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File: 1378264578389.jpg (98.7 KB, 1010x713, Mlpchanminecraft.jpg)

The official mlpchan Minecraft Server. BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 10599[Last 50 Posts]

Hello and welcome to the official MLPchan Minecraft server thread!

The server address is easy to remember, simply put mlpchan.net in the connection box!
1# GRIEFING: People work hard on their creations, and they don't need to come on the sever to see it destroyed! The staff will place a protection on the base of any player who requests it (this is highly recommended!), but that does not mean that unprotected buildings are open game to destroy.

This also applies to areas of land that have not been moved into by a player. Please do not try to make the server look ugly by digging random pits and leaving trees only half cut everywhere.

Do not slaughter animals that clearly belong to another player. (For insignificant farm animals, breeding them first and killing a number equal to the new babies is okay. Killing all of them is not okay.)

Do not dig one block straight down to bedrock; besides being ugly, that's practically setting a deathtrap for someone to fall into.

Do not go pour lava everywhere, fire spread is off but this still creates a hazard and makes the server ugly.

2# THEFT: Stealing from other players is against the rules. Players are highly recommended to lock their chests of valuables. If you some how get past a lock, steal from a lock that is for some reason not working, or steal from a chest that a user tried to lock but failed is against the rules, then players will be refunded their items and the thief punished.

Users are responsible for locking their own chests. If you do not lock your chest or attempt to do so your items might not be refunded. Some exceptions may occur.

3# OUTSIDE MODS: You may not have mods or hacks that give you an unfair advantage such as flying, X-ray vision, no fall damage, etc. You will be banned for using any of these.

4# KILLING OTHER PLAYERS: PVP outside of PVP areas is not allowed. Do not attempt to find ways to damage other players when you shouldn't. Areas that allow PVP will be added later.

5# PLAYING WITH OTHERS: You don't have to like everyone who joins the server or be nice to them, but do not disrupt the chat by constant fighting, harassment, or getting in the way of their activities unless they directly affect you.

Server Plugins and Commands
The server's gameplay is close to regular Minecraft, though there's a few minor additions you will want to be aware of. Most of these are to enhance the regular gameplay, or to help keep the peace between players.

Lockette: This is how a player locks their chests to keep others from taking their things. To lock a chest, place a sign attached to the chest you wish to have locked. No one else will be able to access the chest afterward. To share it with another player, add their name to the sign on the 3rd or 4th line. You can also put multiple signs on one chest to add more names, or you can also put "[Everyone]" to allow anyone to access the chest without being able to lock it themselves.

Lapis Portals: These allow instantaneous fast-travel, but at a cost of multiple solid lapis blocks. More info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKvkwrZeB7Q

World Guard: This allows us to set areas for protection. Simply request help from a server staff member to have your base protected for you and your friends. The staff won't bite!

A block logging/rollback plugin is also in use to help the staff investigate and fix any griefing.

Here are the chat commands that players can use:

* /msg PlayerName some message here
* @PlayerName some message here
Sends a private message to a player. You can use just the first few letters of their name if it's unambiguous who it refers to.

* /r more message here
Quick command to reply in a private message to the last person who private messaged you.

* /rules
Lists the server rules and a link to this thread.

* /modreq message here
Request help from a moderator. You can use this to report issues with the server (such as griefing), or to request an area protection. Your message, name, and current location will be logged in a ticket that a moderator can check later.

* /status [number]
Check the status of your modreq tickets.

* /mods
Lists all moderators currently online and in-game.

* /region list
This lists out the names of all of the protected regions that you have permission to.

* /region info
If you're inside a protected region that you own, then this tells you about the region (its name, all of its owners and members, any special flags, and its coordinates). If you're not sure if you've gotten your base protected, or whether you're inside your protection's bounds, then you can check with this. You can also pass it a name of a region that you own ("/region info mybase") for information about it no matter where you are.

* /region addowner RegionName PlayerName
Adds an owner to a protected region that you own. Owners can place and destroy blocks in the region, add more owners, and control the member list.

* /region addmember RegionName PlayerName
Adds a member to a protected region that you own. Members can place and destroy blocks in the region. They can not add or remove other players to or from the region.

* /region removemember RegionName PlayerName
Removes a member from a protected region that you own. The player will no longer be able to place or destroy blocks in the region. Note that this command can only remove members, not owners. Please contact a moderator to remove an owner from a region.

* /region flag RegionName chest-access <allow|deny|none>
Control whether non-members can access chests, furnaces, and other containers in a region that you own. The default "none" setting makes the region use the region or parent region default, which is deny. If you have a chest of free stuff in your region that you want all players to be able to give and take from, make sure to set "allow". You can still use Lockette signs to protect other chests in your region.

If you wish to add members to only part of a region that you own, then ask a moderator to create a new sub-region for you that you can control separately.

Our current staff (and in-game names) are:

Admin: BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE (Silvthril)
Admin: Macil!/5s/Techmk (AgentME)
Moderator: Tom' the /♥/ bringer (Tomtheponey)
Moderator: EMF Scootaloo!G4/R19.jIE (foxskywalker64)
General Assistance: Toybox!HarMoNytmI (ClockworkKitten)

Feel free to ask any questions regarding the server! Be sure to report any rule breakers here and in-game. When reporting an issue, stand near the issue and use the /modreq chat command so that we can find and fix the problem.

Have fun!
This post was edited by a moderator on .

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 10601

File: 1378265620826.jpg (71.61 KB, 640x359, 20110315_211240_12255_screensh…)

Nothing to say or report, just thought I'd drop by to say awesome work.

Drag00n !fT0Pd694g2 10602


Cosmetic mods are okay, right?

I'm currently running MineLittlePony which just makes me look like a pony without adding any special abilities.

I'm pretty sure it's okay, but I'm just making sure.

BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 10603

Thanks, upgrades will still be getting added to the server as time goes on so make sure to let us know what you think.

As long as it doesn't change gameplay it is fine, we are looking for people who can see in the dark or behind walls, what you are doing is fine.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 10604

Yeah, skins or simple visual changes that give you no unfair advantages are fine.

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 10605

The only thing I'd like to see is a command list proper.
Nothing quite worse than having to sort through what commands you can and can't do.
Nicer when commands limited to only OP, Admin, or Mods are hidden.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 10606

Oh yeah, /help commands that are useless to players are a pet peeve of mine. I might customize the /help listing sometime.

Though there aren't really many commands for players. There's /msg for private messaging ("@name message" also works; you can also just type the first few letters of a name if it's unambiguous), /r to reply to the person who private messaged you most recently, /kill if you want to die and respawn, /rules, and /help of course. I'll edit these into the OP post soon.

!Lawnyb.uhc 10608

File: 1378296636487.jpg (121.43 KB, 518x486, baby_growlithe_by_mg9990-d3842…)

So I encountered a tiny issue….

>Died in nether

>spawned on top of nether

BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 10609

File: 1378302838979.jpg (36.77 KB, 960x557, 8457334.jpg)

Did you manage to spawn where you were supposed to after you killed yourself or are you still there?

!Lawnyb.uhc 10610

File: 1378313320644.png (98.84 KB, 195x201, be260c08370988389cd6e2afee3a6d…)

killed myself, still spawned there.
first thang i tried

Macil!/5s/Techmk 10611

Argh, I've seen this sort of thing before. I'll teleport you out and figure out the issue.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 10613

Okay, problem is fixed for good. And just in case it happens again somehow, the player will land in a protected room in the nether with a teleporter to the main world's spawn point.

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 10617

You probably should post the staff's ingane names

Macil!/5s/Techmk 10618

Done. I had the thought to do that last night but then forgot to. I'll get the commands into the OP post too now.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 10620

A few new commands:

* /region list -p YourName
This lists out the names of all of the protected regions that you own. (Players don't have permission to list out the regions of other players.)

* /region info
If you're inside a protected region that you own, then this tells you about the region (its name, all of its owners and members, any special flags, and its coordinates). If you're not sure if you've gotten your base protected, or whether you're inside your protection's bounds, then you can check with this. You can also pass it a name of a region that you own ("/region info mybase") for information about it no matter where you are.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 10621

A few more commands have been added for users to give people a bit more control of their own regions.

* /region addowner RegionName PlayerName
Adds an owner to a protected region that you own. Owners can place and destroy blocks in the region, add more owners, and control the member list.

* /region addmember RegionName PlayerName
Adds a member to a protected region that you own. Members can place and destroy blocks in the region. They can not add or remove other players to or from the region.

* /region removemember RegionName PlayerName
Removes a member from a protected region that you own. The player will no longer be able to place or destroy blocks in the region. Note that this command can only remove members, not owners. Please contact a moderator to remove an owner from a region.

EMF Scootaloo!G4/R19.jIE 10624

File: 1378408926853.png (132.86 KB, 322x419, 19.png)

You forgot my in-game name that quickly?

foxskywalker64. Toybox is ClockworkKitten.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 10625

Oh, that was me, I've been editing the OP post.

EMF Scootaloo!G4/R19.jIE 10626

File: 1378409839936.png (426.78 KB, 888x660, 49.png)

Ah, okay.

Tom' the /♥/ bringer 10627

The server is having issues, as far as we can tell it's host-side - so we're probably far form being the only ones,
So hopefully it is fixed soon, the issue was reported to the host.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 10628

(Downtime is over, just 10 minutes.)

Anonymous 10807

is anyone on right now?

BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 10864

An update on on rule 5# PLAYING WITH OTHERS: Spamming the Lapis Portal sound sound effects will be considered spamming the chatbox as far as punishments for breaking the rules go.

Anonymous 10875

Okay, who's the fucker that stole the sky-cube marking my base?

Anonymous 10876

*fucker who

BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 10877

Skycube? where was it?

Anonymous 10879

In the sky.

Anonymous 10889

What shape was it though?

BatBane 10891

Guess I can't fix it then.

Anonymous 10893

It was a 3-meter cube of redstone and diamond near spawn; I don't know the exact coördinates.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 10920

I like to request the this http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/tree-assist/
Or something similar similar be installed. Floating trees is a pet peeve of mine.

Did it have long vines hanging from it?

JiiKoo!BeBETTErJA 10921

I'd like to have confirmation on the difficulty the server is on (I've heard it's on easy?). I couldn't see it mentioned in either of the threads. Maybe something to have in the OP?

You know you could just pillar up and cut the floating bits, right?~

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 10923

Actually I was wrong. It's on normal.

>You know you could just pillar up and cut the floating bits, right?~

But people don't do that. An I don't think I should need to spend time nerd-poling to fix it.

JiiKoo!BeBETTErJA 10925

Hm, okies, then.

And yeah, I actually realized you might have meant that after I'd posted… If that's a problem, I dunno. People should be doing that. It is apparently against the server rules to leave half cut trees around. Using a treecutting mod like that would of course remove the floating trees and all, but then you could be cutting jungle giants down way easily. Maybe that wouldn't be an issue and folks would be okay with it, I dunno.

Drag00n !fT0Pd694g2 10936

Did we do some sort of rollback on the server?

I just logged in and a lot of the work I did on my house is gone. Not griefed, but undone.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 10937

There's a bit more info on the /oat/ thread. An issue caused a few areas near spawn to be reverted by up to a couple days. However, your changes still exist in the logging tool, so if you tell us where a revert happened, we can undo the revert and get your changes back. The issue has been fixed to not happen again.

Anonymous 10938

It had vines. I left for a bit so I don't know how long.

