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Quick tech question Scootapuff!saU4Tsd4dU 10366

The reply notification tone seems to have stopped working for me after having updated my iPhone's software to the latest version. Is this just my phone in particular being quirky or is this a known issue? Is there a fix potentially?

Anonymous 10371

I'll hand this over to macil, but the report sound is loaded with javascript, so honestly I'd be extremely surprised if apple changed the way the phone handles JS

Macil!/5s/Techmk 10392

Does "(You)" still display on the links replying to you? It's just the sound that doesn't play? You didn't disable it in settings?

Maybe your browser just failed to download the sound file. Can you check that both of these links can load in your iphone's browser? (I think the first one won't actually be able to play on the iphone, but as long as at least one of them works you should be good.)
After making sure the links can load, see if the reply notifier sound works in the site again.

I'll test myself with an iphone eventually.

Scootapuff!saU4Tsd4dU 10412

Yes, the (You) still appears for me in the posts where people reply to me. And yes, I still have the tone enabled.

Second link did play for me, now I will need to test if its fixed.>>10366

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