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Ponychan-MLPchan Merger >>>/site/15219

File: 1376799661812.png (933.11 KB, 966x912, sugar bumpkin- mortimer.png)

/oat/ needs some more quality control please 10317

Here are some threads I found just now that I think need some quality control.



Why are threads like these showing up on /oat/ lately and not being redirected to /trash/ or /anon/? I'm pretty sure /oat/ wasn't designed for discussing scat and fetishes, and definitely wasn't designed to be a place where name/tripfags could shitpost inb4 laughs all they want outside of /anon/, and by shitpost I mean #bloggan, #whinan, #attention, #trollan, #spewing crap threads made specifically to lower the quality of the /oat/ board itself, and to cause shitstorms. You could argue that these threads are not made by the user for those purposes, but they definitely don't reflect the board culture, which used to be quality threads that engaged the community in a positive and SFW manner. I don't see those here.

It feels like it's been like this since last month. I understand we have gained an influx of new users, but the board culture of /oat/ doesn't seem to be given the same respect and quality control moderation /anon/ is being given – that said, /anon/ is a great board and I have no problems with it. I just wish /oat/ would get the same treatment lately.

I think Anonthony did a LOT of the damage control on /oat/ and we need someone to replace him. As a dedicated reportfag, I'm getting tired of bringing this stuff up and nothing being done and no one "seeing the reports" after I make them, even though a simple browsing of the board is all it takes to see these threads that stick out like sore thumbs, especially if you're an older member of the MLPCHAN community.

Am I the only one who feels this way? If I am, I'll shutup and just hide half of /oat/'s threads.


thats what /chat/ was and you guys merged it lol
what do u expect

Anonymous 10320

File: 1376800339976.png (60.96 KB, 318x312, 134792695228.png)

>oat needs some more quality control
coming from the guy who posted an unpackaging thread of his new dildo.


On /chat/
Which was made for those sort of threads.

Anonymous 10322

File: 1376800718242.png (336.22 KB, 2800x2492, 1352313265172.png)

>implying new /oat/ and /chat/ are any different.


File: 1376800756797.gif (392.47 KB, 600x745, 236526__UNOPT__safe_rainbow-da…)

You've identified the problem.

Anonymous 10324

File: 1376800870054.png (142.24 KB, 518x470, 1352313443691.png)

>expecting new /oat/ and /chat/ to be any different
sorry about that iq mate.


File: 1376800974816.gif (1.31 MB, 300x169, community_image_1374007077.gif)

Again, you've identified the same problem and presented the same conclusion.
You're doing amazing.
The solution it sounds like is to bring back /chat/.
I'm so glad you could contribute.

Anonymous 10326

File: 1376801300014.jpg (13.86 KB, 125x127, 1355498848337.jpg)

>implying the damage reversible
>implying there is any point in reforming /chat/
>implying anonthony can stop being a dickwad long enough to listen to other people's suggestions
>implying your dad didn't molest when you were a wee lad


File: 1376801653320.gif (1.5 MB, 550x309, fihh.gif)

The reason the two boards were merged was due to a lack of activity on both boards and the assumption that it would generate quality.
It worked during that time. The board's quality went though a rough period of adaption, but eventually it regained its composure. /trash/ and /bags/ were often used during that period of time to remind users of respecting the /oat/ board culture.
Sometimes assumptions can be wrong, or start off right but then veer off into a different direction when a new element is introduced. The influx of users from /mlp/ caused a widespread unofficial advertisement of the website, and thus brought in a lot of people who have no idea what the actual board culture of /oat/ is. Because of this, /oat/ has become a bit messed up and overrun by posters who really don't belong there. They honestly belong in /chat/, which was the less SFW board that acted basically as a dump board for people who just wanted to dick around without respecting board culture. I guess /chat/ was basically a no-man's land.

Anonymous ## Mod 10328

Please actually be on topic on /site/ instead of just greentexting and making fun of the OP

Kok Lord 10331

I, for one, used to use /chat/.

Then it was merged and everyone was mad for about 15 minutes and after that nobody cared. This is what /chat/ used to be.

Also both boards would be shit if we reversed the merge. Either nobody would go to /chat/ and nothing would change, or people would go half and half and both boards would be at around 2 posts/hour.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 10339

It's not as if /oat/ was ever clean. There was plenty of lusty behavior and naughty shippery as I recall.

Aside from the literal shit threads which should really stick to a general in /anon/ if they're going to exist at all I don't see the problem. Well, the GUNS GUNS GUNS ANARCHY SOCIAL COLLAPSE /pol/ /k/k/k/ thing does get old quick. But it shows up a lot because a lot of people like it.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 10347

File: 1376946547700.png (125.98 KB, 405x359, 8.png)

/oat/ posters would stick to /oat/
I'm not sure if chat posters would return to chat though.

I'm in favor of trying it. If nothing else it might help alleviate the namefagging on /anon/.

>It's not as if /oat/ was ever clean. There was plenty of lusty behavior and naughty shippery as I recall.
This is true.


File: 1376947665008.png (155.24 KB, 350x630, 131.png)

>I'm not sure if chat posters would return to chat though

i would


File: 1376968103067.png (67.99 KB, 500x500, ♪Dat Smirk♪.png)

as would i

Amar!hEbITNyzxg 10358

File: 1377009980963.jpg (321.69 KB, 800x800, mtr_1375070248357.jpg)

marisa kirisame!LWitchfcEo 10374

File: 1377108460095.png (788.29 KB, 850x629, sample_9190ff8fcf41a94c187a830…)

I still can't believe you of all people is asking for a sfw environment after the shit you've posted here

You earlier said that "/chat/ was made for threads like that!" in response to someone calling you out for posting that stupid dildo unboxing thread, but no, it fucking wasn't. It certainly wasn't like that during the earlier days of the site, but by the time people such as yourself and /b/ and friends and a bunch of older ponychan members took up root there, it had become a board about the illuminati and shooting blacks and having sex with each other.

Boards change over time not depending on how fast moderators handle reports,but depending on what sort of people come and use them. What you are asking for is not going to be fixed by readding /chat/, or even changing how fast people handle reports. it's a natural alteration in how the board works born from the people that use it that coincides with both pouring slow-ass /chat/ into /oat/ and the mass of 4chan generals and shit that came over here roughly around the same time. And the only way you're going to get that /oat/ culture back is removing a fuckton of people, which isn't going to happen because said people have basically changed the atmosphere of the board at large with their presence.

tldr; accommodations have been made for pretty much every party that has ever come here, based on a desire for a higher population, a desire for a feeling of heightened freedom and because in essence a community dictated -by- the community is what this board was created for. The culture that certainly at one point existed there no longer exists. You dug your grave, now sit in it.

Anonymous 10377

'/oat/' is /chat/, with a little bit of pony (/oat/) content mixed in for flavor. That little bit of pony content is not ruining /chat/.

Shitty posting may well be ruining that board, but the only solution to that is good posting so that there are actual gems to dig up.

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