Drag00n !fT0Pd694g2 10943

The house is at -57, 193

JiiKoo(mobile)!BeBETTErJA 10945

So, did the worldsaving issues also do something to maps or is that a separate thing? I made some maps a few days back, and now they have a different number (in their name, as in Map #117) and apparently show a different location, since they are completely blank now. I think they used to be somewhere around #101-104 range before, and now they are #117.

Just curious if this is something that might happen again in the future, cause if so, there's not much point in me making more maps :P

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 10947

File: 1379620996587.png (194.82 KB, 419x460, geared up and ready.png)

For anyone having errors connecting to the server:
Bottom left corner on launcher
Create new profile or edit current one
In the popup change use version from use latest version to 1.6.2

Map making is fun though.

JiiKoo!BeBETTErJA 10948

It is! But if my maps keep changing on me there's no point in making them…

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 10949

It's the journey not the destination
Also the map on my wall is fine. The rest got wiped though.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 10960

I think I repaired most of the block reverts. Let us know if there's anything else.

Judging by the timing, that might have had to do with the server crash and saving issue that happened. That should be fixed to not happen again now that auto-saving is turned on.


File: 1379929223451.jpg (141.09 KB, 720x960, image.jpg)

>Not sure if this is my problem or yours….

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 11006

Try restarting minecraft

Macil!/5s/Techmk 11007

The minecraft login servers have been having issues lately.

Drag00n, Brandy Watcher 11008

Thank you. It's mostly fixed.


>I did. Many times in fact
>I'll try again tomorrow, thanks

Anonymous 11055

Do you need a legal copy of the game?or is it pirate friendly?


Mine is a Minecraft SP copy but it doesn't seem to work…

Macil!/5s/Techmk 11057

You have to own the game. (Otherwise if authentication was disabled then players could connect to the server as any other player's name and mess with their stuff.)


There is my problem then

Macil!/5s/Techmk 11065

I've added a few new commands for requesting help from moderators. They're also in the op post too now.

* /modreq message here
Request help from a moderator. You can use this to report issues with the server (such as griefing), or to request an area protection. Your message, name, and current location will be logged in a ticket that a moderator can check later.

* /status [number]
Check the status of your modreq tickets.

* /mods
Lists all moderators currently online and in-game.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 11066

Another command:

* /region flag RegionName chest-access <allow|deny|none>
Control whether non-members can access chests, furnaces, and other containers in a region that you own. The default "none" setting makes the region use the region or parent region default, which is deny. If you have a chest of free stuff in your region that you want all players to be able to give and take from, make sure to set "allow". You can still use Lockette signs to protect other chests in your region.

ScriptKitty 11256

File: 1380828004380.gif (172.92 KB, 500x501, 1367549836093.gif)

I get a 'bad login' when I try to join ;~;

Does it accept cracked clients?

Macil!/5s/Techmk 11257

No. The game authentication servers are how it stops people from connecting to the server as other people, so it's necessary. You should buy the game!

Anonymous 11258

I forgot how much MC costs, but I'm pretty sure it's not much. Just buy it.

ScriptKitty 11259

File: 1380838166007.jpg (29.12 KB, 681x540, 5467347.jpg)

Oh, well… :s

Anonymous 11467

File: 1381369229416.jpg (167.7 KB, 1440x900, image.jpg)

This creeper just don't give a fuck.


Can we have a Tekkit server?
I-if that's ok… I don't know how much these things cost.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 11704

talk to foxx
He' an admin on a FTB server

it may be dead, i haven't been on in forever

Anonymous 11722

File: 1381627988859.jpg (28.66 KB, 500x427, BLOC Business.jpg)

Anonymous 11723

File: 1381628186556.jpg (41.53 KB, 277x279, mcduck#2.jpg)

An actual email in the email field?


u fokin wot m8 i swer on me mum youre doing this mlpchan shit all wrong m8

Your Fucking Edr 11725

File: 1381628309019.jpg (38.23 KB, 520x390, The_2b57d4_730687.jpg)


File: 1381628386511.gif (14.81 KB, 275x300, slowpoke.gif)

what is tekkit?

The Forgotten 11728

Remember me? I think not!

Kirino 11730

File: 1381628461531.gif (290.41 KB, 201x228, 6a01348134c1a0970c017c33b8f0ab…)


Anonymous 11731

File: 1381628596627.gif (1.97 MB, 347x200, ron-swanson-computer-throw-out…)

Anonymous 11732

File: 1381628753731.png (40.04 KB, 332x255, 4672340+_62f4b39fc2fd4636c84e8…)

Anonymous 11733

File: 1381628765259.gif (805.33 KB, 272x160, qd4sw6G.gif)

Anonymous 11735

File: 1381628925041.gif (496.14 KB, 500x281, JY9aI.gif)

Anonymous 11736

File: 1381628964760.gif (128.29 KB, 300x198, god+fucking+dam+it+i+got+like+…)

Anonymous 11737

File: 1381628971761.jpg (109.64 KB, 750x570, we r leegun.jpg)


heidi and VCR 11738

The Sorrow 11739

Sad… So sad… Now you will know the anger of those you have attention whored upon…

Phoenix Wright 11740

File: 1381629092027.gif (1.13 MB, 356x408, GINtttM.gif)

Anonymous 11741

File: 1381629187726.gif (248.23 KB, 500x281, stXcBsI.gif)

Anonymous 11745

File: 1381629270769.gif (125.19 KB, 650x550, kiiuy.gif)

dem 2 gifs at teh bottom were 4 u

BLOC 11747

File: 1381629413016.jpg (60.77 KB, 680x512, 1338622095894.jpg)

Anonymous 11749

File: 1381629474343.gif (498.47 KB, 247x300, Bqnh6P2.gif)

360 noscope nigga

>BLOC 11750

File: 1381629483167.jpg (67.73 KB, 600x450, 1332272622588.jpg)

>not putting it as >BLOC

The Sorrow 11751

Can you feel the resentment of those you have wronged? You are an unworth opponent…

Anonymous 11753

File: 1381629583592.gif (942.11 KB, 500x311, sdas.gif)

Anonymous 11755

File: 1381629743008.gif (1.72 MB, 960x540, hDkPgxH.gif)

The Sorrow 11757

Go…. Return to your own world….


Im thinking of streaming for a bit

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 11763


Anonymous 11779

File: 1381632975803.gif (1.03 MB, 728x665, mlfw8494-1351837378691258.gif)

Anonymous 11782

File: 1381633177017.gif (1.41 MB, 280x210, y2LxgwV.gif)

Anonymous 11783

File: 1381633304930.png (116.57 KB, 500x330, mlfw1868-ill_never_walk_again.…)

Anonymous 11784

File: 1381633872640.jpg (10.16 KB, 300x180, foxdie.jpg)

Anonymous 11785

File: 1381634382632.jpg (7.59 KB, 199x253, fdasfffffdddd.jpg)

It's all ogre

The intellectually advanced super samrt IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 11786

File: 1381634707267.gif (337.74 KB, 500x281, 1378606218618.gif)

Anonymous 11787

File: 1381635379392.jpg (66.81 KB, 550x354, steve_harvey_550x354.jpg)

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 11788

File: 1381635553217.jpg (25.03 KB, 319x283, stop[1].jpg)

Anonymous 11789

File: 1381636751673.jpg (336.27 KB, 1000x562, steve_harvey.jpg)


Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Mod 11794

Less thread spam pls


>BLOC people remember me
The ride never ends ;_;

Macil!/5s/Techmk 11813

It's 3AM in the US central timezone on a weeknight right now. Seemed like there were at least a couple people on during most of the day here.

There's no world border set.

Anonymous 11839

File: 1381960693748.png (25.32 KB, 1440x900, 2013-10-15_17.33.20.png)

This is happening, like, all the time.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 11840

I actually see what's causing this. The plugin I put in for the /modreq command is checking for updates and not getting a response, causing it to wait a while for the update connection to time out, and it's doing it in the main game thread causing the entire gameserver to freeze until it's done trying to check for an update. brb strangling more people.
I've disabled its update-checking feature and restarted the gameserver to fix this.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 11906

I added a plugin for secure trading, removing the possibility of players not honoring their half of the trade. Right-click on another player to send a trade request, and they can right-click on you to accept. A inventory screen will open that you can both see and put stuff into, and the trade won't happen until you both hit accept by hitting the green accept item button.

Anonymous 11915

Macil!/5s/Techmk 11916

I haven't seen any /modreq reports made near it, so I'm not even sure where this is or what your username is.
Was it the old floating redstone cube near the spawn tower? As far as I can tell, it was destroyed by the player who made it, over six weeks ago.

!!Fluttershy 11930

We need to wait until bukkit updates to 1.7 to update the server.
In the meantime you'll have to use 1.6.4!

Building contest. BatBane 12042

File: 1383288031565.jpg (77.19 KB, 445x346, johnny_bravo_tv_03.jpg)

Starting now I am hosting a building contest on the minecraft server, in this contest you will build with your own supplies that you have gathered and will build anything you wish to enter in hopes of winning.

What you build can range from pixel art, to giant mansion with all the detail you could bring yourself to put in, or even the worlds biggest block of dirt (I'll blow it up after the contest if you do that,)

I will be judging what you build but I will take other peoples opinions on who should win as well so if you see someones entree and you think it should win go ahead and say something (if you vote for yours I will destroy you.)

The contest will last until November 14th to give people time to think on what they want to make, to give people who have yet to go on the server and are only doing so for this contest to gather their building supplies, and for the long task of masking the damn thing.

When you finish making what you wish to enter take a picture and post it in this thread then post the cords to it so everyone can go see what you have made or if you don't wish to do that make a lapis portal and post the item combo for that portal. Make sure to tell a mod where you plan on making your entree so that may protect your area you have two weeks to find a spot and get it protected so don't worry about it not getting protected the first night.

The prize of this contest will be a steam game of your choice worth up to 40$ or a combo of less expensive games worth up to the same amount.

The rules for this contest are:

Do not tamper with another players entree, if they report it we will know it was you and you will be banned to a minimum of till the contests end.

Do not make anything to vulgar, you can have fun but no giant naked ladies or dicks, these entrees will be destroyed and you excused for the rest of the contest.

Do not insult what others are making, if you wish to help them by giving them advice go ahead but no "Your tower fucking sucks lol kill yourself!"

Lastly you are the one making this, no protection for multiple people for the protected area for your entree, you all have to build your own things in this.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

epicnights 12058

no, you're all newfags that are polluting my precious /mlp/ board. please confine yourself to this shit hole in the internet.

Anonymous 12060

get rekt m8

Anonymous 12114

Any chance of DynMap or the like?

Tom' the /♥/ bringer 12129


Outsider Bobert 12212

File: 1383830424379.png (190.43 KB, 881x907, .......png)

Can't connect to server.

BatBane 12215

File: 1383834114681.gif (994.05 KB, 500x281, 133110444499.gif)

The server doesn't look like it is having any problems, are you still unable to connect?

Tom' the /♥/ bringer 12218

The server isn't in 1.7 yet because bukkit hasn't updated yet.
You need to connect in 1.6.4 (or whatever one is right before 1.7)

To do that, go to your login screen (the first window that shows up when you click the minecraft.exe) and "Edit profile" from there you can change the version of the game.

