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BMO 10636

We need to delete any and all "Please Ban Poster-X"
"Please Remove Poster-X from the site"

That kind of pointless hate towards any poster, no matter how bad said poster is, creates a harsh and loveless environment for everyone where people just hate-box and, at worse, dictate which posters are "allowed" to be here.

I don't want posters to just be having echo rooms for their hate in /site/, I'd rather not have hate based echo rooms.
But the worst idea is allowing people to believe that they control the site based on their whims, or even worse, actually give them that control.

Also, if you want to get yourself perma banned, first, that's bad. But second, you should just talk to the mods over emails instead of posting here on /site/. So those threads shouldn't be around either.

Anonymous 10638


creates nothing but useless drama

Anonymous 10640

File: 1378426440842.png (425.88 KB, 611x519, Dash Reactor.png)


BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 10677

File: 1378432767891.jpg (40.22 KB, 312x312, Asian_chicks_hate_Weegee.jpg)

If I never made the thread wanting Scat anon removed the mods may have never done anything. Sometimes it is needed if mods are just sitting on their hands.

BMO 10678

Look, while I agree to an extent, I don't want to see people just picking people to vote off the island. I definitely don't want people creating echo chambers for hate.
And I definitely don't want to see posters offing people they happen not to like.

While you have people like ScatAnon, who I agree was someone who should be out right removed, who's to stop everyone from just getting in a big group and getting rid of anyone they just "don't like."

I won't want to see this site become "Hot Fuzz"

Anonymous 10679

or The Crucible

BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 10682

File: 1378434393715.jpg (21.35 KB, 272x320, Fat Horse.jpg)

This is purely something Toy should be trying to do, but in the wrong way.

Making multiple threads be it her own thread or others to be merged into the same problem isn't right but ignoring and not doing anything about it would be also bad.

No point in saying the ways I think it should have gone is pointless right now as it has already happened but the reactions of these things make them much worse.

Anonymous 10691

File: 1378490154108.jpg (76.08 KB, 450x373, 1377985610955.jpg)

Let's make it ilegal to hate as well, it's just one of the most basic human emotions anyways, i'm sure we can ignore it just fine.

Yes Goyim, let's let the shitposters run rampant, i'm sure un-paied moderators will gladly shift through hundreds of posts every single day.

Nigga you can't do that, i don't mind scatanon because i don't find "litteral" shitposting ofencie in any way, shape or form.

Let's use this as an example: I don't like people who post anthro, it's not a fetish i share. Should mods b& everything anthro because i don't like it? Fuck no.

You can't preach A while doing B, dummy.

BMO 10693

I'm fine with hate. Sure, I'd love if people didn't hate as often or found better outlets, but that can't always happen.

But trying to ban people on that hate is just dumb.

But, you're right. I can't preach A while doing B. I can't say we shouldn't ban people who everyone else asks to ban while saying that no one should start these threads.

Although I would argue that ScatAnon was spamming and probably breaking a Rule 34 rule somewhere. Like, if it weren't every other thread and it was actually spoilered, and it was sometimes, then it would have been fine. And it would have been more fine if he didn't then go "Oh, it wasn't me lol, it was my bro."

Still, at the time, I'd argue that he was constantly breaking the rules and that eventually warrants a larger ban.

TL:DR ScatAnon didn't post anything wrong, it was how he posted it that broke the rules. Breaking the rules is bad, mang.

Anonymous 10695

File: 1378492877643.png (1.02 MB, 1306x735, biggie shiggs.png)

As much as i love every cell in my body the ones causing cancer gots to go, you can't save 'em all, buddy.

We need to face the facts and call a shovel a shovel here, some people are cruel, evil voilent or even worse , anoying, faggoty and just down right cancerous.


File: 1378492951727.png (160.93 KB, 590x463, 19.png)

yeah, gonna have to agree with you on this, BMO.

however, if there really is a poster who is making a huge disruption the board on a daily basis when told told to stop x amount of times (ie: scatanon), then they should be permab&

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 10701

pls rmve bmo he is wrst pster.

But, yeah. I agree.
Mind, this is the "pls remove poster X because fuck him" not the "Remove poster X because it is apparent that he is doing Y"
Preferably backed with proof, or something, like it was with Scat Anon.

Anonymous 10714

I've only ever had a problem with one major shitposter/avatarfag/namefag on /anon/, you probably know who I mean but I'm not gonna use his name because he doesn't deserve the attention anymore, for the most part he seems to have learned his lesson.

I agree that people shouldn't be banned just because other people don't personally like them/what they post, but in some cases it is very clear that what a poster is doing is just not okay, at least on certain boards.

Ex. someone spams, I don't know, let's say /rp/ with gore, I report it, wait a few hours, it's still there, then I would come here and make a thread about it (I don't actually go on /rp/ but that's just an example).

I'm a huge proponent of ignoring/hiding things you don't like, such as subjective tastes in sexual fetishes.



Meant to add that's the whole point of generals, consolidating all posts about a specific topic/fetish such as Milky Way, unbirthing, Bat Pony etc. into one recurring thread so it doesn't overwhelm people.

That was the whole problem with the namefag I mentioned, he came into any thread he didn't like and derailed it by dumping off-topic images and calling us all faggots when he should have just clicked the [-] box by the OP.

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