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Question... Anonymous 10416

I own two different computers in my house, a laptop with a wireless internet connection, and a desktop with a wired internet connection. I am pretty sure they both have the same IP address, which is why I'm a little confused about something–on some other websites, such as 7chan, if I watch a thread on one computer it is automatically watched on the other one as well, whether it is off or on. This makes sense because (from what I understand) imageboards keep track of things based on your IP address, not which computer you're using (if they do have the same IP).

But with this site, it's like I have a completely separate version on each of my computers. I often have to search the catalog to find threads on one computer that I already have watched on the other, and even if I have the same threads watched on both of them I don't get update alerts at the same time either.

Like, for example, I'm currently following the Milky Way general on both of them, and for the last week or so I've mainly been using my laptop. When I finally got on my desktop a few minutes ago, it told me I had more than 70 new replies to that thread even though I had already seen them all over the past week on my laptop.

I am just wondering if there is a way to fix this so it's more convenient, like is there some kind of way to synch both of my computer's internet settings or something, or am I just screwed?

They're both PCs if it matters, and my ISP is RCN.

!!Big Macintosh 10417

Every computer on your network technically has two IP addresses. The local IP address, which defines your computers based on your network (all computer connected to your router), and your Outward Facing IP address, which defines your houses connection in relation to the internet (this is the IP address that MLPchan associates with your posts)
All computers on any given network have the same outward facing IP address.
All user data on MLPchan (name, watched threads, ect ect) is stored in localStorage, (Your browsers storage space on your computer), which is accessed via JavaScript.
Actually, virtually everything "extra" on the site is handled by javascript
I'm not entirely sure if there's a way to access a single localStorage on multiple computers.
Your best chance is chrome, though I'll admit, Macil may be able to provide an actual solution for you, so no need to give up hope yet, though my feelings on the matter are that you are screwed, per your words.

Macil!!Littlepip 10419

Many other *chan sites remember your watched threads list server-side by your IP address. (This can be a pain if your IP address changes frequently as your watched threads list will constantly forget your threads. And anyone else with your IP can see or modify your watched threads list.)

This site stores your watched threads (and settings) within your browser locally. There currently isn't any site feature to synchronize this between computers.

You might find it useful to use Firefox Sync (I think Chrome might have a comparable feature) to sync your browser's bookmarks and history between your computers. It won't exactly sync your mlpchan thread watcher, but it would help you in finding threads you saw on another computer.

Anonymous 10432

File: 1377455792696.png (140.61 KB, 501x423, whoa.png)


>though my feelings on the matter are that you are screwed, per your words.

Eh, that's alright, it's not the worst thing in the world I guess.


>And anyone else with your IP can see or modify your watched threads list.)

>mfw if this happened and my younger brother found MLPchan on his laptop

Tom' the /♥/ bringer 10436

Oh wow, haha, hope he reacted well

Macil!/5s/Techmk 10437

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