Tom' the /♥/ bringer 12237

File: 1383944746437.png (68.25 KB, 226x286, talking2.png)

Macil: that minecraft error is on mojang's side, though you should delete that image because it contains enough to impersonate ESSP on the server

Which i just did


Are any mods online right now?
I am having technical difficulties with a lapis portal.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 12267

I'll be there.

BatBane 12587

File: 1384314647170.png (67.66 KB, 667x507, mysterious_mare_do_well_by_elp…)

Attention anyone who is building an entree for this contest, since we are close to the 14th I will say that you can post your entree here anytime during the 14th but once it turns onto the 15th Pacific time I will not count it. I will then on the 15th look around the server at each entree (if my internet lets me) and I will announce the winner after judging them and listening to other people thinks should win the contest.

Since my internet is so bad I have not been able to actually play on the server myself so I have no idea who is playing I would like it if anyone who is making something for the contest to say so right now so I can just get to know how many things I am going expect to look at.


Version? 12748

Is this for 1.7.2 or 1.6.4?

Tom' the /♥/ bringer 12772

The server is still in 1.6.4 as we wait for bukkit to update

Garmo!GarmopLlgU 12784

ooh god i got my butt wrecked when the server decided to activate the superspeed glitch, on my way home from the portal hub with all my good items i just enchanted. i lost like 7 items. makes me sadface

Macil!/5s/Techmk 12785

Argh wtf, that's a thing that could happen? I even just checked the logs to make sure you didn't just speed up a video recording, and it looks like the video checks out. Those purple PSA messages are supposed to be a minimum of 11 minutes apart! I restarted the server and it seemed to fix itself for now.

There's also been some level corruption inside the portal hub at some point, and a few lapis portals decided to stop working. Arghh.

Garmo!GarmopLlgU 12787

i would have had audio on that video, except in my panic of trying to get my stuff back i didn't have time to double check my recording setup, and it was accidently using my mic instead of my stereomix, and so it was a bunch of silence anyway. from what i've read, you can cause this glitch by adjusting the system time, java detects this difference between it's internal clock, and your system clock, and then runs minecraft at ten million percent speed to get t's internal clock to "catch up". and the closer it gets to accurate the slower the accleration is. (supposedly) the first time i personally noticed this glitch was during MineCrack's Ultra Hardcore Challenge Season 12 (july 2013)

Macil!/5s/Techmk 12788

Oh, I actually remember having had that happen years ago in singleplayer mode. I didn't recognize it now because when the glitch happens in singleplayer mode, it causes you to run fast too. And also because I would have thought they would have fixed this within the last few years FFS.

I guess the server VM was halted for a while at some point, which isn't really bad, except for that minecraft isn't smart enough to deal with time jumps. I bet if you play when daylight savings happens it will spaz out too.

Kere'anil!8SuByqBLG. 12794

Server ded?

Macil!/5s/Techmk 12797

Try now, I just restarted it.

(Also, I've fixed the corruption with backups that I mentioned in >>12785.)

Kere'anil!8SuByqBLG. 12801

Server itself is fine but my Lapis Portal broke and I'm stuck like 15k units away from home

Kere'anil!8SuByqBLG. 12802

Okay, so, apparently someone destroyed and stole some stuff from my house which is why portal is not working
It's kinda strange considering the area was supposed to be protected
Either one of the mods does not know how to claim area or my friend is a dickhead and I'm going to need to delete him from that area

Kere'anil!8SuByqBLG. 12803

I was not griefed in any way shape or form
Server decided to roll-back a cube right next to my house back to the start of server meaning I lost some stuff
That is the weirdest thing I've ever seen

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 12804

damn that sucks.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 12805

Argh, what's with all this corruption near lapis portals? That's the third chunk that reset lately, and all of them had lapis portals. I don't know if the lapis portal plugin is specifically to blame, or if it just kept the chunks loaded more often and more likely to get corrupted.

If you put in a /modreq help ticket so I can find it, I can fix it.


I have a pretty significant problem.
All my everything disappeared.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 12809

Damn, I thought Minecraft still kept one chunk per file. While fixing a chunk reset in the old town, I had accidentally reverted that region of chunks back by two or three months. Good news is that any problem areas can be restored from the rollback logs. If anyone else has been affected by this or random chunk resets, tell me where (such as by using /modreq) and it can be fixed.


It's empty, is this usual?

James the Noodle King 12840

Can we get a new word world for 1.7.2?

>inb4 kill yourself

Garmo!GarmopLlgU 12845

usually what would happen is that everyone would mutually agree (or hardmodded into the server) to not explore past a certain radius from spawn, then when the terrain generater updates (like 1.72) you can just increase that radius so the server has to generate all new chunks outside the old radius, therefore getting all the new biomes. so all you would have to do is take a short sprint through the nether, place a portal, and you'd be in 1.7 land, and you could probally just lapis back, or enderchest /kill back.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 12846

I'll just make a lapis portal connected to the portal hub that leads to some point a few dozen km from spawn in a newly generated area. Maybe we'll eventually move the spawn point there. That way no one loses stuff they built, but people can explore the newly generated area together easily.

Anonymous 12854

Are client side mods like REI's minimap / Zan's Minimap and NEI(Not Enough Items) allowed?

Also is there a google maps online map set up for this server? Would make it easier to find an unoccupied area. Also with some modification it could display the owned regions and the owner names.

Anonymous 12860

tekkit is needed

James the Noodle King 12863

Agreed. Many more people would play, myself and anon included, if Tekkit were in imo,

Nulono 12880

File: 1386882322664.png (129.08 KB, 1440x900, 2013-12-12_15.57.15.png)

WHAT THE FUCK? All my stuff, gone!

That'll teach me to press mysterious buttons. T_T

Macil!/5s/Techmk 12881

Wait, how did you even get up there? I thought you need to have a mod teleport you there.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 12882

Argh, I hadn't made the protected area around it nearly large enough. I expanded that now, and I've added some warning signs to it.

That area is a PVP arena that people can have staff teleport them to, and the button sets their inventory. Players weren't intended to be able to get to it on their own. If you put in a /modreq near a chest of yours telling what you lost, we can give you that back. You can keep the diamond stuff it gave you as a consolation prize.

Nulono 12883

I don't keep a tally of everything I have in my inventory at all times! Though now that I know this is a possibility, I might have to start. :'(

Does the server not keep track of that?


There was a staircase.

Nulono 12884

>I've added some warning signs to it.

You should probably add warning signs to anything that doesn't do what you'd expect it to do in vanilla Minecraft; I was also duped by those chests in the Void Parkour course that you can only open once.

I'd add them even if you think the area is impossible to reach on your own. To paraphrase Douglas Adams, people who try to make things foolproof often underestimate the ingenuity of many fools.

Nulono 12894

I can't get down. Also, I don't know everything I lost.


Macil!/5s/Techmk 12895

Oh, didn't realize you were still up there. I've placed a chest near where you were last logged in that contains a bunch of items I imagine someone would carry on them, and a few enderpearls that you can use to get down with.

Kar r r r madose!ozLuNaShy. 12931

File: 1387658763467.png (299.52 KB, 555x420, 454675478765789.png)

Hey, so I haven't played Minecraft in a hell of a long time. I have an account and just updated to 1.7.4 and I wanted to try out the mlpchan server, but when I apply the server name >mlpchan.net to the server address it gives me this error message:
>Internal Exception: Java.io.IOException: An existing connection was foribly closed by the remote host
How do I fix this and get into server?

Kar r r r madose!ozLuNaShy. 12932

I have solved it myself

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 12937

The server is still in 1.6.4

Anonymous 12952

Would it be possible to have an mostly self-moderated (like /anon/) world without rules (except 3 and 5)?

I know that Bukkit is capable of multi-world, and there are plenty of addons available for it.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 12958

[swastika building intensifies]

Anonymous 12959

File: 1388267721627.jpg (62.24 KB, 214x300, 1388189041109.jpg)

If I had Minecraft I would join that world specifically to create the Phallus Palace.

BatBane 12960

I can make a portal to the Nether right near spawn and that could be /anon/ land.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 12961

What exactly would be the difference about the area? No region protections? PVP allowed? (I'd say no chest locks too, but that just means you have to hide your chests ridiculously, and someone with an x-ray hack will probably find and raid it before they get banned.)

Anonymous 12962

File: 1388359865098.png (304.22 KB, 854x480, 2013-12-29_18.23.29.png)

Huh, what's this place?

Nulono 12963

God fucking damnit. I underestimated the thickness of the roof and suffocated trying to enderpearl through it. Then my stuff wasn't in the room I started in, and I got caught in this little sheep pen, and it's protected, so I can't get out to look anywhere else.

I'd JUST gotten my stuff back from the previous mishap too. I think I'm cursed.

Nulono 12964

File: 1388360167767.png (263.51 KB, 854x480, 2013-12-29_18.29.13.png)

Forgot pic.

Nulono 13048

File: 1389225847687.png (313.22 KB, 1440x900, 2014-01-08_18.43.28.png)

Okay, who's the fucker what did this? I thought I'd had it protected.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13053

Put in a /modreq if you haven't yet, and I'll repair it and dole out punishment when I get on later.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 13054

inb4 lightening

Nulono 13062

Hey, whoever had the skelly farm in the desert (E_S_S_P, I think), I took a block of coal ore and a block of iron ore from the adjacent cave. If you check the small armor chest I'm the loot storage room, you'll find a lump of coal and an iron ingot as payment.


keep it

Nulono 13064

File: 1389736573069.png (69.08 KB, 854x480, 2014-01-14_16.55.54.png)

Don't tell me what to do.

Anonymous 13065

File: 1389744190037.png (46.24 KB, 1440x900, 2014-01-14_18.52.39.png)

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13066

Okay how did you get out there, and you need a teleport out?

Anonymous 13067

Haha, no. I've got a lapis portal. I'm planning on making a gold farm up here.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 13068

and here i was thinking he just needed lots of netherack

Anonymous 13069

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13070

File: 1389752336990.png (187.25 KB, 900x636, fe-littlepip-rofl.png)

Anonymous 13071

I don't get it.

Anonymous 13075

File: 1389757169830.jpg (96.9 KB, 854x480, image.jpg)

Okay, who put armor in the "Free Bows" box?

Anonymous 13076

File: 1389757376077.jpg (464.18 KB, 1440x900, image.jpg)

And why the fuck is this tree glowing?

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 13078

File: 1389768130525.png (73.95 KB, 945x945, flutterhy shrug.png)

I don't know how to explain it…

Anonymous 13079

It's a sacred holy tree, obviously.

Anonymous 13080

File: 1389806149944.png (42.58 KB, 854x480, 2014-01-14_16.57.11.png)

I am bad at portaling.

The Fixist 13083

File: 1389823632905.png (256.48 KB, 1440x900, 2014-01-15_16.49.06.png)

Heh, cute.

The Fixist 13084

File: 1389823661160.png (39.94 KB, 1440x900, 2014-01-15_16.49.37.png)

Wait a second. Something's not right here.

The Fixist 13085

File: 1389823682126.png (21.19 KB, 854x480, 2014-01-15_16.50.29.png)

That's better!

The Fixist 13086

File: 1389825228397.png (103.36 KB, 854x480, 2014-01-15_16.58.50.png)

Who planted carrots on the potato farm?

Eh, whatever. Fixed!


Quick question, when will the server update?

Anonymous 13088

Whenever Bukkit updates.

The Fixist 13091

File: 1389844116297.jpg (218.81 KB, 1440x900, image.jpg)

Someone left a floating treetop by the "SANIC SPEED" zombie grinder. Fixed.

