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Ponychan-MLPchan Merger >>>/site/15219

File: 1377187140480.png (219.54 KB, 1903x949, b30e4d87295e30a4970a9f0c6cf279…)

Anonymous 10380

Can we permaban him from mlpchan?

Atleast /anon/?

Anonymous 10381

I hate him too, but I think a permaban is a little harsh, if he's determined he'll probably end up ban evading anyways. Maybe he should get a month-long ban, so he can learn his lesson. Also the people who encourage him or imitate him should get warnings.

Kok Lord 10382

Yeah, he's the reason namefags get more hate than usual if you ask me, and seeing this I feel now that that hate is justified.

He's a faggot, he's trying to get attention with some kind of rehab program for himself even now that he posts anonymously last I saw.

Anonymous 10383

Advertising this place doesn't do it any favors with /mlp/ (not to mention it's against 4chan rules). They need to give it a rest already. However,

Pot, kettle… same difference. Most of /anon/ judges most posters who use names by the quality and originality of their posts. In Grump's case, and yours, both of you have violated Rule 1 on /anon/ numerous times simply by posting flamebait so much that using your name is enough to derail a thread. Passing off your bad behavior onto another poster is terribly immature. I think a short ban from /anon/ would do both of you and the board some good.

Anonymous 10384

*However, OP's pic is a 4chan issue, not a MLPchan one.

Anonymous 10385


Advertising MLPchan on 4chan (or anywhere really) is a horrible idea because it will attract exactly the kind of people from /mlp/ or Reddit that we were trying to escape from.


File: 1377198252151.png (282.94 KB, 874x787, 214.png)

you know one thing i learned recently. and it does surprisingly work.

but hear me out. this does actual work.

ignore him. if you ignore him he will starve and will nothing to feed off.

eventually he'll get board and stop posting sooner or later.



!!Big Macintosh ## Mod 10388

he's taking a 3 days off from mlpchan as a whole, and five days off /anon/
tired of this shit.
I'll be letting him know that he's on watch.

Anonymous 10389


Much appreciated.


We can ignore him, but that doesn't stop him from taking up image space in threads with his massive Game Grumps image collection. And unfortunately there will always be people who respond to that stuff.

Anonymous 10390

File: 1377206527198.jpg (294.34 KB, 898x898, applejack being a kawaii mothe…)


Kok Lord 10394

I've been posting as anon for weeks. Also, commenting on a thread and keeping on topic isn't derailing a thread, using your keyboard to wage war on the guy who just wanted to make his opinion known because he did so under a name is derailing a thread.



File: 1377211955696.png (134.99 KB, 203x643, 163.png)

ah. understandable then.

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