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Anonymous 10350


Get this thread off autosage. It's a perfectly valid thread with no shitstorm potential. People are participating in it legitimately with no trolling involved.

Amphasaurus Rex !fAeRqrp0l. 10351

Oh yes I'd like that please.

Anonymous 10353

it was put on autosage because it was made by scatanon, and he talks about rolling in shit.
not to mention, you yourself are making this thread, scatanon/OP of that thread.
please refrain from talking about shit. please. Just, whenever you think of shit, just think of puppies instead.
Not puppies covered in shit.

Anonymous 10354

File: 1376961690918.png (136.96 KB, 829x603, totally not there to annoy mik…)

>scatanon just being scatanon as always

Report all of his threads.

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