The Fixist 13092

File: 1389844233475.jpg (299.47 KB, 1440x900, image.jpg)

I'm guessing there's supposed to be a door here?

The Fixist 13093

File: 1389844271890.jpg (257.23 KB, 1440x900, image.jpg)


The Fixist 13094

File: 1389844362736.jpg (256.24 KB, 1440x900, image.jpg)

I'm guessing there's supposed to be a door here?

The Fixist 13095

File: 1389844399818.jpg (228.34 KB, 1440x900, image.jpg)


Anonymous 13097

File: 1389890549022.png (80.8 KB, 1440x900, 2014-01-16_11.13.18.png)

The Fixist 13111

File: 1390250265245.png (95.02 KB, 854x480, 2014-01-20_15.35.45.png)

Hey, Lord_Sallyngton, I donated some quartz blocks so you can finish the checker pattern on your floor.

XxxXxXM3745N1P3R_420_N05C0P12XxXxxX 13119

im cumming back

Anonymous 13121

File: 1390445482068.png (23.66 KB, 854x480, MOO.png)

Nulono 13162

File: 1390863951725.png (226.67 KB, 854x480, 2014-01-27_17.36.13.png)

Endercat just committed suicide. :(

It all happened so quickly I couldn't even catch a screenshot.

Everyone, please give generously to the Endercat Memorial Platform. Your donations of stone bricks slabs, stone bricks, stone, cobblestone, or even just fuel for the furnaces, will help ensure tragedies like this never happen in the future.

Nulono 13163

File: 1390864220524.png (199.14 KB, 1440x900, 2014-01-27_18.07.51.png)

So please, give what you can. Together, we can create a brighter, safer future for everypony and everycat!

Nulono 13164

File: 1390865261383.png (74.8 KB, 742x552, RIP.png)

Nulono 13176

File: 1391029017288.png (139.21 KB, 1440x900, 2014-01-29_15.02.19.png)


Thanks to LuxuriousMoth1 for the donation!

Nulono 13193

File: 1391533535276.png (1018.26 KB, 1440x900, 2014-02-04_11.57.32.png)

I'm almost done with the first quadrant, but I need more stone.

Nulono 13194

File: 1391533573391.png (109.81 KB, 1440x900, 2014-02-04_11.59.59.png)

Hey, LM1, are these open for the taking as well?

Nulono 13198

File: 1391642915036.png (910.05 KB, 1440x900, 2014-02-05_16.20.47.png)

Quadrant I of the Endercat Memorial Platform is now officially complete!

So if any of you have plans to fall off the End, aim for the southeast side of the island.

Anonymous 13258

Couple of questions. 1, is it still in 1.6.4?

Also, if not, what is the IP? I'd like to join if that's possible.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 13259

>is it still in 1.6.4
As far as I know it is.

Anonymous 13260

Dang. Well, maybe one day.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 13261

You should be able to get on by putting mlpchan.net in.

what launcher are you using? The new ones can downgrade to older versions.

Anonymous 13262

Can it? I'm using the new version. I'll try.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 13263

Anonymous 13264

Thanks, think I got it now.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 13266

File: 1392538056672.jpg (62.08 KB, 360x360, fluttershy clap.jpg)

epicnights 13336

would you guys mind if i come back and promise not to grief?

epicnights 13337

I'll keep a low profile too.

Anonymous 13344

I don't think anyone would mind.

Princess Squidward Element of Lil B !3GqYIJ3Obs 13357

File: 1393961493050.png (961.27 KB, 1280x752, 2014-03-04_14.25.54.png)


Anonymous 13358

File: 1393972294626.gif (402.19 KB, 150x150, 1392857028863.gif)


Anonymous 13359

Pone sux.

Princess Squidward Element of Lil B !3GqYIJ3Obs 13360

i havent been watching since s3ep2

Princess Squidward Element of Lil B !3GqYIJ3Obs 13361

File: 1394004774072.png (136.57 KB, 1280x752, 2014-03-05_02.14.42.png)

such a fine view

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 13362


Princess Squidward Element of Lil B !3GqYIJ3Obs 13363

File: 1394048891448.png (413.8 KB, 1280x752, 2014-03-05_14.46.59.png)

yeah i just started my base. go check it out tell me what u think

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13364

I'm updating the server to 1.7 now, and updating some of its mods. I should have it back up within a half hour or so.

Princess Squidward Element of Lil B !3GqYIJ3Obs 13365

how could you

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13366

(Okay, converting the rollback mod's log database to the new format is taking longer than I expected. It'll be back up soon as it finishes.)

Princess Squidward Element of Lil B !3GqYIJ3Obs 13367

File: 1394063730594.png (1.35 MB, 1280x720, server.PNG)

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13368

The server is back up, and it's on 1.7 and seemingly functional, so you can play on it with the latest version of Minecraft now.

Princess Squidward Element of Lil B !3GqYIJ3Obs 13369

thank u based Macil

My Name Here!MNH...qBFg 13370

Server seems to be much more stable. I had just a couple disconnects throughout the few hours I played today, but was able to reconnect immediately, so it didn't appear that server was hanging.

Princess Squidward Element of Lil B !3GqYIJ3Obs 13371

File: 1394092536655.png (353.14 KB, 1280x752, 2014-03-06_02.52.43.png)

dumping delicious base progress photos

Princess Squidward Element of Lil B !3GqYIJ3Obs 13372

File: 1394092550149.png (266.67 KB, 1280x752, 2014-03-06_02.53.05.png)

Princess Squidward Element of Lil B !3GqYIJ3Obs 13373

File: 1394092562183.png (319.16 KB, 1280x752, 2014-03-06_02.53.15.png)

Princess Squidward Element of Lil B !3GqYIJ3Obs 13374

File: 1394092573663.png (234.3 KB, 1280x752, 2014-03-06_02.53.27.png)

Princess Squidward Element of Lil B !3GqYIJ3Obs 13375

File: 1394092584706.png (161.92 KB, 1280x752, 2014-03-06_02.53.44.png)

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Admin 13493

The Minecraft gameserver has been moved to a new host, so we should have less performance and lag issues now.

Important: You have to access the server via the address "mlpchan.net". If you still had it in your server list under the old address "mlpchanoat.playat.ch", or the IP itself, that won't work any more. Only "mlpchan.net" works now.

Princess Squidward Element of Lil B !3GqYIJ3Obs 13513

id like a portal in the portal hub but im not quite sure how to do that or who to talk to

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13514

Yeah, there's a bug with the Minecraft 1.7 server where sometimes it will tell 1.6 clients that it's version 1.3. I've already tracked down the cause, and I think I might fix it.

Do you have enough lapis blocks?

Princess Squidward Element of Lil B !3GqYIJ3Obs 13515

i built the one in my house. I have 7 left i think that is a few short

Anonymous 13557

File: 1394487722855.png (324.03 KB, 854x480, 2014-03-10_17.06.27.png)

Goddamnit! I was working on the EMP, and block-lag caused a recently-placed block to vanish right underneath my feet!

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 13560

I've missed you Squidward~

Princess Squidward Element of Lil B !3GqYIJ3Obs 13562

File: 1394497744070.jpg (785.04 KB, 850x1208, artism.jpg)

you as well, thony-kun

Princess Squidward Element of Lil B !3GqYIJ3Obs 13565

okay i have 8 lapis blocks now, and one portal constructed in my base. is that enough for a portal in the hub?

Anonymous 13582

File: 1394814434210.png (247.53 KB, 854x480, 2014-03-14_12.24.53.png)


Anonymous 13584

I accidentally broke the exit portal from the End.

Anonymous 13585

I accidentally broke the exit portal from the End.

Anonymous 13586

Click the post number to reply to it.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13588

File: 1394855260852.png (129.29 KB, 893x895, fe-littlepip-wtf.png)

That's physically possible? Huh.

Anonymous 13598

Yeah, sorry. Could you fix it?

Anonymous 13599

How did you do that?

Anonymous 13670

File: 1396038004993.png (351.07 KB, 854x480, 2014-03-28_16.18.11.png)

Is someone gonna fix this or what?

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13671

File: 1396064552556.png (80.64 KB, 333x340, derpy-5.png)

Who are we to mess with nature?!

Anonymous 13675

If you don't fix it, I'll remove one portal block every week until it's all gone.

Shinauko!FZUN5AXElg 13676

File: 1396108469338.png (405.2 KB, 1600x878, 2014-03-29_09.44.37.png)

Anonymous 13677

Who are you? You're the mods! Reverting griefing, even accidental griefing, is your job.

Shinauko!FZUN5AXElg 13679

No that is Macil the smart ass breaker of threads.

Princess Squidward Element of Lil B !3GqYIJ3Obs 13680

File: 1396120069271.png (372.77 KB, 1280x752, 2014-03-29_15.04.27.png)

i build a giant sky thing

Anonymous 13698

File: 1396215514077.png (184.62 KB, 854x480, 2014-03-30_17.37.15.png)

I warned you.

Anonymous 13717

File: 1396407107828.jpg (501.66 KB, 1440x900, image.jpg)


Princess Squidward Element of Lil B !3GqYIJ3Obs 13719

can i get a mod to protect my giant sky castle?

Anonymous 13720

File: 1396469027026.png (59.74 KB, 854x480, 2014-04-02_12.40.57.png)

While you're at it, could you fix the portal?

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13721

Use the /modreq command near it so I can find it.

I'll fix that soon!

Nulono 13722

File: 1396576548264.jpg (6.73 KB, 150x150, image.jpg)

I remember a while back people were talking about building a structure that should technically be made of obsidian, but they opted to fake it rather than go to all that trouble. I don't know what came of that, but I've decided to open an obsidian store.

Initial prices are one diamond for three stacks. The first person to give me an Unbreaking III book will get three stacks. The first person to give me an Efficiency V book will get five stacks.

When I get one of these books, the price will go to one diamond for four stacks. When I get the second book, it will go to one diamond for five stacks.

Do these prices seem fair to you? I'm willing to haggle, but I can't go above 12 stacks per diamond or I'll be operating at a loss. Unbreaking III could raise this maximum to 24 stacks per diamond. I've also got to take into account my time, so don't expect to be able to push me to the absolute maximum.


File: 1396797123216.jpg (47.42 KB, 340x450, based god.jpg)

Wassup my people
I'm coming back on my alt, which means I'm not going to troll anymore.
I need this server because it is PvE, and not PvP, like other servers.
Please take kindly to my entry into the server and trade with me if you want any hard to obtain item.
Fun Fact: I had Prot 4 diamond armor when i got banned and 64 diamonds.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13734

>I had Prot 4 diamond armor when i got banned and 64 diamonds.
… Weren't x-ray hacks one of the things that got you banned, or was that someone else?

>I'm coming back on my alt

Do you get banned often enough from places that you bought multiple accounts?

I'm not exactly feeling inclined to unban you.


I use 3 accounts that belong to my friends.
I came on the server before in an attempt to cause bronies pain, but I realized how childish it was to ruin someone's experience of a fun game with their friends.
I only want an unban so I don't have to re log every time i want to play on the server.

Anonymous 13748

If I want to build a store, where should I put it?



Anonymous 13754

File: 1397142635269.png (205.63 KB, 854x480, 2014-04-09_14.08.18.png)

I think we have a griefer on the server.

