safe_solo_scootaloo_tr…)

With all due respect, you kind of remind me of the U.N. right now. I don't think I should have to explain why.

!!Fluttershy 10772

Most of your post is completely out of place because you are completely disregarding the fact that that same poster has been the center of so much drama for so long while no one poster in particular has focused on harassing them, anon or not anon.
That's the real issue at hand here.

As I have said. Offenders will be dealt with appropriately.

SarfTheMagnico (Element Of Passion) !wggeWu9bgQ 10773

File: 1378717885664.jpg (116.37 KB, 411x573, 371826__safe_solo_scootaloo_tr…)

I see.

That's a difficult issue to deal with (obviously). On one hand, you can't completely ignore the issue, on the other, it's foolish to start banning people left, right, and center.

What I think is needed here is a certain level of compromise. Not doing anything is /not/ an option, which I believe we've established already, however there should be a certain balance given to both sides. No one poster should be abused or bullied, no matter the party or parties directly involved. That's pretty black and white. If Toybox is being openly harassed, there needs to be a clear message that that won't be tolerated. Maybe starting with something of a small /oat/-only ban (I don't know if that's actually possible, so excuse me.) I would think once the idea was laid out that harassment would not be tolerated and there WOULD be consequences, it would become a pretty simple scenario. No, Toybox shouldn't respond directly. No, she should not have to go out of her way to avoid them.


File: 1378722295045.jpg (81.07 KB, 468x652, tumblr_mjfwwenmfx1s6zf7so1_500…)

The main issue I see with this situation is that most solutions are double edged, or would require a community wide effort to not feed the trolls.

The best solution I can see would be the filter, but since I'm not a wizard like Mac… i can't make that happen.

Though I will offer one thing, since I'm usually available for most of the day even when working, people can add me on skype (use my email in my name) and just poke me with a link to the offending posts and I'll probably be able to deal with it better than the tiny report field text and trying to figure out what the actual what is going on since you could just tell me.
And don't worry if I'm DND, I always am because I'm in several skype groups that do calls all the time and that popup is annoying.

Hopefully it would be of some help, and it's really the best I can offer to alleviate this issues at this time.



Thank you. As someone who's posted on EFChan for a year, I can tell you that you can be Not Ponychan to the point where you're as bad as Ponychan anyway. I don't think anyone's advocating mass bans and setting the entire populace on fire but some people get a little too trigger happy when they know they can get away with saying anything they want with no repurcussions.


File: 1378755988425.png (341.18 KB, 351x561, are_you_kidding_me.png)

>Spelling /ef/ as "EFChan".

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 10785

The solution is a tripfilter.
Toybox can also filter anons, so it is win-win.

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 10786

Oh, also, I am completely against this.
In Scat Anon's instance, he was actively breaking the rules by posting what would by many be counted as overtly sexual, and he was also harassing Mikie.
Until someone is actually breaking the rules, it should not matter. You can call in a mod to assist the retailing of a topic, mind, by say deleting posts that derailed it. But otherwise, let's not become Ponychan 2.0

!!Fluttershy 10787

A trip filter… is an idea. It could work.
An anon filter, never, why? Because legitimate anons will keep posting anon and you won't see them while anyone who wants to piss somnone off will just put in a random name like asdsa in. Anon users are the soul of an imageboard - legitimate ones - and filtering them out can only harm it in the long run.

It's understood that no one is talking about giving out warning-less permas or even anything close.

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 10788

Toy is pretty much the only one who would.
Also demanded it in the thread on tripfilters, if that matters.
Frankly, Toy is never going to not respond to trolls. The only way for that to cover is if Toy never sees said trolls.
I agree, though. I happen to like anons.
Even short bans, for something that is not against the rules is extreme to me.
Of course, I'm one of those who likes the never-been-banned records, so to others it might not be an issue.
For me, anyways, it falls onto something of honor. So a hour or two of ban time is liable to make myself up and leave, assuming it isn't for something what was against the rules.
Again, though, that is just me. Likely not everyone is as prideful.

Desert!Trackz/GDo 10789

So after a year of proposing a trip filter, are we finally going to stop talking about it and actually make it?

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 10793

File: 1378767990410.jpg (86.45 KB, 845x634, 1372886434104.jpg)

I think the reason they haven't is that they are worried everyone will filter eachother out.

BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 10794

Although yes a tripfilter is the long term solution to this problem we don't know when or how long it will take for it to be finished, but the fighting has gone on long enough and needs to end.

>Oh, also, I am completely against this.
>Until someone is actually breaking the rules, it should not matter. You can call in a mod to assist the retailing of a topic, mind, by say deleting posts that derailed it.

Everything needs a line that should not be crossed or else it is chaos as then everything goes, the line crossed here is time. This fighting between these posters has gone on for to long and consumed to many threads.


>Even short bans, for something that is not against the rules is extreme to me.

Like Tom said no one is suggesting super bans without warning, but if the mods go in and the people who are causing the derail outright ignore them something needs to happen or else nothing may as well happen.

Normally these matters are solved with the users who are fighting as should be, but clearly that is not going to happen now and we need some force to stop the fighting to bridge the gap between now and the filter, or else we have what we been getting now.

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 10795

File: 1378768942145.jpg (124.36 KB, 445x515, 133248037322.jpg)

I said short bans. Not superbans.
Anyway; they can fix derails by deleting the offending posts, and maybe making a quick comment of "stay on topic" or something.
Bans are no good.

BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 10796

I was just referring to what Tom said when I said the superbans, and deleting the posts and demanding that they do not start the fight again is what is supposed to happen, banning people is only if they ignore the mods demands.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 10798

The filter is not being made at the moment because Mac' is busy with all the other things that need coding. No other reason.

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