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/anon/ spamming Anonymous 10363

Can we do something about whoever is going on /anon/ and just spamming the shit out of any fetish thread they don't like? It's getting a little ridiculous.

!!Big Macintosh ## Mod 10370

report away!
be explicit in the report and if they are actually spamming I'll deal with it as soon as I see it.

Anonymous 10376


Something seriously needs to be done about this. It's mainly that "Grump Anon", it started in diaper threads all the way back on /mlp/ but now he's here and he's invading other fetish threads as well.

It's the same thing every time–he calls everyone in the thread faggots and dumps the SAME DAMN images from that show or whatever it is over and over.

It's beyond shitposting, it should be considered spam, and he (and also the people who have started calling themselves his followers) NEED to be banned until they get the message that they cannot just keep doing this.

One of the main reasons people moved from /mlp/ to /anon/ was so we could have our fetish threads in peace (and uncensored).

There is a hide button for a reason, it's very simple, but it's still not enough to discourage all these people who come into threads they don't like and say "What the fuck is wrong with you people?" or "You're all sick fucks and I hope you die,". I DON'T GIVE A SHIT, MIND YOUR OWN GODDAMN BUSINESS.

I know part of the beauty of /anon/ is the lax moderation but all these people who intentionally derail threads need to be stopped.

!!Big Macintosh 10378

File: 1377160510984.png (33.33 KB, 252x359)

please, report. Maybe I'm asleep when it happens, but, I've only seen a handful of reports against this guy, and none for anything like that.

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