Anonymous 13755

File: 1397142674775.png (241.02 KB, 854x480, 2014-04-09_14.13.13.png)

Anonymous 13756

File: 1397142693659.png (229.38 KB, 854x480, 2014-04-09_14.13.25.png)

Anonymous 13757

File: 1397142714778.png (220.96 KB, 854x480, 2014-04-09_15.27.52.png)

Anonymous 13758

File: 1397142726986.png (133.29 KB, 854x480, 2014-04-10_10.42.25.png)

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 13760

totally not epicnights i'll bet

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13763



I think someone is doing this under my cover of trying to look good, and framing me while they get away with it.

Anonymous 13769

How about the portal?

Nulono 13771

I've got 3,597 blocks for sale. I got the books I needed on my own, so the going price is now 4 stacks per diamond.


I'll trade you a stack of diamonds for all of it. If you don't believe me lets set up a time to trade.

Nulono 13774

Anywhere specifically in spawn? Is there a commercial district, or should I just pick a spot that looks good?

Any particular reason you're willing to pay over four times the price? I wasn't anticipating selling them all at once. Only about 65% of those are available for immediate sale; the rest are needed for the construction of the store.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13775

but nature!

>implying you're not still banned

Nulono 13778

Could I build in the city?

Anonymous 13779

File: 1397689704893.png (166.29 KB, 1600x1200, 1368225080066.png)

update host Minecraft version please

Anonymous 13781

Just edit your profile.


I'll use the store if that is what you have in mind.

Nulono 13793

Anyone interested in buying a Silk Touch I, Efficiency IV shovel for one diamond?

Tyranico!TyRAntWJjs 13797

File: 1397932033912.png (231.9 KB, 1280x720, 2014-04-19_13.01.31.png)

This is going to be a bit long, so bear with me.

First, I'd like to introduce myself, as this is my first post on MLPchan. I am Tyranico, and I've been playing on the server since around January. My base is across a small ocean from Sheebs' castle. I also built the music disc shop in the city (pictured).

Now that I'm all set up in my base, I want to build some community structures that can benefit everyone on the server. The first thing that I want to build is some kind of Enderman one-hit farm way out in the End. This would be a bring-your-own-books kind of deal. The next thing is I would like to flatten the nether fortress for easier access to Wither Skeletons. I haven't seen many beacons on this server, and I think around spawn and the city would be a great place for some.

Lastly, I wanted to request a portal in the portal hub. I have enough lapis now, so I can set up in the hub wherever there's free room.

Thanks for your time, and I hope to play much more with everyone in the future.


Just don't do stupid shit and enjoy yourself.

Anonymous 13801

There's a portal to the roof of the Nether, so we could also make a zombie pigman farm up there.

Nulono 13816

We've started one a thousand or so blocks behind the portal, but we have no idea what we're doing.

I have all the materials I'll need for the construction of the store. I'll need a cubic area for the store that's 16 blocks on a side, sunk 4 blocks deep into the ground, and 3 blocks away from a road. Are there any spots like that available?

Tyranico!TyRAntWJjs 13819

File: 1398227768525.png (987.85 KB, 1600x838, 2014-04-22_23.26.53.png)

So I got the Enderman XP farm to a really good start, but the only building material I don't have enough of is slime balls. I was hoping someone has 5 stacks or so for sticky pistons, or just sticky pistons, but I have enough materials for those.

I'll provide the enchanting table and an anvil for the XP farm.

I also built Rarity desktop pony pixel art at spawn you can take a look at when you have the time.

Tyranico!TyRAntWJjs 13820

File: 1398228091088.png (792.42 KB, 1600x838, 2014-04-21_20.34.51.png)

Or I'll just post it here, since I have the screenshot.

Anonymous 13828

File: 1398281200808.png (92.43 KB, 854x480, 2014-04-23_15.01.36.png)

You should add pistons that retract the blocks they land on and reveal a layer of hoppers so that the farm can be switched to an ender pearl only mode.

Anonymous 13829

File: 1398281237018.png (1.55 MB, 1440x900, 2014-04-23_15.12.36.png)

Okay, who put this lava here?

Tyranico!TyRAntWJjs 13832

That would be something for later, since it works quite well already.

I already enchanted all my gear with level 30 enchantments and a pickaxe in less than 10 minutes. XD

Anonymous 13833

>This would be a bring-your-own-books kind of deal.

I've donated five stacks of books, and over a chestful of Level 30 enchanted books.

Anonymous 13835

Make that 10 stacks.

Anonymous 13836

File: 1398446015496.png (34.06 KB, 854x480, 2014-04-25_13.05.52.png)

Okay, who the fuck griefed the autofarm?

Macil!/5s/Techmk 13838

I couldn't figure out how that thing was even supposed to work.

Tyranico!TyRAntWJjs 13839

Well thanks a bunch! I actually noticed all those books when I went there last, and I was swept away with the generosity.

My next project is probably going to be working on the Nether Fortress. I gotta put my new Looting Sword to good use. (^_-)

Anonymous 13840

There was a piston in that hole, with a block of farmland on top. Standing on the pressure plate activates a clock that pulses the piston up and down and activates the dispensers filled with bonemeal.

You used it by standing on the pressure plate and holding right click with seeds/potatoes/carrots in your hand. The piston would move down, you'd plant the crop, and the dispensers would grow it, and then the piston would extend to harvest it, before retracting again. It also worked for cocoa beans if you aimed at the side of the jungle log the pressure plate is on.

Someone came along and stole the piston, the farmland, and the chests of bonemeal that were on top of the left and right hoppers. I know it was a player and not some weird glitch because they left the third chest that wasn't visible.

It's rather simple and inexpensive to fix, but I figured the mods should be notified.

Also, are you guys gonna fix the portal or not?

Anonymous 13841

No biggie! I have a Looting sword and a cow farm that PETA would definitely frown upon, and I live next to a river lined with sugarcane, so making books is a trivial thing.

While you're in the Nether, we need a blaze farm as well.

k 13842

Where can I get pumpkins? Been trying to get some but they are always in protected area.

Also, I keep getting kicked out. Is that normal? :(


I did.Needed an empty bucket and I like lava mountains.


Snap, I was starting one. But you seems way ahead of me.

Anonymous 13849

I repaired the damage, but a mod should still check the block history and discipline whomever is stealing pistons.

I put a few near spawn for you.

Anonymous 13870

Would anypony be interested in purchasing a pair of Long Fall Boots*?

Diamond Boots: Protection IV, Feather Falling IV, Unbreaking III

Anonymous 13881

File: 1398901973474.png (43.78 KB, 400x400, 2014-04-30_18.24.24.png)

I love how my new armor shows off my skin,

Anonymous 13882


Anonymous 13885

Vausten 13886

File: 1398912149645.jpg (116.58 KB, 500x375, raah.jpg)

Time to erect swastikas

Anonymous 13887

File: 1398912279405.jpg (12.61 KB, 232x230, 1398048125365s.jpg)


Vausten 13888

File: 1398912338939.jpg (36.38 KB, 580x557, worry.jpg)

In the name of Ben Garrison

Tyranico!TyRAntWJjs 13928

File: 1399308641765.png (39.67 KB, 529x501, First Skeleton Skull.png)

Yay! I got my first Wither Skeleton Skull!

This is before flattening out the Nether Fortress too. After I do that, I can expect more Wither Skeletons will spawn.

Anonymous 13978

File: 1400178006197.png (106.72 KB, 854x480, 2014-05-14_17.27.32.png)

So apparently Silk Touch lets you get different kinds of mushroom blocks. Is that some kind of mod?

Tyranico!TyRAntWJjs 13990

File: 1400534362027.png (345 KB, 1280x720, 2014-05-19_02.57.30.png)

Hey Nulono, I can pay you back (with interest) the slimeballs I used to make the Enderman XP farm. It turns out I built my house right on top of a slime chunk, and I'm farming these guys.

Nulono 13991

Sure. What do you want to pay with?

Tyranico!TyRAntWJjs 13992

You gave me 3 stacks of slimeballs for the XP farm. I can give you back 6 stacks.

Nulono 14005

File: 1400712349146.png (523.58 KB, 1440x900, 2014-05-21_18.31.19.png)

Thanks. I've smelted up all that cobblestone, so we can work on the EMP when we have the chance.

Tyranico!TyRAntWJjs 14099

File: 1401083753975.png (94.46 KB, 1280x720, 2014-05-26_00.42.12.png)

I've been testing different gold farm designs in creative, and this one works great. It's based on this short video:

It's built out of only blocks and trapdoors. The only redstone is in the collection system, which consists of only 10 hoppers and a little bit of powered rail.

I'll start construction in the next few days…

Nopony !8AbeAPw8Wo 14110

File: 1401560514576.jpg (67.22 KB, 944x593, 1364271485829.jpg)

Oh man, I totally forgot we even have a server.
Does anyone even still come there?

I'll check it out.

Tyranico!TyRAntWJjs 14112

File: 1401575633732.png (36.69 KB, 1280x720, That's about 170 hours!.png)

The gold farm is kind of a dud. It spawns a few pigmen here and there, but nowhere near what I was expecting.

Sometimes I think I play too much there. This is my playing time just since the 1.7.2 switch.

Broodmare!BLaZerPcEw 14148

File: 1401824984036.png (204.86 KB, 1118x715, that_issss_a_nicccce_rarity_yo…)

I'm very behind the times but I joined the server yesterday.

I'm settling a small swamp island

Anonymous 14159

File: 1401917354919.png (438.58 KB, 1440x900, 2014-06-04_17.25.46.png)

Is someone gonna fix the fucking portal or not?

Anonymous 14167

All three stronghold locations have now been found.

Stronghold 1: (212, 33, -540)¹
Stronghold 2: (-572, 43, 308)²
Stronghold 3: (628, 43, 628)³

¹ This is the stronghold that had already been discovered.
² Eyes of Ender are drawn to these coördinates, but nothing seems to be here.
³ The End Portal here has been activated by Tyranico1024.

Anonymous 14180

File: 1402189479303.png (150.91 KB, 854x480, 2014-06-07_20.59.52.png)

Did someone die here or something?

Anonymous 14181

File: 1402189597258.png (184.97 KB, 854x480, 2014-06-07_21.01.27.png)

The stuff's in this chest.

Anonymous 14188

I've located the second stronghold; it was a ways west from the listed coördinates. Go west a ways on the surface until you find the desert temple, one of the outside corners of which is a hole that drops straight down into the portal.

Nulono 14189

File: 1402273637341.png (186.33 KB, 1440x900, 2014-06-08_19.25.59.png)

Nulono 14190

File: 1402273652173.png (164.68 KB, 1440x900, 2014-06-08_19.28.15.png)

Nulono 14191

File: 1402273669163.png (358.61 KB, 1440x900, 2014-06-08_19.28.19.png)

delfin3 14201

i like minecraft

Tyranico!TyRAntWJjs 14202

File: 1402604667162.png (383.68 KB, 1280x720, 2014-06-12_12.01.43.png)

For those who need more color in their Minecraft life, a Flower Forest at (2700, -2700). There's a faster way through the nether subway starting at my base.

Tyranico!TyRAntWJjs 14270

File: 1403739646961.png (19.76 KB, 930x141, Cannot Connect.png)

I don't know if the server is down or it's on my end, but suddenly yesterday and ever since, I can't connect to the minecraft server.

Anonymous 14271

i can't connect either. :(

Macil!/5s/Techmk 14272

The host rebooted the server, and I forgot to make the minecraft daemon autostart on boot. Fixed.

Tyranico!TyRAntWJjs 14276

File: 1403769110791.png (74.21 KB, 1280x720, 2014-06-26_02.48.30.png)

Right before the server went down, I finished up building this Villager Trading Hall. It's at my base if anyone wants to stop by. I only ask that you don't kill villagers until all their trades are unlocked. You never know when you can spend 2 emeralds to make 7 more.

Thank you very much! ^_^

Anonymous 14325

pls update to 1.7.9
pls ;_;

Anonymous 14395

When are you gonna fix that portal?

Tyranico!TyRAntWJjs 14411

I've been doing a lot of research on fixing the End Exit Portal easily in a way that can be done in Bukkit, and it can be done by someone in creative mode in about 15 seconds. I've tried a bunch of things from MCEdit to Command Blocks, and this is by far the easiest, and it works in CraftBukkit 1.7.2 R0.3.

So the person in creative mode just has to use the following two commands.
/effect [Username] 5 600 255
/summon EnderDragon

It's pretty straight forward. With any sword and the effect command to get Strength 255, the Ender Dragon is a one hit kill. The summon command will summon the Dragon where the player is, so if they are right above the inactive portal, then the portal can be near the same spot too.

Anonymous 14413

>The summon command will summon the Dragon where the player is, so if they are right above the inactive portal, then the portal can be near the same spot too.
Couldn't the new portal just be moved to the old location with a MCEdit? I'm assuming you'll be removing the old portal.

If not, you should load up some test worlds to investigate this so you can get things as close as possible.

Tyranico!TyRAntWJjs 14414

One of the things I tried was making an MCEdit schematic out of the portal in singleplayer and just importing it into the End of a Bukkit world. Unfortunately with the way that Bukkit saves dimensions, you can't actually edit the End at all with MCEdit. Whenever I tried opening a level.dat file to get to the End, it said that the End didn't have any chunks generated, which was not the case. Another thing is that even if MCEdit could be used, the server would have to go down to edit the portal.

If the portal is off with my plan, it would only be by a few blocks if that. You're right that the old portal would be removed, but the new portal could be put in first, then just clean up the left over pieces from the old one.

Anonymous 14415

I did some testing of my own in a Creative Mode world, and you can actually do this very accurately and precisely.

Step 1: Make sure you have a tool in your hand that gives at least +2 attack damage; any sword is fine. The dragon is a three-hit kill with an empty fist, and a two-hit kill with anything that only gives +1 attack damage (wooden or golden shovel).
Step 2: Position yourself directly over the central pillar of the old portal.
Step 3: Give yourself the strength effect.
Step 4: Summon the Ender Dragon, and immediately kill him with your sword. Use one hand to enter the command and the other hand to click if you have to. Click as soon as you enter the command.
Step 5: If you've done everything right, then the dragon dies, the new portal will be dropped in exactly the same spot as the old one, filling in the missing blocks and leaving no leftover pieces.

Anonymous 14416

Just a protip: Instead of "[Player]", you could've said "@p", which will apply the effect to whatever player enters it.

Also, you can accomplish the same task with a single command:
/summon EnderDragon -25 69 -15 {HealF:0}

This has the added benefit of removing any room for error.

The 69 can actually be any number from 0 to 255,since the portal's vertical coördinate is determined by the terrain.

Anonymous 14417

*255, since

Anonymous 14418

Actually, the portal spawns at the same height regardless of terrain.

Tyranico!TyRAntWJjs 14420

@p works. I just find it easier to press tab, since the player who enters the command's name will be first.

So between our posts, we've got some good plans for restoring the portal where the server can stay running and the portal will be in the same place. Hopefully a mod or admin sees and we can get it fixed soon.

Anonymous 14421

I wrote the command on signs around the portal.

Anonymous 14480

Is this server dead?

Macil!/5s/Techmk 14481

It's still online, though hasn't been very active lately. Minecraft works okay for that I guess. I'll focus more on it in the future.

I'm just going to code a mod or edit the world in mcedit sometime to fix it.

Anonymous 14482

You can't edit the End with MCEdit.

You can do it in one step.
1.) In the End, run the following command: /summon EnderDragon -25 69 -15 {HealF:0}

Macil!/5s/Techmk 14485

I've written tools for parsing minecraft's data files myself. I'll make it work if I have to.

... This is some sort of reverse psychology thing to get me to do it, isn't it?

It's done. (Turns out there's a "go to dimension" button in the bottom right of mcedit.)

Anonymous 14486

I was just going off of what >>14414 said.

Not sure why you opted against "/summon EnderDragon -25 ~ -15 {HealF:0}", though; it seemed like the simpler/easier option.

Anonymous 14488

We need a list of items that have been used in lapis portal chests, so people can make new ones without accidentally causing interference.

Nulono 14489

I'd like to place three portals in the hub, one to each of the strongholds. If that's too many, I could place one portal that leads to the location of the three portals.

Nulono 14491

File: 1406332998319.png (87.56 KB, 1440x900, 2014-07-25_19.24.44.png)

I've put them all together in one room, the future location of my new base.

Nulono 14492

File: 1406333040357.png (319.33 KB, 1440x900, 2014-07-25_19.24.30.png)

Here's an overview.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 14493

Strongholds should require many trials to get to! I can't just be linking them from the main hub!

Maybe I should mod in a few more special stronghold-like areas so there's still more things to explore to.


File: 1406592548799.png (44.72 KB, 862x507, whydontyouwork.png)

My game doesn't want to work
I just get this.
can i get some help?

Macil!/5s/Techmk 14503

Try deleting the minecraft launcher and re-downloading it. Also, you can update to 1.7.5.

Tyranico!TyRAntWJjs 14507

File: 1406631743185.png (12.95 KB, 495x368, Villager Loot.png)

I've been selecting through villagers since I made my trading hall, and I have some pretty great ones that include the following:

24 paper per Emerald
You can get infinite emeralds with this guy for the price of paper. Once the trade is maxed out, just make the last trade (One emerald for 5 glass). The paper trade will be refreshed and you can keep going. Soon I might try for a villager with paper as the last trade, but until then, this guy works great.

I have two villagers that trade for saddles. One of them may sell infinite saddles. I unlocked about 9 trades and I don't know if there are more.

All Diamond Gear
Other than that, I have villagers that can sell every type of diamond tool and armor. I have three villagers that sell diamond picks, and two each for diamond axes and diamond chestplates. In the picture I have just some of the things I bought, and more trades can still be made before they max out.

Villager trading hall at my base, roughly x = 1100, z = -375

Anonymous 14510

You should try for one with wheat as the last trade, so people can use the autofarm to grind for diamonds.

Anonymous 14511



I already did that. I deleted every trace of minecraft down to the %appdata folders.
Does the game now need opengl 2.1?

Anonymous 14533

So I'm guessing I shouldn't've linked them all to my base, added wooden paths from the Eye-attracting spiral stairs to the portal rooms, and added drop chutes from the surface down to the End portals?

Shinauko!FZUN5AXElg 14539

File: 1406773034512.png (756.33 KB, 1600x878, 2014-07-30_20.14.31.png)


Shinauko!FZUN5AXElg 14540

File: 1406773051920.png (785.5 KB, 1600x878, 2014-07-30_20.14.53.png)



Which texture pack are you using?

Shinauko!FZUN5AXElg 14551

Shinauko!FZUN5AXElg 14560

File: 1406942856465.png (1.03 MB, 1600x878, 2014-08-01_19.24.53.png)

Shinauko!FZUN5AXElg 14561

File: 1406943744030.png (162.2 KB, 1600x878, 2014-08-01_19.41.00.png)

Shinauko!FZUN5AXElg 14562

File: 1406943789844.png (445.25 KB, 1600x878, 2014-08-01_19.31.42.png)

Shinauko!FZUN5AXElg 14563

File: 1406943802515.png (143.96 KB, 1600x878, 2014-08-01_19.37.50.png)

Shinauko!FZUN5AXElg 14564

File: 1406943816642.png (399.79 KB, 1600x878, 2014-08-01_19.40.39.png)

Shinauko!FZUN5AXElg 14565

File: 1406943827978.png (62.38 KB, 1600x878, 2014-08-01_19.41.11.png)

Anonymous 14572

File: 1407008078266.png (225.68 KB, 854x480, 2014-08-01_20.03.03.png)

Hey, Tyranico, thanks for the armor, but… could you remove the chest from the middle of my base?

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 14621

Hey Tyranico, not like you aren't already providing a hella public service already, but what are the chances of getting a rail from your trading post to the edge of your region, and guidelines for what villagers to NOT take away?

Reason I'm asking is I want an iron farm and finding a village will be a task.

Similarly, couple questions for the mods,
1. How are the regions defined?
2. How do mobs respond to lapis portals?

Anonymous 14623

File: 1407445690202.png (327.5 KB, 1440x900, 2014-08-04_17.34.16.png)

My Obsidian Shop is now open for business. To find it, go to the church through the portal hub, and it's in the town.

Tyranico!TyRAntWJjs 14626

Right now, I don't have a protected region. I just make sure all my chests are locked. The villagers are in a closed system though, so if they can't get into a slot in the trading hall, they go into lava. Same if you don't like a trade. I replaced the "kill buttons" with signs for villagers I want to keep.

Interesting to note is that every villager that has ever been at my base are the descendants of two zombie villagers I've converted back. Depending on how far away you want to build a rail line, converting zombie villagers might be a better option. If you do want a couple of villagers to start out an iron farm, I can find a way to get some from the trading hall.

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 14627

>curing zombie villagers
I CANNOT believe I didn't think of this
I am such a derp.
That said, what're the approximate coords of your farm? My caving trips are seldom lucrative and I can't be arsed with a proper mine without some better understanding of region geometry, so I'd probably make one recipe's worth of rail and one cart - which would mean two trips of cyclically laying 16 rails (and half the time accidentally pushing the cart off the end).

Anonymous 14628

File: 1407546945585.png (95.33 KB, 854x480, 2014-08-08_18.04.55.png)

I've added a lapis portal to the enderman farm. I'm guessing that means we don't need the bridges anymore?

Tyranico!TyRAntWJjs 14629

My base is at x = 1100, z = -375

Maybe. Where does it Oh wow you made three portals right next to mine. Yeah the bridges can be destroyed then.

Anonymous 14631

Could you knock them down? Whenever I do anything with the bridges the water on top starts flowing in weird ways.

Anonymous 14633

I'm trying to decide on which of these portal placements works best.

Anonymous 14634

File: 1407613571231.png (174.98 KB, 1440x900, 2014-08-09_14.49.25.png)

Anonymous 14635

File: 1407613591334.png (176.77 KB, 1440x900, 2014-08-09_15.00.04.png)

Anonymous 14637

File: 1407635375992.png (114.07 KB, 1440x900, 2014-08-09_21.39.30.png)

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 14638

Right, if I'm gonna have that hexabeacon I wanted I'm gonna have to do that.

Six times.

Wither Shield is gonna suck to deal with. Either that or I'm gonna get good at the TNT Hall.

Tyranico!TyRAntWJjs 14640

File: 1407667819837.png (393.12 KB, 1280x720, 2014-08-10_05.20.36.png)

The iron golem I built for the trading hall needs a name, but I can't think of one. Any suggestions?

I broke down the bridges and fixed all the water on top. I'm thinking we should move these portals someplace now, since the bridges are gone. Maybe an End Portal Hub? We can come up with something nice.

I think it looks better spaced out if you don't have anything else planned for that wall.

In the picture, you push the wither's head into bedrock and it can't attack you. You can kill a wither in like 10 seconds or less.

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 14642

Oh hello that's bedrock, duh
I have no idea why but something in my head decided "Oh, that's just a darker colored stone, it's totally going to blow its way out of that and make a scene".

I nominate HAL for the golem name.

Anonymous 14643

Why does he need a name?

Obviously, you should name him Iron Will.

Anonymous 14644

I noticed while I was getting the wither skeleton skulls that wither skeletons were spawning much more often if I ran to the other side of the fortress and then back to the killing room. I think the fortress could be improved with a rail line to take the player far enough away from the killing room for all the mobs to despawn, and then return them.

Anonymous 14645

Or if you want something not pony related, how about "Rusty"? You could also go the ironic naming route and name him after a completely different mob.

Anonymous 14646

>>14645 was directed at >>14643.

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 14648

Oh, hey, that's a good idea too.
Unless HAL was one of those rare moments when I came up with something good, I think "Chicken" or possibly "Mooshroom" would fit.

Anonymous 14650

I was thinking something related to a snow golem, like "Frosty", "Snowy", or "Snow Golem".

I'm partial to "Rusty", though.

Anonymous 14651

We could call him "Trusty Rusty"!

Tyranico!TyRAntWJjs 14653

File: 1407743003007.png (296.3 KB, 1280x720, 2014-08-11_02.40.32.png)

Sorry guys. It really was obvious.

Also I got a better tripcode, so I'll be posting as Tyranico!TYRANTCCcc starting next post.

Anonymous 14654

What was obvious?

Anonymous 14655

I'm still calling him Trusty Rusty.

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 14656

The obvious thing was what >>14643 pointed out as being obvious.

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 14658

Alright, I think I've got a coherent design and most of the materials for my iron farm, except I still only have one golden apple.

Barring talking one of my townmates out of them, I don't suppose someone has a functioning gold farm and would be willing to part with the five ingots and seven nuggets I need to complete one?

Anonymous 14662

I could spare some gold; I've got stacks and stacks of ore.

Anonymous 14663

Do we really need a third iron farm on the server?

Anonymous 14665

So how active is this server?

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 14666

Given that I haven't found the other two, I think I do

Sweet, what's your name in game? I'll watch for you, if you're online before I've butchered enough pigmen I'll get your attention.

Zarg!pW1mZiCGkY 14667

File: 1407792830110.png (250.21 KB, 1280x720, 2014-08-11_16.29.34.png)

Not bad for an hour or two.

So how did you guys get so much lapis to make all the portals?

Zarg!pW1mZiCGkY 14668

Also, does anyone know if there's a nether fortress/blaze farm anywhere?

Anonymous 14669

Fortune III

Anonymous 14670

Nulono. Where do you want to meet?

Anonymous 14671

Do beacons work in the Nether? I think the wither farm fortress could use a strength/regeneration beacon.

Tyranico!TYRANTCCcc 14672

I speed mine with a Haste II beacon and efficiency V.

It's kind of chancy if you find a place in the nether ceiling that's only 1 bedrock thick, otherwise you can punch a hole using the dark oak tree trick.

Anonymous 14673

I saw that you punched a hole in the ceiling instead of using a lapis portal. That is going to be driving my OCD crazy.

Anonymous 14674

Experiment and the wiki say that the blocks above the beacon just have to all be naturally generated.

Zarg!pW1mZiCGkY 14675

Okay, I have enough lapis for the portals. Where should I put mine?

Zarg!pW1mZiCGkY 14676

File: 1407808752824.png (453.54 KB, 1280x720, 2014-08-11_20.57.12.png)

I was thinking of this spot in the portal hub. Is this okay?

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 14677

If I see you join or vice versa (I'm Ialdabohu) let's just meet at that nifty little underground spot you've got at the world origin.

There is. I can't give instructions to it but I may be able to go fetch coords once I have iron gear.

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 14678

>PSA goes through

I had some other stuff I needed to do anyways, I don't want to find out what THAT heralds

Anonymous 14679

File: 1407872804811.png (332.13 KB, 1440x900, 2014-08-12_15.35.37.png)


Anonymous 14680

Look under the gold ore at the world origin.

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 14681

It is funny you should say that, because Tyranico gave me some while I was on last and >>14678 happened.

That snow golem's all "YEAH I WISH YOU WOULD MOTHAFUCKA"

Anonymous 14682

Okay, who angered the pigmen?

Anonymous 14683

File: 1407892774175.png (253.02 KB, 854x480, 2014-08-12_21.09.03.png)

Sorry for this butt-ugly pathway thing in the Nether; someone pissed off the pigmen in the area around the lapis portal, and I needed a safe path to get to my stuff.

I have to log off for the night, but I'll clean it up tomorrow.

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 14684

I don't think I was in the Lapis portal area earlier, but I was trying to get gold before Tyranico came and gave me some. I'm also pretty sure the hostile pigs despawned in the area I was working. My sincerest apologies if those were in fact my fault, if you'd like some kind of compensation name it.

Anonymous 14685

Were you wearing a chain mail helmet and carrying a stone sword, by any chance?

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 14686

..... As a matter of fact I was, but I also made sure to hang out in the random despawn distance and CHECKED for hostile pigs before I called it a day

I guess that was me, but I thought I'd taken care of it. Well then.

Zarg!pW1mZiCGkY 14693

File: 1407995623235.png (938.07 KB, 1280x720, 2014-08-14_00.49.24.png)

So, weird question.

Does anyone have a metric ass-ton of dirt?


i would give you my dirt but i still cant seem to fix my game

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 14702

Sorry, but I've got slightly less than an imperial ass-ton.

in all seriousness i can't really spare any dirt but if i find any in my deep underground pockets that i don't use in my farms i'll tell you

Tyranico!TYRANTCCcc 14703

File: 1408101256378.png (968.23 KB, 1280x720, 2014-08-15_06.07.05.png)

Gold farm, take 2.

This time it is definitely working and working well. I just need to add crusher and collection systems and it'll be ready for AFK farming.

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 14707

How many layers thick is that guy?
Also, how often do the pigmen die on impact with the bottom of the frame?

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 14708

On further research they can be expected to never do so. I feel silly for my previous 23*5 design.

Anonymous 14711

Fortune III gives about 12 lapis per block of ore.

What's he even doing up there? I didn't see anything.

Mobs don't despawn if they're carrying items. Do you want the helmet and sword back?

I tried to give you access to one of my chests, but the protected region overrode adding you to the chest signs. Is there a workaround for this other than just moving the chest?

My luck with wither skulls seems to have run dry; I got my first 3 in one hunting session, my second 3 soon after, but it's been a couple days now and I can't seem to get that damn ninth skull. Also, my sword is dying, and is "Too Expensive!" to repair. What the fuck, Minecraft? If I have the levels, how is it too expensive‽

zarg!pW1mZiCGkY 14712

NVM Guys, I got an efficiency shovel.

Also, do you think that 84x84 is big for a sugar cane farm? I can never tell.

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 14713

Duly noted.
Given I'm NOT bad enough dude to kill pigmen myself, clearly, how do you suggest I deal with this next time?
And, you can keep them. I'd feel bad taking them back after that mess.

Also, above a certain threshold, the anvil won't repair anything regardless of if you have the levels. This is meant to keep lifespans finite. Try renaming it, that should reset its age via a bug.

That's right huge. I've got a planned one of 25x25 and THAT'S honestly overkill.

Zarg!pW1mZiCGkY 14716

File: 1408228936257.png (1.41 MB, 1600x848, 2014-08-16_17.37.35.png)

Well, I'm getting close the being done with it. I'm going to build an emerald pyramid on top of it that's at least as big.

Anonymous 14718

Is there any sort of pattern to the carpet colors?

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 14719

I'm an efficiency over extravagance kind of person, so I can't imagine why you'd want an emerald pyramid except for beacons, and even then I'd think an iron pyramid would be better.

So I suppose my point is enjoy your emerald pyramid!
(also because of identical patterns cocoa farms go VERY well on top of sugar farms)

Finally unrelated could someone with a working iron farm visit the one at x=240 z=20 and tell me what the stupid obvious thing I've done wrong is?

Tyranico!TYRANTCCcc 14720

Sorry I didn't see you hop on the server. I was AFK gold farming.

I took a look at your iron farm and your problem is this. All the villagers are too high vertically from where the doors are. All of your doors are being counted for breeding, but not for creating golems, so what you have right now is a giant infinite villager breeder. I learned about this from watching Tango Tek's videos, like his infinite villager breeder I'm using for my trading hall.

Zarg!pW1mZiCGkY 14721

File: 1408295177939.png (788.37 KB, 1280x720, 2014-08-17_12.00.36.png)

Okay, the dirt placement is finished. Now on to the carpet and lighting.

Not right now. I haven't found any sheep near my base yet, so I'm using Tyranico's sheep farmI may come back later and change all of it once I have a sheep farm.


Anonymous 14723

Emerald blocks don't even work for beacons.

As far as cocoa beans, just use the autofarm; it's much quicker.

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 14724

Ah, shit. I thought that five below would be enough to be counted as part of the village. Thanks anyways, I'll figure out the math to rectify this when I'm done showering.

Oh, I thought any mineral worked.
Also, I'd rather not burn someone else's bonemeal, and as a TROO MURRIKUN PAITRYUT I have an unnecessary and stubborn hardon for self-sufficiency.

Zarg!pW1mZiCGkY 14725

The sugar cane farm is done. I will post pictures once I have more time to make the area look a little nicer.

Many thanks to both Tyranico and Nulono for helping me with the build.

Tyranico!TYRANTCCcc 14726

File: 1408428676540.png (32.26 KB, 499x207, MLPChan Ender Chest Items 8-19…)

So the gold farm is up and operational for AFK farming. That's what I've been doing a lot of as of late. Once I clean it up a little and make it look nice, I'll release it to the public so people can AFK and take whatever they get during that time. I'm also going to double it, as it's very promising right now so I just want it to be more efficient. It's got 27 [21x21] portals and I want to make it 54 portals.

And yes, Nulono, I bought out all the obsidian at your shop to build the gold farm. If you have more that you're willing to sell, I will pay in diamonds.

Also funny enough, for the first time ever on the server, I have more gold than diamonds. [pic]

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 14727

My ego demands I make a bigger one.
The Nether and a pile of buckets beckon me.

Anonymous 14728

We have a skeleton farm on the server. Bonemeal is stupidly renewable. Like, so renewable you should probably start using the autofarm just to use up excess bonemeal.

I've got another chest's worth of obsidian; I'll restock the store when I get a chance.

I've got roughly a stack and a half of diamond ore, but sixish stacks of gold ore. How exactly did you find so many diamonds, or so little gold?

Also, how did you take a screenshot of your chest contents? I can never get screenshots to work in an inventory.

Tyranico!TYRANTCCcc 14729

Well, I made two speed mines with a Haste II beacon and Efficiency V and mined out tons of area to get all the diamonds. Fortune III only works on diamonds, so even if I found equal parts gold and diamond, I ended up with more diamonds.

No tricks to the screenshot. I just used Print Screen and then cropped it in Photoshop.

Anonymous 14730

Weird, Print Screen never works for me; I always have to use F2.

I tend to get my resources through caving. I find it more fun, and caves give you more exposed surface area. Ravines are even better.

By the way, the obsidian shop has been restocked.

Zarg!pW1mZiCGkY 14735

File: 1408816360071.png (697.61 KB, 1280x720, 2014-08-18_18.08.14.png)

I guess I'll finally get around to posting this. This is the finished sugar cane farm. It's 84x84. I really don't know how much a full harvest is, because every time I've tried to do one, I've gotten interrupted in the middle of it. I'd say it probably produces somewhere below 220 stacks of sugar cane per harvest.

Zarg!pW1mZiCGkY 14736

File: 1408816628249.png (482.29 KB, 1280x720, 2014-08-23_12.55.35.png)

A more recent picture, I'm building a tree farm on top of the sugar cane farm.

Tyranico!TYRANTCCcc 14741

File: 1408956058333.png (285.63 KB, 1280x720, 2014-08-25_03.26.39.png)

The gold farm is about 95% complete. I made a nice little room for the lapis portal and collection chests. I doubled the number of nether portals in the build to 54 [21x21] portals. Going AFK in the room works pretty well, but it might not be the most efficient location possible. I'm going to build a minecart track that takes you into the middle of the farm so that most of the portals are in range for pigmen to walk into their death via crusher, which is pretty loud.

I mentioned it briefly here >>14640 but I think I want to make a second portal hub, and move those portals that are in the End. I need to post it here because only one of those is mine, and the rest belong to Nulono I'm pretty sure. So after I finish the gold farm completely, I want to scout an area to build a new portal hub, possibly just in the End, but in a better location.

Anonymous 14782

File: 1409434991460.png (117.22 KB, 854x480, 2014-08-30_10.48.33.png)

I don't remember putting on this armor.

Anonymous 14785

File: 1409440425101.png (67.57 KB, 854x480, 2014-08-30_19.06.06.png)

I replaced the center block with glowstone because its light level was low enough for mobs to spawn, making it potentially unsafe to AfK.

Nulono 14786

File: 1409441411009.png (87.09 KB, 854x480, 2014-08-30_17.54.05.png)

Now that the gold farm is open, I won't be accepting gold as payment for obsidian anymore, since collecting obsidian is a pain and a gold block can now be obtained just by standing still for 18 minutes.

Has anyone considered making an automatic obsidian farm?

Anonymous 14788

File: 1409447783258.png (251.72 KB, 1440x900, 2014-08-28_15.53.19.png)

What's all this cobblestone shit?

Anonymous 14789

File: 1409447808474.png (253.72 KB, 1440x900, 2014-08-28_16.30.53.png)

Anonymous 14790

It was pretty ancient. I assumed someone poured water over lava forever ago there.

Tyranico!TYRANTCCcc 14791

File: 1409472766103.png (159.57 KB, 1280x720, Block Light 13.png)

The block light level in the center is 13 with the gold block because there is a redstone lamp above the center. Mobs require a light level of 7 or lower to spawn.

Kamuu 14793

Silverfish everywhere.

Anonymous 14794

My F3 screen was showing a bl of 8 standing under the lamp, so it'd've been 7 at my feet.

Anonymous 14795


That makes sense; it'd explain how there're a couple blocks inside the protected zone at spawn (left side of >>14789). It's really irritating how protected zones can be changed like that, but not changed back. I grew a tree that grew up into the Spawn Tower's protected zone and prevented the leaves of a nearby tree from decaying, resulting in a really fugly lopsided treetop. I ended up having to tower up and over and drop TNT onto the tree to get rid of it.

Could a mod take care of that leftover cobblestone?

Anonymous 14798

Now that we have a gold farm, we should set up somewhere to breed horses. We could collect some horses and try to breed some with good stats, and then have a breeding stock of excellent horses that people could breed at will.

Anonymous 14804

Hey, I'm the guy who made the "Church of Shrek" near the church. I fucking let a friend onto the server because he was bored and he did most of the shit and wrecked my house.
pls unban

Anonymous 14806

C-can someone explain End of Stream?


>still playing vanilla minecraft server when there are delicious challenge maps avalible or technic/at launcher/ftb to play

Birdman 14808

Have to agree, we need a Direwolf20 server for ponies.

Anonymous 14814

Anonymous 14815

Like, you do know there are plugins that prevent griefing and lock chests right? Super easy and lightweight I'd recommend towny or grief prevention to prevent grief and lwc for item protection.

What you want is Ponycraft or mlpcraft. its an actual modpack on the ftb launcher.

Anonymous 14816

The OP post you linked explains how you can lock chests or request for your base to be protected from changes by other players.

Shinauko!FZUN5AXElg 14818

I have been playing sky factory and Crash landing and Material Energy Cubed a lot. If the server wasn't like 100% done already I wouldn't complain.

Anonymous 14827

File: 1410399297006.png (70.67 KB, 854x480, 2014-09-10_20.53.47.png)

Now that we have a gold farm, your huge wheat farm thing is even more unnecessary.

Anonymous 14954

File: 1411582804179.png (44.23 KB, 854x480, 2014-09-24_14.13.21.png)

This villager's melon trade wasn't actually the final one, and now he wants 14 raw chicken to refresh, so you should probably either make a raw chicken farm or replace him.

Tyranico!TYRANTCCcc 14957

We'll just have to replace him, since it's pretty easy, just lots of waiting. It's only a matter of pressing a button to kill the guys you don't want.

Anonymous 14959

I hope we don't have to wait too long, because I've got a dozen dozen dozen hay bales that currently have no use.

Anonymous 14976

It looks like the filter is clogged or something; rotten flesh is flowing into the gold chests.

Alexandrite!!H6elX4kPjy 14990

File: 1412389557491.jpg (32.85 KB, 500x346, my-little-pony-friendship-is-m…)

Anonymous 15004

File: 1412908772775.png (89.42 KB, 1440x900, 2014-10-09_16.38.03.png)

I've got a new wheat guy, but his refresh trade is cooked fish. Any chance of an auto-fishing station being built?

Anonymous 15016

Alternatively, I could try my hand at it. Could you pick a spot in your base where it would fit?


File: 1414019396325.png (160.82 KB, 854x480, 2014-10-23_06.03.28.png)

Did this one more thing since I launched minecraft for a bit.
Is next to spawn, right out the doors.


File: 1414019524503.jpg (61.39 KB, 853x480, Безымянный.JPG)

You can have all my junk if someone wants it, plus the non-secured chests around, and this whole shitty house with an unlinked portal and a large mine underneath.

Anonymous 15028

> Still 1.7.2

This hurts me

Anonymous 15039

File: 1414932576112.png (222.48 KB, 827x555, sdgasdsd.png)

One year, 30 days later. Still have not bought game.. Unable to connegt.. tfw too poor..

I guess I will plat trailerparkcraft for the resd of my life

Anonymous 15040

mebbe i buy it for you.

DiamondDoug 15041

Walking around this place.
It's like a graveyard, except instead of dead bodies it houses cold, dead memories. Memories of livliness. Memories of fun.
Memories of happiness.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 15042

Isn't that all Minecraft servers worlds after they've been around for a while with stuff built up?

DiamondDoug 15043

Yeah, I guess.
It's still fucking sad though.

DiamondDoug 15044

I mean, I regret that I wasn't there to experience those happy times of joy.

Anonymous 15046

File: 1415037537015.png (65.56 KB, 358x366, 5678.png)

just reset the world, or better! sabotage it and say it was griefers. What keeps people there is the competition and when a world gets so developed, it's complete dried up and gone.

With a new world and not much around people will ofc be incited to do things and stick around.

best idea ever: disable all antigrifer plugins and post a link on 4chan and pretend ur not the guy that runs hide a few chests in randome placed full of TNT and redstone torches and only post the coords to them in the thread, instant fun.. better yet skin everyone who's new and joining into ISIS or al-quada and make a faction called ISIS, and everyone whos already been there is faction AMERICA armed with nothing but bows n arrows and they have to defend everything

Anonymous 15056

Please don't reset the world; we've put so much into it, and the EMP is only a quarter done. If you want the thrill of new terrain, just go far from spawn.

Anonymous 15057

Just reset the dozen or so stone blocks in the Nether's bedrock ceiling; they stick out like a sore thumb, especially with the torches on top to prevent mobspawns. I'd gladly donate a pair of lapis portals to allow Tyranico1024 access to the roof.


Why don't the active members or myself create a PvP dome? PvE is boring after sufficient resources have been obtained.

Tyranico!TYRANTCCcc 15061

If you want a mod to patch it with bedrock, I wouldn't care. The only thing up there is the failed gold farm.

Not an eel 15070

Dangit, the server version is 1.7.2, I'm at 1.8.1, I guess I'll wait until the server update to the latest version.

Anonymous 15153

I refilled the presents under the tree. Take what you want. First come, first serve.

I'm pretty sure we have one. I stumbled upon it once.

Anonymous 18458

I wonder if anyone still uses this...

Anonymous 18460

File: 1423958805081.jpg (67.48 KB, 1024x768, dwight-schrute-the-office-1024…)

What will happen to this server when the merger happens?

Anonymous 18461

this is the server that will be used. ponychans server sucks dick

Anonymous 18465


I am also curious as to when this server might be updated? Does anyone know?

Anonymous 18466

No one's been on for a good long time, so there's been no reason. We might be able to bother Macil into updating it if he finds out people are playing.

Anonymous 18468

That's something of a catch-22. I haven't been on in a while because 1.7.2 got stale, and I was tired of constantly switching versions.

Anonymous 18478

Well, you can talk to Macil, but he's busy working on the site merger, so good luck getting an answer. I think after the sites merge would be a good opportunity to talk to him about it. Until then, 1.7.2 isn't that bad.

Anonymous 18479


Nah, it's pretty bad. I remember last year sometime I stopped playing for months waiting for 1.8 to hit so I could have the wonderful changes to enchanting.

I think there were some other things they added, too, but none of that is probably very important by comparison.

Though all that said, even though the server is empty now, it's incredibly heavily civilized, so I might just boot up the server protocol again and play around in my own space.

Anonymous 18536

File: 1427091083358.png (410.93 KB, 1280x334, 2015-03-20_23.46.22.png)

Could someone do something about this hidden deathtrap of a puddle near spawn? I got caught in the current and pulled down, and the current was too strong for me to swim back up. It leads to a protected region, so I couldn't even place a torch to give myself an air pocket, so I ended up drowning. By the time I'd found it again and brewed a water breathing potion for a rescue attempt, all my items had despawned, including some pretty good enchanted gear!

Anonymous 18545

File: 1427946879287.png (173.91 KB, 1280x800, 2015-04-01_23.52.33.png)

I was gonna remodel the gold farm AfK room to a blue and black color scheme, but there aren't any blue slabs, so let's just pretend I did and you all can admire my cleverness that way.


Is the server down? Or did it update?

Macil!/5s/Techmk 18551

You have to downgrade to 1.7.5 to connect.
I haven't updated it in a while because the excellent Bukkit project which is used for all of the mods shut down some time after that, and I haven't spent the time to thoroughly investigate what newer options are out.

Anonymous 18552

File: 1428187854256.jpg (950.06 KB, 2304x2160, DomeVariants.jpg)

I'm starting work on a more permanent base, and I'm going for a dome design for the central chamber.

The top design is approximating a sphere with the inside walls, and the bottom is approximating a sphere with the outside walls. The middle one marks out the differences between the two with cracked brick.

Which version looks the best/roundest?

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